President Trump Confronts a Decepticon, Liz Cheney…

Perhaps a tweet by President Trump earlier today is not about internal internecine party squabbles; perhaps this is a recognition the Decepticons are going to join with Democrats to mount a full frontal uniparty assault:

Liz Cheney is the Mitt Romney of Nikki Haleys’…  Ms. Cheney was hand selected by Paul Ryan to retain the GOPe torch as he walked backward toward the exits.   The UniParty is in a state of crisis…. Obviously President Trump is the greatest threat, outsiders always are; within that dynamic, masks eventually drop.

DC is being diminished slowly, but it’s visible, by the strength of President Trump’s agenda.  A painstakingly focused and challenging effort to restore common sense and Main Street.  That’s the essence of MAGA and DC hates that.

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