Brutal CfG Ad Hits Cheney For Operating Similar Personal Power Structure as Clinton

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Club for Growth (CfG), not exactly part of the MAGA community, is hitting Representative Liz Cheney in Wyoming with a pretty effective ad.  Essentially, the ad walks through a comparison between Hillary Clinton and Liz Cheney, highlighting the similarities.  WATCH:

Hey, whatever works.  As long as we can get rid of this warmongering DeceptiCon, who is more ideologically aligned with leftist democrats, I’m good with all attack angles.

New Rules !!

Wikipedia Co-Founder Urges Public Not to Trust the Website

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Jul 20, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Wikipedia has become one of the most viewed websites in the world, but can it be trusted as a reliable source? Co-founder Larry Sanger is now warning the public not to trust the website he helped to create. “You can trust it to give an establishment view,” Sanger admitted as he explained that the website’s original design has been destroyed.

Wikipedia was originally created as an open online resource that was committed to neutrality. Between 2004-2009, Sanger said Wikipedia was a pioneer in delivering news from a non-biased perspective but that quickly changed. Users had the ability to edit various pages and debate the information from both sides of the platform, but now it is nearly impossible for the average person to participate. “If you make any edit at all you will be sternly warned or kicked out,” Sanger said, noting this often happens on articles that are “unimportant.”

Sanger believes Wikipedia is completely influenced by the establishment who has turned the site into “a battleground for a version of the truth,” as host Freddie Sayers pointed out. One blatant example is President Joe Biden’s Wikipedia page. Biden’s page has very little criticism or anything “remotely resembling the Republican point of view,” the co-founder commented. Instead, Biden’s Wikipedia page “reads like a defense council’s brief” with no mention of the alternative point of view. In stark contrast, Trump’s page was written from a Democratic point of view and harshly criticizes the former president. In fact, the page accuses Trump of crimes that he has not been charged with committing, such as sparking the January 6 Capitol “siege.” In contrast, Biden’s page fails to mention the Ukraine controversy or any other debacle during his time as vice president or president. Sanger flatly states that Wikipedia is “reliable on the establishment viewpoint,” which is ironic considering its Libertarian co-founders were anti-establishment.

Wikipedia is not a trusted source and has become another tool for government propaganda.

JoeBamanomics – Federal BLS Report Shows Declining US Wages 1.2 Percent Lower Than Last Year, Biden Administration Leading Economic War on Women

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Well, well, well…. though financial media will say this is remarkably unexpected, it is something CTH specifically predicted we would see – and it is happening exactly on the timeline CTH anticipated.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases the second quarter national wage rate data today {BLS DATA HERE}.  U.S. wages DECLINED 1.2% in the second quarter of 2021 compared to last year.  When reviewing the data [Table 2], look at the negative impact to women, specifically Black and Asian women:

TOP LINE – Combine a 1.2% decline in earned wages with a 5.4% overall inflation rate recently reported {Go Deep},  and what you get is a 6.6% drop in real income amid the working class.  That, my friends, is exactly what we said should be expected.  That is also why the JoeBama administration needs to pump more money into the system (human infrastructure spending) in order to stop people from realizing just how bad it is.

You cannot have declining wages and massive inflation and expect the middle-class to survive.  Additionally, when I said six weeks ago that we had just passed peak home value, this is another data point to bolster that prediction.  We are in a plateau period on macro-level real home values, from this point they start dropping.  You cannot have near double digit drops in real income and simultaneously expect people to afford high mortgages.  It just doesn’t happen.

The declining wage rates, and the more substantive drop in real wage rates due to massive inflation, are specifically hitting the lower tier of the working class harder.  Yet despite this,  Biden is intent on importing even more economic migrants to put even more downward pressure on wages for the working class.

These are very real outcomes of policy.  Working class Blacks and Latinos will feel this even more, yet this is the special interest group that Democrats claim to support.  The reality is exactly opposite from the narrative sold by the Biden administration.

The Democrats know this. These outcomes are not accidental; they are a feature not a flaw in their policy.  This is why they need to keep spending to retain the ruse.

There’s no way around this.  Despite the pundit and financial class selling a counter-narrative, home prices will crash and unemployment will go up.  I know this is directly against the current talking points, but the statistical reality is clear.  CTH was the first place who said two months ago that home sales will plummet, that is starting to happen right now.  There’s no way for it not to happen, the big picture tells us why.

♦ Inflation Data Link

♦ Prior Prediction Link

May 2021 – “It will be very interesting to watch how the housing market responds over the next few months. If the trendline continues we should see a considerable softening in home sales, again depending on region, as the inflation hits the working class.”  Imagine what happens when they stop pumping money into the economy.

New York City Mayoral Race Becomes a Hot Mess of Electronic Errors, Wrong Votes, Tabulation Mistakes and Uncertain Results

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Wait, it’s impossible for election results to be electronically manipulated yet the New York city board of elections is now saying the entire mayoral race was messed up because electronic tabulation errors and test ballots and stuff.

The same officials who denounce any questions about voting outcomes in the 2020 presidential race are now saying the tabulation of the 2021 Mayoral race was wrong.  The Democrat New York City Mayor even calls for a full and immediate recanvassing today, while the Democrat DOJ says recanvassing the vote in Arizona is akin to voter intimidation.

It’s all a hot mess… because, well, communists are generally hypocritical by intent.

NEW YORK (AP) — The Democratic primary for mayor of New York City was thrown into a state of confusion Tuesday when election officials retracted their latest report on the vote count after realizing it had been corrupted by test data never cleared from a computer system.

The bungle was a black mark on New York City’s first major foray into ranked choice voting and seemed to confirm worries that the city’s Board of Elections, which is jointly run by Democrats and Republicans, was unprepared to implement the new system.

[…] Then the Board of Elections tweeted that it was aware of “a discrepancy” in its report on ranked choice voting results. It didn’t initially explain what that discrepancy was, even as it pulled the data from its website.

Just before 10:30 p.m. it released a statement saying that 135,000 ballot images it had put into its computer system for testing purposes had never been cleared.

“The Board apologizes for the error and has taken immediate measures to ensure the most accurate up to date results are reported,” it said in a statement. (continue reading)

Dianne Feinstein lists $41M Lake Tahoe estate

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I find it really amazing how these Democrats constantly preach fairness, equality and the rich are the blame for everything, yet people like Dianne Feinstein have just listed her $41M Lake Tahoe estate for sale. Their spouse is always extraordinarily lucky in deals that somehow connect back to political favors. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband was named in the College Admissions Scandal. Her husband, Richard Blum, benefited from being involved with a company to sell United States Postal Service property. The company, CBRE Group, won a contract to sell postal facilities. Blum is its board chairman and owns an investment firm that holds an interest in its stock. The question has always been; did he get inside information and preferential treatment in what they called a competitive bid. In the real world, when my son was in college and getting just a summer job at a brokerage firm to learn the business, the entire family had to reveal what stocks they owned right down to my mother just to get a summer job. Politician’s families never reveal anything of that nature.

DianneDinane herself was employing a Chinese spy. There is never any accountability and nobody ever asks, how in the world do politicians have such wealth and they never worked in the private sector?

Thousands Protesting in London – It’s All for Nothing without Freedom!

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Thousands are marching in protest once more in London and as usual, you have to turn to RT of the Russians to get the truth. Sources have been warning that Johnson wants to use the variants arising to impose lockdowns into the Spring of 2022 and it is really for the Great Reset and a climate lockdown pretending it is COVID. For once, the BBC has reported there even was a protest.  I suspect that this ONLY took place because protesters began to chase a BBC journalist who allegedly betrayed his own people. The London Mirror called it “Terrifying scenes as BBC journalist chased by anti-lockdown ‘mob’ during protest – Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the actions of anti-lockdown protesters who harassed BBC journalist Nick Watt and called the footage ‘deeply disturbing’.” If it were not for that “terrifying” act, the BBC would never report the protest. These journalists clearly do not know their history for it will become terrifying when they start dragging journalists out and hanging them as they did during the Russian Revolution

The real question is simple. When will the journalists STOP the fake news are actually report the truth instead of putting the lives of everyone at risk and our economic future? The view that mainstream media is all FAKE NEWS is not confined to Donald Trump. This is a worldwide crisis in the media and free speech.

As Expected Political Pelosi Announces January 6th Select Committee to Support Mid-Term Election Roadmap

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The January 6th House Select Committee investigation is to MAGA voters what the Mueller Investigation was to President Trump.  A tool to attack political opposition and frame a narrative for the 2022 mid-term election.  Nothing more.    [Video at 04:45 Prompted]

January 6th Select Committee will be entirely run by democrats and their Lawfare operatives within staff. The purpose of that committee will carry the same intents as the Mueller investigation in 2017 through 2019: to frame a narrative against their political opposition. The difference this time will be that President Trump is not the sole target; the Pelosi January 6th committee will be using Alinsky methods to target Trump voters.

Because the larger mid-term election operation requires it, the House Select Committee was a foregone conclusion.  The only question was how many DeceptiCons would join with Pelosi to execute it.  If Republicans are smart, not likely, the entire GOP House caucus should boycott the insufferable pantomime, leave the stage, let the Democrats do their silly show…. and use Alinsky moves against the Left by ridiculing and marginalizing their performances in real time.

Alas, the GOP are an insufferably annoying and predictable bunch of purposeful idiots, and -as a result- they will likely end up participating because they will say they need to counter the Leftist narrative or something… and the only way they can do that is by providing the democrats with legitimacy. This is how DeceptiCons roll.

Do not be naive to think the GOP want the FBI involvement in the January 6 events to be exposed any more than the Republican wing of the UniParty wanted to see the IRS targeting of conservative groups exposed. The vast majority of DC republicans want to see the MAGA base destroyed just like they wanted to see the Tea Party base destroyed so they could get back to the business of self-indulgence in 2012.

Investigations are only done by DC to serve their own interests.  Sometimes those interests are in throwing a bag over DC corruption: Fast n Furious, Benghazi Committee, IRS scandal and the VA scandal for recent reference points.  However, sometimes those DC interests are best protected by targeting opposition to DC itself, just like the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel and the upcoming House Select Committee.

Again, the legislative branch was/is working with the executive branch on the common objectives of a corrupt intelligence apparatus, that includes the FBI {examples here}. So the legislative branch is not going to investigate intelligence community or FBI corruption.  The HPSCI and SSCI are participants in the corruption, they will not investigate themselves regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans control the chambers.  This is not a partisan issue.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) was not only involved in the intelligence targeting of President Trump through surveillance and counterintelligence operations; the SSCI was actively participating in that targeting and doing everything they could to assist the FBI, DOJ and Intelligence community (IC) on that goal.

The MAGA voters (the republican base) will be targeted, ridiculed and marginalized in the run up to the 2022 election. They will be made to look like domestic terrorists, “Domestic Violent Extremists”, and much worse as defined by narrative engineering between a corrupt House, corrupt FBI, and a corrupt U.S. corporate media. That is the entire purpose of Nancy Pelosi’s House Select Committee.

The only way to avoid the scheme is not to play the game.

As we always note, watch who wants to participate from the GOP side of the aisle.  Those are the DeceptiCons, the implants into the system purchased by larger elements like BlackRock financial.  DeceptiCons are essentially interchangeable with BlackRock Republicans.  The system, the administrative state, is designed this way….  The parties are clubs presented to give the illusion of choice.  Those who control the outcomes of government are never on a ballot.

John McAfee is Dead – Targeted for Selective Presecution

Armstrong Economics Blog/Opinion Re-Posted Jun 24, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

John David McAfee (1945 – June 23, 2021) is dead. He allegedly committed suicide in a Spanish jail cell where he was awaiting extradition to the United States. Tennesee charged him with 10 counts of tax evasion and in New York City, he was charged with securities fraud for advocating cryptocurrency in which he had a position and then sold into the rally. That they can call a pump and dump. I knew John. We both were speakers at the American Hackers Convention. Many called him eccentric. I always found him to be courteous and he had offered his support in my ordeal never having any fondness for the government.

John made this video in July 2020. I believe anyone involved in cryptocurrency who owned it and then touted it and sold it into a rally could be criminally charged under this theory. This is why to be an adviser at my level, I cannot have any conflict of interest. Those in the private sector are held to a different standard. What John is saying here is true, for which they most likely retaliated with criminal charges because anyone advocating cryptocurrency who then sold and made a profit could equally be charged.  Regulations passed by agencies without Congressional power is the Deep State. They pass regulation and it becomes criminal law. This circumvents everything the constitution stood for. They are NOT created by the people.

In United States v. Shreveport Grain & Elevator Co., 287 U.S. 77, 85 (1932) the Supreme Court held that “the legislative power of Congress cannot be delegated,” (see also and Field v. Clark, 143 U.S. 649, 692 (1892)). However, on other occasions, the Supreme Court has recognized that, although Congress may not delegate powers that “are strictly and exclusively legislative,” it may delegate “powers which [it] may rightfully exercise itself.” Wayman v. Southard, 23 U.S. (10 Wheat.) 1, 41 (1825).

This is the problem and how the Deep State is created. Congress has delegated power. The Supreme Court has allowed agencies to fill in the details of statutes which has become standard practice. For example, the Supreme Court upheld a statute requiring the manufacturers of oleomargarine to have their packages “marked, stamped and branded as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue . . . shall prescribe,” rejecting the argument that the prosecution was NOT for violation of law but for violation of a regulation –  In re Kollock, 165 U.S. 526 (1897)

It has been in this manner that the Deep State has emerged. They simply create regulation that has the same force of law and can then deep you are to be in prison for life or even impose a death penalty. I fear that this was a selective prosecution but that is no longer a defense since the Supreme Court ruling in 1996. As long as the government has prosecuted anyone else on this theory, you will NEVER prevail in court.

The Deep State won. If John committed suicide at nearly 76, I fully understand. They were seeking to imprison him until he died. Once the Feds charge you, there is less than a 1% chance of ever winning in court. It takes a lot to endure their never-ending tortures. Even the Declaration of Independence complained of “mock trials” and I hope the prosecutor remembers John’s face when he is about to die himself. Shakespeare’s famous line “the first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” referred to prosecutors for the private individual were never allowed to have lawyers.

There is a special place in hell for prosecutors for they will be judged by the same standards they have judged others. They better pray there is no God. No doubt with John’s computer skills, they may have wanted something sinister behind the curtain as well. It is never what prosecutors claim it to be. Goodbye, my friend.

The Rising Conflicts – New Report $75

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This is a focus report on the three hot spots where we have the greatest conflicts – Taiwan, Crimea, and the Middle East. This report goes into great detail to explore these risks for each region as we head into these turbulent times ahead. We must respect that the Biden Administration is probably the weakest in American history because it has been a focus on climate change.

It is hard to imagine that Biden actually claimed that his military said the greatest threat is climate change. If that statement were even true, then why do we need a military if there are no longer military threats? This is not going to go down well.. Here is a report we have assembled on these hot spots that need to be considered for the all impact international capital flows and therefore the direction of the currencies and the financial markets.

This report is priced for the average reader ………….. $75.00

Arizona Update From Kelli Ward, Paper Ballot Counting Nearly Finished, Several States Reviewing Process, Thousands of Volunteers

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Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward provides an update Thursday night on the status of the Maricopa County ballot audit.  Physical ballot counting is almost complete and delegations from Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alaska, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Washington State and Michigan have all attended and reviewed the operation.

The widespread national interest is likely what has triggered the DOJ.  Additionally, there are early reports that ballots are missing and the final tally will not match the reported number of ballots counted.  Interesting possibilities.