Steve Cortes Announces He Took “National Spokesman” Job (Money) From DeSantis PAC, Now Supports Ron DeSantis

Posted originally on the CTH on May 9, 2023 | Sundance 

Do not let these transparently corrupt political grifters like Republican strategist Steve Cortes raise your blood pressure; instead, mock them mercilessly wherever and whenever you see them.

Former Trump ally Steve Cortes announced today he has taken a job with the Never Back Down PAC that supports Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. As a result, he is reversing all his prior points of advocacy to endorse Ron DeSantis for 2024.

[Pictured left, Cortes with fellow grifting scumbags John Cardillo and Matthew Tyrmand (the architect of the Project Veritas attack on O’Keefe) as they attend a pro-Desantis effort earlier this year.]

The shallow character of these income chasers is pathetic. However, the Sea Island billionaires are pouring money into the DeSantis camp for exactly this purpose.

The goal of the stop Trump corporate donors is to retain their own financial status; Cortes is simply accepting their money and displaying his own character, nothing more.  We said last year, 2024 would be the opportunity to see what prices people put on their allegiances.  Today, is just another reveal.

There’s no merit or value in looking at Cortes, other than just to accept his objective – to enrich himself.

Meanwhile back in Florida, Ron DeSantis has separated himself legally from his state political action committee (PAC) Friends of Ron DeSantis, which now creates the mechanism for his remaining $85 million to transfer into the Super PAC ‘Never Back Down’, the same organization that just hired Cortes.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis severed his connection to his long-standing state political committee and the tens of millions of dollars that it now controls, a step he needs to take ahead of a presidential campaign.

The Republican governor is expected to jump into the race for president soon and the move to rebrand his Florida political committee — called Friends of Ron DeSantis — is the most concrete sign so far that his candidacy is imminent.

The website for the committee was changed on Tuesday morning to say that its mission is “committed to advancing the Freedom Agenda and keeping Florida free.” But more importantly, the website says that the committee is associated with state Sen. Blaise Ingoglia and not DeSantis. The committee on Tuesday also filed paperwork that says Ingoglia is replacing a Tampa accountant as the official chair of the organization.

Ingoglia is a Republican ally of DeSantis who sponsored several of the governor’s key legislative priorities during the recently concluded legislative session, including a crackdown on illegal immigration that includes $12 million for the governor’s controversial migrant relocation program.

A spokesperson with DeSantis’ political operation did not comment on the shift and Ingoglia did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

DeSantis first set up his committee back in 2018 and he used it to raise a record amount of money for his re-election campaign last year as he pulled in donations from many major Republican donors. Current campaign finance records show that the committee has nearly $86 million in the bank.

But DeSantis cannot use money raised for Friends of Ron DeSantis in a federal race because state law does not limit how much someone can give to the political committee or the source of the donations. But that money could be shifted to a super PAC that backs DeSantis if the governor is no longer connected to the political committee. While some have questioned the legality of such a move, the Federal Elections Commission deadlocked over a similar strategy that was used by Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.). (read more)

There is still no indication how the DeSantis handlers are going to navigate the reality that once they make their official campaign announcement, it will be transparent to everyone that Ron DeSantis was lying about his intentions during his reelection pretense.   In my opinion, recognizing that everything DeSantis is built upon fraud and lies, will likely make even people stop supporting him.

The insufferable pretending of the “Book Tour” and national branding effort to avoid the Florida “resign to run” law, shows just how corrupt and conniving the network is. Nothing they do now will erase that fundamental problem.

Ron DeSantis has been planning this 2024 effort for several years, and yet people who supported him denied it.  Now that admissions will come, and the character of the governor will take center stage, it is very likely that fewer voters will accept his candidacy regardless of how many hundreds of billions are handed out to illicit endorsements, influence and support.

Cortes just becomes the latest in a long line of masks to drop as we see the financial corruption that exists within our national political constructs.  There will be more, because there is so much money on the table.   For the Sea Island billionaires that are buying the pundits, there are Trillions At Stake.

Steve Cortes was a senior advisor to Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns. He now serves as National Spokesman for the pro-DeSantis PAC, Never Back Down. (link)

Gee, I wonder what changed?…

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