Everything the Media Claimed About Breonna Taylor’s Death Was a Lie – Truth Surfaces – No Police Charged in Her Death…

The media claimed Breonna Taylor was shot during a “no knock” warrant – False.
The media claimed Breonna Taylor was shot in her bed – False.
The media claimed Breonna Taylor was murdered – False.

Everything the media and lawyer Ben Crump claimed about the death of Breonna Taylor and the circumstances around her death was based on lies. The officials in Kentucky allowed a mountain of lies to grow until the evidence was finally presented to a grand jury and the Kentucky Attorney General was forced to admit the truth.

According to evidence revealed at a press conference by AG Daniel Cameron, the police executed a search warrant by knocking on the door. Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker refused to answer the door after the police identified themselves. The police broke down the door. Kenneth Walker was armed and shot first at police. The police returned fire and that’s how Breonna Taylor was shot and killed.  WATCH:


No police officers were charged with the death of Breonna Taylor because they were responding to being fired upon. It appears Mr. Walker used his girlfriend as a shield. One officer, Brett Hankison, who did not shoot any person, was charged with “wonton endangerment” for haphazardly firing 10 shots that entered the adjacent apartment unit.


Breonna Taylor’s killing set off months of protests in Louisville and other cities and drew national attention.  Celebrities and civil-rights activists demanding justice and urged Kentucky AG Cameron to bring charges against the officers involved.

Last week, the city of Louisville said it would pay $12 million to Ms. Taylor’s estate as part of a legal settlement with her family. The agreement also required the city to implement policy changes, including a mandate for police commanders to approve all search warrants.  Today the shooting was ruled justified as the police were responding to being fired upon by Ms. Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

Officials in Kentucky allows months of false claims to be made surrounding the shooting without correcting the media reporting.

As with the Trayvon Martin case…. and as with the Michael Brown case….. and as with the Freddie Gray case…. everything pushed by the media about the Breonna Taylor case was based on lies.  The media will now refuse to admit the truth and will now spin the narrative to claim they never reported incorrectly.  Absolutely ridiculous.

Waging War Economically

QUESTION: Hi Marty I so miss the WEC conferences. Can you comment on ECONOMIC WAR in historical perspective. In early 2000s I heard that wars will no longer be fought with guns but instead will be faught with economics, are there examples of using economics in history that correlate to the present and the decline of the west and rise of the east? There was a book titled “all the monies of the world” by franz Pick and the line I remember from it was “the destiny of a currency is, and always will be the destiny of a nation” always wishing you the best and I am very thankful to have met you in Orlando

DM Ohio

ANSWER: There have been frequent attempts to fight wars economically. The Germans were counterfeiting the British five-pound notes to undermine their economy. During the American Revolution, the English were counterfeiting the Continental Currency also to undermine the economy. This is standard since the invention of paper money.

In ancient times, the counterfeiting was private. There was no strategy to use counterfeits to undermine an adversary. In the case of the siege of Athens in 404 BC by Sparta, they simply cut off their supply of silver to undermine their ability to fund the war.

This time around, moving to a digital currency opens the door much wider to undermining the banking system itself as a tactic to wage war.

President Trump MAGA Rally: Winston-Salem, North Carolina – 7:00pm ET Livestream…

Tonight President Donald J. Trump heads to a MAGA campaign event at Smith-Reynolds Regional Airport in Winston-Salem, NC. The anticipated start time is 7:00pm ET with pre-rally events ongoing. Livestream links below:

Trump Campaign Livestream – RSBN Livestream Link – Fox News Campaign Livestream




Are the Democrats using the 1932 Play-Book to Overthrow Trump?

The real question nobody seems to be asking, is the 2020 election 1932 all over again? Most people have no idea that there was major civil unrest under the pretense of the Bonus Army just as we now have under Black Lives Matter (BLM) where there were covert groups using the veterans to cover a Communist Revolution that was being waged during 1932 setting the stage for the shift and victory for Roosevelt. We are witnessing the exact same strategy being played out again which is deliberately being pulled off by the Democrats. Anyone who questions that statement should look at Reuters – one of the few news organizations still producing news. Joe Biden’s staff are donating to the groups providing bail for the rioters and looters!

In July 1932, there was the Bonus Army march on Washington demanding their bonus from World War I. However, like the Black Lives Matter (BLM), there were other groups which have infiltrated the BLM movement to turn it violent just as there were non-veterans who infiltrated the Bonus Army to create civil unrest to overthrow Hoover. This is also why Biden and the Democrats say nothing about the riots and the Democratically controlled big cities are crumbling as their Democratic leaders encourage the riots and looting. The California prosecutor claims if looters are poor, then somehow that is an excuse to justify looting! There are numerous Democratic mayors who see the chaos and are switching parties. Even police departments are openly stating they are switching to the Republicans because the “Democratic Party has lost its way!

Based upon RELIABLE sources, there is a deep concern that the Democratic Party has fallen into the hands of the Global Elitists and the playbook was to create riots, as they did in 1932, but to force lockdowns to crash the economy to mimic the Great Depression. They actually believed that they could turn the country fully into a socialist state and impose this Great Reset while handing out minimal subsistence for living called Guaranteed Basic Income.

In 1932, Hoover offered paid passage to veterans to return home. About 6,000 took them up. About 5,000 remains and it turned out to be mostly communists using the veterans as cover to instigate what they hoped would be a revolution.  Here is a quote from his papers. The Communist leaders were arrested. Here we have exactly the same playbook in operation except the Coronavirus has been used to crush the economy which they hope will dethrone Trump.

Kayleigh McEnany Powerful Remarks During RNC Convention…

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany delivered a powerful and personal speech during the third night of the Republican National Convention.  WATCH:


First Lady Melania Trump Delivers Beautiful Speech To Close Night Two of RNC Convention…

First Lady Melania Trump delivers a terrific speech from the Rose Garden at the White House to close out the second night of the Republican National Convention.


Nicholas Sandman Outlines Media Effort to Smear Him, and the Continual Smears Against President Trump…

Nicholas Sandman has won undisclosed settlements against U.S. media outlets for their effort to smear him publicly in 2019.  Last night at the RNC convention, young Mr. Sandman had a message and the last word…


Karma-Kamala Chameleon

Kamala Harris locked up thousands of powerless marijuana smokers even after she said she inhaled the Jamaican weed deeply. President Trump helped get those low-level drug offenders released.

She said health care should be a right to every American and indeed, everyone ‘round the world who comes here. Medicare for all was pushed by her, at least for a while. Then, perhaps due to Hillary’s pressure, she changed her mind. She now wants to see private insurance preserved.

This is just one of her flip flops. Like Hillary, Harris will change her colors to suit whatever pleases donors and the Deep State. Is she moderate or progressive? Well, the progressives think she’s a moderate, but the moderates think she’s a progressive.

Like Hillary, Kamala will tell any lie or change any conviction if it helps bring her power. It’s pathological. Let’s hope Kamala continues to follow the Hillary template and will lose the election in November.

—Ben Garrison

$30M Advance to WE Charity Still Outstanding?


Ken Grafton image

Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesAugust 17, 2020

We Scandal, Justin Trudeau

For reasons not disclosed, WE Charity received a $30M advance payment from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) in connection with the contribution agreement to administer the Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG) program.

The government has not confirmed repayment.

Questions regarding the program began almost immediately following the announcement on April 22nd by Prime Minister Trudeau of a $9-billion student aid package, which contained CSSG.

WE received payment(s) from the government amounting to $30M (for yet unspecified purposes)

While the contribution agreement with WE was not approved until June 23rd, WE started work on May 5th. According to testimony from Trudeau Chief of Staff Katie Telford before the Finance Committee, an unnamed official in the PMO spoke with WE on May 5th (in what must have been an interesting call), following approval of WE by the COVID-19 Cabinet Committee (on the basis of a recommendation from Youth Minister Bardish Chagger).

The PM testified however that he didn’t hear about WE in connection with CSSG until May 8th.

Cabinet approval was given on May 22nd, and the public service began negotiating an agreement with WE the following day…eighteen days after WE started work.

It was reported that although the contract was signed on June 23rd, it came into effect on May 5th (before the PM heard about it). If this sounds like complete nonsense, the “backdating” of contracts is generally permissible under Canadian Law…but not however for the purpose of misleading third parties (such as the public) or to circumvent Rules or Legislation (such as the requirement for Cabinet approval).

In the wake of growing controversy regarding conflict of interest and another investigation by Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion, cancellation of the WE agreement was announced on July 3rd.
Public confusion is forgivable here. The timeline is convoluted, but critical.

Somewhere between May 5th and July 3rd – and we can only assume that both the Ethics Committee and the Finance Committee will investigate transaction dates in order to determine whether any payments were made prior to signing the contract on June 3rd – WE received payment(s) from the government amounting to $30M (for yet unspecified purposes).

Where is the money now?

Appearing before the Ethics Committee Aug 11thChagger could not say how much of the $30M has been repaid by WE since the contract was finalized; “We can share that … $30 million has been released to the organization through the contribution agreement. I was not aware of how much money has been returned,” As Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Youth, Chagger was responsible for CSSG.

Non-Liberal committee members, and many Canadians, were surprised to learn that Chagger didn’t know how much money had been recouped…and that it wasn’t a higher priority.

Conservative MP Michael Barrett asked, “Why hasn’t the money been returned at this point? That seems odd. It’s been quite some time since the program was cancelled or that WE withdrew…” Chagger responded, “We want to ensure that all processes are being followed. So, I can assure you that the public service is working with the organization to ensure that it is returned.”

According to a Global News article on Aug 11th, WE issued a statement saying that they have repaid $22M of the $30M handed out when the contract was signed, and have been waiting on the government to accept the remaining $8M…whatever that means. A WE spokesperson said, “WE Charity has repeatedly communicated to ESDC the desire to return the remaining funds as soon as the government is able to accept the transfer.” They did not elaborate as to why they hadn’t returned the full amount immediately, or why the government was having difficulty accepting the outstanding balance.

Due diligence has been one of many glaring anomalies with respect to WE-Gate, with questions regarding WE’s financial health.

In testimony before the Finance Committee, Kate Bahen of watchdog Charity Intelligence Canada, outlined how she used easy-to-access financial data to report that WE Charity had financial stress, “At August 2019 year-end, WE Charity had cash and investments (gross funding reserves) of $11.5m compared with $14.0m at year-end August 2018. WE Charity’s bank loans increased to $13.7m in 2019 compared with $11.1m in 2018. This creates a negative funding reserve of $2.2m. For the second year, WE Charity is in breach of its financial covenants on its bank debt. Its bank has waived these conditions for the current period.”

With the $1 trillion debt that the Liberals have incurred, Canada has already emptied the national piggy-bank…and every penny counts

This would be the point where the loans officer at your local bank branch stops returning your calls.

A cursory review of WE’s 2018 Audited Financial Statement should have raised red flags.

Alarmingly, clerk of the Privy Council Ian Shugart admitted that federal officials did not probe WE Charity’s financial situation or governance structure when doing homework on the $912-million deal.

It has also come out that the WE agreement was actually made with the WE Charity Foundation, a private company owned by WE founders Marc and Craig Kielburger, not WE Charity. The foundation has no employees or assets, other than WE Charity. Since the payment was made to what is effectively a holding company, recovery of the funds could prove problematic.

It is incumbent upon the Government to inform Canadians what the status of the $30M is exactly, and when it will be fully repaid. If $22M has indeed been repaid, the government needs to say so, and recover the remainder owed.

With the $1 trillion debt that the Liberals have incurred, Canada has already emptied the national piggy-bank…and every penny counts.

Where’s the money?