CNN Dragging Trump RIGHT-Leg Stroke Story With Drudge Report Help

Some think that Lockhart would be be best advised to go on a diet—starting with his mouth

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 1, 2020

CNN Dragging Trump RIGHT-Leg Stroke Story With Drudge Report Help

Over at the world’s Biggest Lie Factory, CNN “political analyst”, Fatso Joe Lockhart just gave President Donald Trump a “dragging right leg” supposedly left over from a 5-month-ago “secret stroke”. (via screaming front page Drudge Report headline, Sept. 1, 2020)

(Never mind that the Daily Kos had the ‘story’ a week before today’s Drudge.)

For the rest of the world, April Fools was five months ago—guess it finally cleared quarantine and lock down only today over at CNN.

Lockhart wanted to one-up images of a decapitated president, so tried for a version of a leg dragging misfit, just for sport.

Yet a video of the president deploying from Kenosha today blows fat holes in CNN’s fabricated story.

“Lockhart took to Twitter and asked, “Did @realDonaldTrump have a stroke which he is hiding from the American public?”(Fox News, Sept. 1, 2020)

It had, of course, to be a “dragging right leg, as a dragging left one would be too close to what the entire Democrat Party is now dragging all over the electoral map

“CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart publicly questioned on Monday if President Trump had a stroke that he is “hiding” from the American people.  (Fox News)

“Lockhart is no stranger to controversial tweets. Last week, the CNN analyst suggested that “karma” was involved in the trajectory of Hurricane Laura as it approached Texas and Louisiana.”

When the former Clinton press secretary’s not slandering duly elected presidents, bully Lockhart is slandering teenagers like former Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann—even after his network settled a $250 million defamation lawsuit brought by lawyers for the high school student’s defamation lawsuit earlier this year.

“ Last Tuesday, CNN awkwardly aired Sandmann’s speech as part of the second night of the Republican National Convention, where he said his life “changed forever in that one moment” because the “full war machine in the mainstream media revved up into attack mode” while botching its coverage of the 2019 viral confrontation with a Native American elder that had portrayed the Kentucky teen as the aggressor. (Fox News)

This is what snarf-snacking Lockhart had to say about the teenager:

“I’m watching tonight because it’s important. But i [sic] don’t have to watch this snot nose entitled kid from Kentucky,” Lockhart tweeted. (Fox News)

The spittle-flecked Tweet bounced off young Sandmann like the proverbial water off a duck’s back.

Lockhart’s Tweet is based on CNN suspicion over President Trump’s visit to Walter Reed Medical Center last year.

“The president denied that he made an emergency visit to the hospital last year after suffering “a series of mini-strokes” after a new book claimed that Vice President Pence was on standby in the event Trump was incapacitated. (The Hill, Sept. 1, 2020)

“The president’s denial raised eyebrows, as the book from New York Times correspondent Michael Schmidt did not specifically state that Trump had suffered from a series of small strokes.

“It never ends! Now they are trying to say that your favorite President, me, went to Walter Reed Medical Center, having suffered a series of mini-strokes. Never happened to THIS candidate — FAKE NEWS,” Trump tweeted, before insinuating that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden may have dealt with health issues.”

Someone should tip off The Hill that Trump didn’t “insinuate”  that Biden may have dealt with health issues, but flat out stated it.

“Schmidt reported in his new book that Pence was told to be on standby to assume presidential powers last November in the event the president had to be anesthetized during a previously unscheduled visit to Walter Reed Medical Center. (The Hill)

“The White House said at the time that Trump had undergone portions of his annual physical exam in November when he had free time, but offered few other details. A White House doctor later issued a letter seeking to dispel speculation that Trump may have had a medical episode.

“Trump’s health has been a sensitive subject for the president. He has repeatedly cast doubt on Biden’s mental fitness and raised questions about whether he has the vigor and energy to be president.

“But he has aggressively pushed back whenever his own health is called into question.

“The president lashed out at the media over the speculation brought on by the Walter Reed visit last November, calling the reporting “dangerous.”

“The president has also spent an extended period of time defending an incident at West Point where he appeared to struggle to raise a glass of water to his mouth and later haltingly walked down a ramp. At a campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla., the president sipped from a water glass using one hand, prompting raucous applause from the crowd.”

Meanwhile, considering motor mouth Lockhart’s apparent obesity and girth, it is he who should be worried about “mini” strokes.

Some think that Lockhart would be be best advised to go on a diet—starting with his mouth.

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