The Trojan Pig

Posted originally on MAR 17, 2021 AT 9:46 AM

The Socialist Democrats are doing what they love best—spending other people’s money.

Their latest spending bill is designed to combat the bunk that is ‘climate change’ by installing AOC’s “New Green Deal.” Vast sums will be spent to create the infrastructure for the thing, and simultaneously our fossil fuel industry will be destroyed. Our energy independence will be destroyed as well. So will our economy. Not China’s economy, though. They get to continue to pollute and burn coal. Their enemy is the USA and it will collapse for their benefit.

But that’s what the Socialists Democrats want—the destruction of America. It will be replaced with a totalitarian Chinese system—only America will not be nationalist like China. It will be globalist in nature. Powerful globalists are pulling the strings behind the scenes to make it happen and they will become even more powerful.

That’s what’s really hiding in Pelosi’s Trojan PIg—globalist totalitarianism.

—Ben Garrison

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