The Biden Follies

Time for Democrat Party, their complicit media insist on subjecting this candidate, who over 50 years has achieved nothing as a politician, to an examination of his mental faculties by a panel of non-political physicians, the results be made public

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesAugust 12, 2020

The Biden Follies

Will America elect a man, who, soon after taking office, will feel the 25th Amendment boot, as his own Veep smiles at the cameras behind the Oval Office desk as POTUS?

A man who could be spirited away to an adult community the very first day in office, in the corridors of which he’ll spin around in his white nightie while searching for True North?

Democrats will continue their over-the-cliff pile-on toward economic, cultural, and national self-immolation

The Biden Follies are beyond comical. Were the Democrats not as clownish and desperate as they had become, they could take the Joe & Kamala Show on the road as a hit Broadway comedy. To a person these two and their failed party deny what is obvious to all – especially to America’s enemies from which their party have profited and who are now interfering in America’s presidential elections in their behalf.

As if Covid-19 and the impeachment circus were not enough, Democrats will continue their over-the-cliff pile-on toward economic, cultural, and national self-immolation.

Rumor has it they might enact a program at taxpayer expense to avoid the daily microaggression of Covid-19 by staging more House sit downs while wearing pussyhats, public displays of temper tantrums ripping up Trump speeches, and building more Safe Spaces and Crying Rooms for their snowflakes.

We are speaking about a man whom Obama’s Secretary of Defense depicted as “….wrong on nearly every major foreign policy question.” Wrong for a half century in Washington D.C.

The next time he’ll be right.

Obama’s SecDef doubled down asserting the obvious which the Democrat media keeps covering up while distracting the public about the president’s orange hair.

Joe’s decisions with respect to domestic policy however, of concern mostly to women, were much better thought out. They are best understood after he massaged their shoulders, breathed lovingly, moistly and softly, into their ears, and sniffed their hair.

Joe is a gift who’ll never stop giving

On the upside, Joe is a gift who’ll never stop giving. The Democrat party faithful late night comics hired by the Democrat networks Hope 4 Change. Hoping that in the next Nixonian challenge they’ll no longer have Trump to kick around any more.

Of course this scenario is not likely to happen. For Joe may be removed by his own family much sooner than Inauguration Day. Surely, he’ll be yanked off the podium debating The Donald if Kamala’s voice is not superimposed over his. Chances are he won’t know where he is or who he’s debating.

One can observe that The Donald is a much better comic in a less demeaning and wholly natural genuine sense than the late night comics pretending to be something other than Democrat operatives working to elect the old senator. Comics I add, who take themselves far more seriously than we ever will.

As for the media and their staged panels of DNC operatives and hangers-ons, we are told daily in contrast to Donald Trump: Biden is sooooo…..“decent” and “dignified!” Get it? They all got their talking points this morning – and will get them tomorrow morning.

Turn on your TVs. You won’t find anything about Hunter Biden’s absentee job paying $83,000 a month, you won’t hear about money laundering and counterfeiting. You won’t hear about arm-twisting, quid pro quo, shake-downs and coercion. All the crimes this crew attached to an innocent president were actually their own. You won’t hear anything about the COUP D’ETAT – the putsch, the ongoing overthrow of America’s legitimately-elected government engineered by a still active Barack Obama. Barry, who stayed behind in D.C. to harass the current president, incite national mayhem and violence through his surrogates, and save what’s left of this Kenyan Empty Suit’s justifiably-shredded legacy.

Think the media got the memo


COVID-19 was the answer to the Democrat’s prayer while they were bashing, denying, and talking down the America’s best economic performance for three solid years – BEFORE they took credit for it!

Just as the DOW reached 30,000 – and is again closing in on that high number!

COVID-19 was the Chinese-allied-with-the Democrats answer to take down Donald Trump. The Chinese were unhappy with the trade deal that ended America building gleaming cities and highways in China, courtesy of the trade deficits created by the Clinton-Obama-Biden policies of the last two decades; while America’s cities were crumbling and our nation’s workforce were left unemployed and drug-addled. The Democrats were unable to do it at the voting booth, in the courts, in the legislature. The paid-for media was unable to crush the president in the public opinion polls that were actually functioning. This clownish bunch could not do it by fraudulently impeaching him. Not even with the entire culture, media, academe and Hollywood backing them.

Their machinations represented the resistance to the greatest American and global success story of the century

You see, the Politics of Envy and Resentment, socialism of the Soviet, Democrat and Nazi kind (which happen to be the two sides of the same coin), cannot forgive success, national pride, the defense of the Constitution, and national triumph. Their biggest problem is TRUTH, and they lie because that is what they do and that is who they are.

Trump’s breathtaking, astonishing AND DOCUMENTED successes have to be the most embarrassing slap down of the Democrat TRUE BELIEVER. They are that foolish half of the nation who were “With Her.”

Surely understandable after the scene at the Jacob Javits Center November 8th 2016 when the fireworks failed to explode in the Hudson River.

The four year-long FRAMING of the president that ended in the failed coup and failed impeachment, the myths and accusations launched at the president by the DNC and their media propaganda arm, constitute the real resistance to the magnificent achievements listed in this hyperlink.

Their machinations represented the resistance to the greatest American and global success story of the century.

It all summed up in the unmasking over three years of the hapless, mendacious, and malevolent Barack Obama’s record of failure, deceit, and underachievement. It contrasts what the former president failed to achieve against the current one; and the nation’s rejection of the Democrat’s rotted legacy in 2016 now playing out in the burning cities of our nation. The RESISTANCE stands as a monument to the failure of policy, ideology, and logic, against what Joe Biden never could have achieved even if he were not afflicted. It is a reminder of what the combined Democrat candidates from fake Hispanics, fake Indians, fake Roman gladiators, and real courtesans (one now appointed as a US veep), as a collective, could have never achieved.

Instead, the DNC-CHINA-SOROS-OBAMA-U.S. MEDIA CARTEL has brought Civil War to these United States.



It’s always been a mischaracterization.

Joe Biden is not a gaffe machine. Biden has had several strokes, all of them are visible on his face and in his sunken, shallow, fearful eyes. He’s been steadily falling deeper into incipient dementia. He cannot add simple numbers, recall dates, events, or people, or even in which state he’s campaigning. That Biden has long ago failed the Montreal Cognitive Test he still refuses to take, as are mandatory for most people over 65, is a certainty. Instead he puts on a feigned outrage fit when a reporter asked about it.

Maybe it is time the Democrat Party and their complicit media insist on subjecting this candidate, who over fifty years has achieved nothing as a politician, to an examination of his mental faculties by a panel of non-political physicians, and the results be made public?

At least before the candidate and his party create irreparable damage to the nation and the world, to the global economy, to global security, or is embarrassingly secluded under supervision by his own family. Or perhaps, removed to an adult facility where he can spin around all he wants to in the corridors and gardens, like a whirling dervish.

Until that is, he finds True North.

© Andrew G. Benjamin

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