New Law Allows Children to be Vaccinated without Parent Consent or Knowledge that they were going to do anything!

Armstrong Economics Blog/Tyranny Re-Posted Dec 31, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Washington DC (City) just passed a bill that allows the government to vaccinate your children without either the KNOWLEDGE or CONSENT of the parents. I simply cannot believe the extent of this tyranny. I would fully understand if 10% of the population died. But the survival rate is about the same as the flu – 99%+.

I cannot believe the people are this stupid and if they are indeed a herd of sheep, then perhaps they deserve to be slaughtered or sterilized. We are dealing with the complete loss of parental rights, the integrity of the family, and the loss of all civil rights of the children who cannot resist. Just how much more will the herd of sheep endure? These people who claim to represent the people represent only the state against the people.

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