Nagging Data Points

Posted originally on the conservative tree house March 22, 2021 | Sundance | 501 Comments

There’s an 8’x 10′ white board visible to me at all times labeled “earworm?”, I cannot erase it yet because it forces me to remind myself to keep looking at data-points to discover the origin.   Those who have followed CTH for years know these nagging issues stick with me, and I cannot let them go until they are reconciled.

That was the case with the 2012 election and Mitt Romney… how did that primary shape that way when Newt Gingrich was crushing the field until Florida.

It took two years, until I found the origin of the splitter strategy (2014 RNC winter convention) – and that made all the political data reconcile.  This is an example of nagging stuff that balances history; because ultimately if we don’t know the accurate history -sometimes at a very granular level- we cannot prevent or avoid repeating mistakes in the future.

The COVID-19 narrative held four primary benefits.  Without COVID weaponized we would not see:

  • (1) Mail-in ballots.  The origination material of the 2020 fraud.
  • (2) Breaking down of alliance-minded gathering and assemblies.  COVID blocked group gatherings to discuss what was around us and stopped us from recognizing the scale of our assembly.  COVID also took down faith-based leadership and church assembly when it was needed most.
  • (3) Spending packages that were really blue state bailouts justified under the auspices of COVID relief.
  • (4) Government providing the crisis solution (and all the ramifications therein).

We also know in hindsight, the 2016 presidential transition team carried an unknown motive.  Who was it that recommended: Dan Coats (ODNI), Michael Atkinson (ICIG), James Mattis (DoD), Dana Boente (NSD then FBI counsel).  Who was the one steering these placements from inside the transition team?

Who was in charge of the transition team and also in charge of the COVID task force?

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