Senate Unanimously Confirms Katherine Tai as U.S. Trade Representative 98-0

Posted originally on the conservative tree house March 17, 2021 | Sundance | 274 Comments

Katherine Tai was confirmed by a unanimous senate vote today to become the United States Trade Representative.  The vote was 98-0.  Ambassador Tai has family connections in both Taiwan and China and replaces former USTR Robert Lighthizer.

The doctrine of President Trump was to use trade and economics to achieve diplomatic results on foreign policy and national security issues. It will be interesting to watch what happens now as the Biden Administration returns to using ideological diplomacy as the baseline… then providing economic benefits to support leftist objectives.

The rustbelt was created, and China rose to economic influence, on the political outlook once again in power in the United States.  Ideology comes first, all other things changed, modified and or considered downstream in lesser importance than the ideology.  This was how the alignment of Wall Street, Globalists and Beijing exploited Bush, Clinton-Clinton, Bush-Bush and Obama-Obama terms.  The U.S. middle-class economy suffered greatly, while Wall Street multinationals thrived.

On the positive side there will be pressure from the Bernie Sanders wing to defend American jobs.  However, that faction’s political leadership, like Bernie Sanders himself and AOC, will compromise the long-term interests of the American worker when the opportunity surfaces for personal and familial wealth.  The Sanders types, just like the union leadership, can all be bought for the right price.

Ambassador Tai has not yet made statements about whether she will advocate for steel and aluminum tariff removal, but she is a big supporter of environmental justice as it pertains to trade and economic justice.  The climate and trade issue here specifically is the potential for carbon taxes to be part of JoeBama trade policy.  How?  Well, that might look like the U.S. re-entering the Trans Pacific Partnership with a carbon trading system in place.

If international carbon-trading were to happen Beijing would be thrilled because they are already deep into an economic expansion system, a written multi-year trade strategy, where China pays other nations for their influence.  They would shift seamlessly into paying a global carbon tax process by simply renaming their already existing bribes.  Easy-peasy.   Look out for this, because the international banking and finance sector wants it badly.

The fact that not a single Senator voted against Tai despite her open climate change proclamations is an indicator of how far the Senate is compromised by the multinationals, corporations and Wall Street.   CTH will be watching what happens on a variety of trade fronts.

Ambassador Tai will likely first start on USMCA (NAFTA) compliance.  We can predict this start point because it is related to the Southern border crisis.  It is the first opportunity for JoeBama to leverage personal financial benefit by not enforcing USMCA compliance issues so long as Mexico goes along with the open-border initiatives needed by the JoeBama administration.

WASHINGTON – […] Tai, 46, enters the administration as the first Asian American in Biden’s Cabinet and the first woman of color to hold the trade representative post. She’s also the first trade representative since the George W. Bush administration to be approved unanimously by the Senate, though the nominees from Presidents Obama and Trump were also approved by wide margins. (read more)

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