RNC Chair Candidate Celebrates the Billionaire Influence and Corporatism That Controls American Politics

Posted originally on the CTH on January 12, 2023 | sundance 

So much news I want to cover, yet I do not want this admission lost in the foray.

Perhaps you have heard me say this a few times (lol): “The DNC wants power. The RNC wants money. The DNC uses money to get power. The RNC uses power to get money. The ideology of the DNC drives their donor activity. The donor activity of the RNC drives their ideology. This is the only current difference between the two clubs, two wings of the same vulture.”

Cue the audio-visual demonstration from RNC Chair Candidate Harmeet Dhillon.  Some might call it tone deafness, others might call it failing to read the room, others yet will just sigh and say it is the way it is.  Yet, here you go:  “Wow! I’m incredibly honored to have Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus’s support for RNC chair! He is one of the most prolific, loyal & important donors in the conservative movement.”

The club members are so entrenched, so detached from the dynamic of representative government, they genuinely do not see the bigger picture of their advocacy.  In essence, what RNC Chairwoman Harmeet Dhillon is celebrating – is the process of a select group of billionaire donors and multinational corporations funding the American political system.

They cannot even see themselves.  It’s just the business-as-usual process.  Dhillon is excited about getting the support of a billionaire donor for her effort to run the private corporation known as the Republican National Committee.  A handful of selected big club donors who control the outcomes of a party-political system that is entirely detached from the base voters at the bottom of the pyramid.

What’s the institutional difference between Ronna McDaniel and Harmeet Dhillon?  Nothing.  The RNC focus is entirely on generating money, while the DNC focus is entirely about pushing an ideology.  As a result, you get this disconnect as the leadership for the organization places a priority on what….  Money.

The RNC wants money. The DNC wants power. The RNC uses power to get money. The DNC uses money to get power. The donor activity of the RNC drives their ideology.  The ideology of the DNC drives their donor activity. This is the only current difference between the two clubs, two wings of the same vulture.

The funny thing to me is that the people in/around the RNC club cannot see the problem within the RNC club.  They cannot see the detachment.  Instead of driving to make the base the source of the funding, and thereby making the outcomes (candidates) accountable to the base voters, the RNC is promoting their worth to a small group of billionaires who have interests and intentions entirely different from the voters.

The RNC Chair candidate is promoting Corporatism and Billionaire control of U.S. politics, and they just cannot see it.

How disconnected is the mindset?  So disconnected Mrs. Dhillon’s team even generated the graphic so she could promote her ownership.  lolol…  {{{heavy sigh}}}  And a big part of the Republican base won’t even realize it.


Let’s get the big money problem out of politics by bragging about how the big money likes me better.  You just cannot make this stuff up folks.

(Via Politico) […] “Ronna McDaniel looks forward to participating in the candidate forum at winter meeting to continue her conversations with members of the 168, our party’s grassroots leaders who are eager to unite together and compete and win in 2023 and 2024,” Emma Vaughn, a spokesperson for the campaign to reelect McDaniel, said in a statement.

Dhillon and her supporters have called for a public debate — not a forum, in which each candidate would get to speak for an allotted amount of time. In a statement, a spokesperson for Dhillon said that she will be participating, but that conducting the forum out of public view “sends a very bad signal to RNC donors and grassroots leaders that the current chair is too weak or afraid to debate her own record.”

Lindell told POLITICO he also plans to participate in the upcoming forum. In order to qualify for the RNC chair race and participate in the forum, a candidate must submit a petition by Friday proving they have a majority vote of the RNC members in three different states in order to be nominated, according to party rules. (more)

We really need a second party…

….and I would nominate Catherine Englebrecht as the chair of it.

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