DeceptiCon On Display – Mitch McConnell Says He Would “absolutely” Support President Trump Again If He Secured The Republican Nomination in 2024

ogininally on the conservative tree house Posted on February 25, 2021 by Sundance

Mitch McConnell is doing what Mitch McConnell does.  DeceptiCons are famous for intentionally loading the cannons of the opposite wing of the UniParty so the Democrats can blast the base of the Republican movement.

Once they have provided the ammunition and watched the attack unfold, the DeceptiCons enter from the side of the collateral damage and talk sympathetically about the destruction they now observe.  The DeceptiCon team, represented by leader Mitch McConnell, has been doing this for years.  Just like his attacks against the Tea Party, ‘We The People‘ are his favorite victims.  This is the baseline for battered conservative syndrome.

In true form, after providing the progressive and hate-filled left wing of the UniParty with ammunition against President Trump, Mitch McConnell says today that he would support the former president in 2024 if Donald Trump was the nominee.

(Via AP) […] The Kentucky Republican told Fox News that there’s still “a lot to happen between now” and the next presidential election.

“I’ve got at least four members that I think are planning on running for president, plus governors and others,” McConnell said. “There’s no incumbent. Should be a wide open race.”

But when directly asked if he would support Trump again were he to win the nomination, McConnell responded: “The nominee of the party? Absolutely.” (read more)

The entire interview is below.  The key segment begins at 10:00 and is prompted.

World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation Are Main Drivers for Digital Vaccines Passports

Armstrong Economics Blog/Opinion Re-Posted Feb 25, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Klaus Schwab is becoming one of the most dangerous men perhaps in modern history. His World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation are the main drivers behind the adoption of digital health passes. Two years before the corona pandemic, the EU Commission had drawn up a “roadmap for vaccination”. They are trying to create an authoritarian world where they have lurking behind the curtain their agenda to reduce the population. I am warning that these people are ultimately looking to keep such restrictions upon the world travel also to reduce CO2 and then merge that with ultimately permits to even have children.

We simply have to make sure that ANY politician who is in league with Schwab is thrown out of office by 2022. The entire future of Western Society depends on the rejection of Schwab and his insane Agenda 2030. Moreover, ANY company that is in partnership with the World Economic Forum should be AVOIDED at all costs. CEOs who have been secured by Schwab should also be purged from office in any public corporation. If we do not see these actions by 2022, we are in for a very nasty battle against this rising Tyranny. Both the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation should be black-listed by any investment whatsoever. In this world where they are out to cancel anyone who speaks the truth about their agenda, it is time we cancel them from society in return.

Electric Buses in Germany Stop Working it was Too Cold & Gates Tells Germany Build more!

Armstrong Economicc Blog/Technology Re-Posted Feb 17, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Bill Gates has decided to tell Germany how to run a nation. He said that solar and wind power is obviously not enough. Indeed, it got so cold in Germany dipping to -12c, the electric buses stopped working. Gates has told the German auto-manufacturers they better speed up the development of e-cars. Meanwhile, he tells Merkel to develop nuclear energy which she shut down after the Japanese disaster.

Wind turbines have frozen in Texas and California. So much for “green” energy. They only work when it is warm. When it gets cold, when you need heat the most, they fail. Were these environmentalists just stupid? Or was this a way to reduce the population in winters? As I said, I was in Edmonton, Canada at -40. They never turned off the cars because they would never restart. That does not work with electric engines. They just freeze.

With respect to the vaccines, Gates’s daughter, Jennifer, has come out and said she got it and defends her father saying the vaccines do not have nano bytes to control people – which is true. This is the problem. The conspiracy theorist throws out some while claim that is not possible, they dismiss that claim but attach the same conspiracy label to all other concerns.

Amsterdam Has Retaken Financial Capital of Europe? Was this Cyclically on Time?

Armstrong Economics Blog/BRITAIN Re-Posted Feb 17, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

EURONEXT has now beaten out London retaking back the financial capital insofar as stock trading is concerned thanks to Boris Johnson and of course BREXIT. The numbers are in and Amsterdam surpassed London with an average of €9.2bn shares a day traded on Euronext in January 2021, which was been a 400% increase over December compared to London trading which dropped to €8.6bn retaking its historic position that existed before the Dutch lost it to London.

In 1689, the English Parliament declared that James II had abdicated by deserting his kingdom which was to exclude him and his Stuart heirs because they were all Roman Catholics. Parliament declared that “it hath been found by experience that it is inconsistent with the safety and welfare of this protestant kingdom to be governed by a papist prince”. Thereafter, the Sovereign was required in their coronation oath to swear to maintain the Protestant religion. Parliament in turn offered the throne to William (reigned 1689-1702) and Mary (reigned 1689-94) as joint monarchs.

They had to accept a Bill of Rights drawn up by a Convention of Parliament thereby restricting the Sovereign’s power and reaffirmed Parliament’s claim to control taxation and legislation. Hence, therefore, this Bill ensured Parliament could function free from royal interference forbidding all future sovereigns from suspending or dispensing with laws passed by Parliament in addition to maintaining a standing army in time of peace without Parliament’s consent. Moreover, the sovereign was also forbidden to impose taxes without Parliamentary consent. It was the lack of representation in Parliament by the American colonies which gave rise to the no taxation without representation slogan of the American Revolution.

One of the Dutch William’s main reasons for accepting the English throne was to reinforce the struggle against Louis XIV of France. William’s foreign policy was dominated by the priority to contain French expansionism. England and the Dutch joined the coalition against France during the Nine Years’ War, 1689-1697. Eventually, France was compelled to recognize William as King of England under the Treaty of Ryswick (1697),

The Bank of England was established in 1694 as the expertise from Amsterdam was imported to London. The Bank of England was used at first to raise money for the war by borrowing. It did not circumvent the King’s financial reliance on Parliament, as the national debt depended on parliamentary guarantees. Yet, William’s Dutch advisers were resented in London. In fact, in 1699 his Dutch Blue Guards were forced to leave the country.

The Royal Exchange had been founded by English financier Thomas Gresham and Sir Richard Clough on the model of the Antwerp Bourse. Gresham represented the English crown in Antwerp. Gresham convinced the Crown to open the Royal Exchange in London in 1565 using the Antwerp model. However, it was first known as “the Bourse” until Queen Elizabeth I, after a visit on January 23, 1570, changed its name to the Royal Exchange. It was opened by Elizabeth I of England in 1571. Gresham saw the need for a central place where foreign exchange dealers could meet and conduct business. He recognized the deplorable state of the money supply and that this now made foreign exchange dealers a necessity for trade. He constructed the London Exchange between 1566-1568. It finally received royal recognition and thus it became known as the Royal Exchange in 1571. Unfortunately, it was completely destroyed in the Great London Fire of 1666.

Actually, during the 17th century, stockbrokers were not allowed in the Royal Exchange because they were regarded as rude huxters. Stockbrokers were seen as a lower class compared to foreign exchange and debt. They were confined to off-exchange establishments such as Jonathan’s Coffee-House. Where Llyod’s Coffee House emerged as the place for insurance eventually becoming Lloyd’s of London, the stockbroker began in a coffee house administered by John Castaing who first began listing the prices of a few commodities, such as salt, coal, and paper in 1698. This eventually moved to Garraway’s Coffee House where public auctions began to emerge. They would last based on the length of a tallow candle that could burn. They became known as “by inch of candle” auctions. As the activity grew, the trade began to attract more companies forming which became an IPO market to raise capital.  These are the earliest evidence of organized trading in marketable securities in London which was the resurrection of stock trading from Ancient Rome.

The Royal Exchange established by Thomas Gresham was destroyed in the Great Fire of London which was a major event that swept through the central parts of London from Sunday, September 2nd to Thursday, September 6th, 1666. The fire actually destroyed the medieval City of London which was inside the old Roman city walls. Eventually, the Royal Exchange was rebuilt and re-established in 1669. It was at this time that the stockbrokers joined the Royal Exchange bringing an end to the coffee house period. However, the second Royal Exchange also burned down, on January 10th, 1838. It had been used by Lloyd’s insurance market, which was forced to move temporarily to South Sea House following the 1838 fire.

The current Royal Exchange building was constructed in 1840 and stands opposite the Bank of England. Gresham’s Royal Exchange surpassed Antwerp first because of the fire in 1583 which destroyed the Bourse. Yet it was immediately rebuilt to the same plan. Then came the Siege of Antwerp (1584-1585) and the surrender to the Spanish Army which killed the Dutch trade. Antwerp was simply unable to compete with Amsterdam and London.

What is most curious is that 2021 is precisely 314 years from the birth of Great Britain. The events from the year 1707 created on May 1st the Treaty of Union and its ratification by the 1707 Acts of Union. The fact that Amsterdam has retaken the lead in stock markets seems to be right on schedule.

Boris Johnson has destroyed the British economy and produced just about a 10% decline in GDP for 2020 – the worse collapse in 300 years! So here we have Amsterdam overtaking London in 2021 which is 314 years from the birth of Great Britain. It is amazing how rapidly Boris Johnson has wiped out the British economy.

Germany Training Dogs to Sniff out People with COVID

Armstrong Economics Blog/Regulation Re-Posted Feb 11, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Germany is training dogs to sniff out people who have COVID. It seems that Merkel keeps dreaming up more means to restrict the citizens by using the Stasi tactics of East Germany where she grew up. A friend grew up behind the wall. When it fell, his father obtained the Stasi file on him, just as the BigTech and governments now build files on everyone. In that file, his father read that all his friends were reporting him to the Stasi. He no longer retains any friends, for his trust in humanity was destroyed. When his father returned home, he began punching holes in the walls. My friend thought his father was nuts. But then he was pulling out microphones where the government was always listening to whatever he said, even at home.


Ministry for State Security (Stasi) smelling jars _ From the Vault

Let’s get honest here. The only other intelligence agency to collect evidence on everyone was the notorious Stasi of East Germany. When the wall came down, the extent of the secret police operations targeted against their own people was mind-blowing. What surfaced was their“smelling jars” collection. Yes, the Stasi used odor recognition to keep tabs on anyone they suspected. The Stasi often collected the samples covertly by breaking into homes to stealing a suspects’ used underwear. They then kept them in jars in case they turned up missing to hunt them down.

I find this very disturbing when COVID has a kill ratio of only 0.028% and governments are using this to wipe out all freedom and human rights which include the freedom of speech.

Have Twitter & Facebook Crossed the Line?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Rule of Law Re- Posted Feb 1, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Both Twitter and Facebook really should be shut down for what they have done is cleverly transforming themselves from a “platform” into a media organization. All the media from New York Times to ABC News and CNN can be sued for putting out false information that damages a person. Under Section 230, an internet platform is exempt because it was not intended to be liable for what others are posting. However, once they crossed the line into the moderation of content removing things they politically disagreed with, they are no longer a “platform” but have become a media outlet and as such, they should be subject to lawsuits.

What Facebook and Twitter have done to the internet is a crime and they should be shut down. They can reorganize as media companies, but they have abused their very purpose and they have violated that fiduciary duty they owed to the shareholders. Indeed, an enterprising attorney should file a major class-action lawsuit against them for using the capital of shareholders for personal political gain. They did not raise money with the object to censor what everyone says. Therefore, they have altered the purpose of their companies and raised money falsely.

Because of their political corruption, they have destroyed the freedom of the internet and what Section 230 was intended to protect. While they shut down Parler claiming they did not moderate their content and thus allowed people to organize for the Capital riots, such organization is also then the job of the government to monitor – not for Parler to moderate. A public forum is a place where people can freely talk. Once you cross the line into moderation, then you are a media company. Hence Fox can have only conservatives and CNN can have only socialist. That is the freedom of the press, but that freedom is not without immunity.

What Facebook and Twitter have done has undermined the entire internet. Any regulation coming down the line MUST draw the line between moderation and free speech. Section 230 should apply and continue provided there is no moderation. If we see just the real of Section 230, then we can start filing lawsuits against Wikipedia which is also highly subject to propaganda.

Big Foot Hedge Funds Get Caught

Re-Posted from JAN 30, 2021 AT 8:48 AM

The big-footed hedge funds thought it would be easy as usual. They planned to stomp GameStop into the ground. They were so arrogant that they decided to sell short more shares than what existed in the stock’s float. This is known as ‘naked short selling’ and it’s illegal, but the law isn’t enforced. The SEC looks the other way. Wall Street is a big club run by mega-billionaires and they always win.

Not this time. The billionaire shorts stuck their collective foot in a bear trap. It was set for them by an unlikely adversary: The younger generation. It’s a wondrous sight to behold.

The millennials did nothing wrong. They broke no law. They followed the rules. On Reddit they encouraged each other to buy stocks that were getting stepped on by the billionaire hedge funds. They knew if enough people bought a stock such as GameStop, then the hedge funds would get trapped. That’s what has happened and now the billionaires are shrieking in pain. Their media is condemning what they call the ‘unethical’ behavior of the buyers. That’s a howler considering how the billionaire traders routinely conspire to manipulate stocks. Silver was driven down from nearly $50 in 2011 to $13 a couple of years later by JP Morgan traders who colluded and spoofed the futures trading on the COMEX. Silver could have had a run similar to BitCoin but instead the billionaires decided they didn’t want something to compete with their debt dollar. Big banks and hedge funds only suffer a slap on the wrist at best when they break the law. 

Now they’re blatantly breaking the law. Robinhood rewrote rules in midstream and actually halted all buying for GameStop to benefit the trapped hedge funds. Then Robinhood felt generous. The next day they allowed buying, but only 1 share per customer per day. Robinhood’s customers could, of course, sell as many shares as they liked. Some traders complained their long positions were liquidated without their consent. Robinhood was revealed to be in the back pocket of the billionaire hedge funds. Everyone should cancel their accounts with Robinhood. They do not promote a free market. Someone at Robinhood needs to go to prison.

The fireworks should continue next week. I expect the corporate media to get even more shrill if the prices continue to rise on those companies targeted by the hedge funds. They’ll probably say the longs are engaging in destructive behavior, while the exact opposite is true. It’s difficult for CNBC to defend shorting because the purpose of the trade is to hurt companies for private gain. The mega rich get mega richer by shorting, which is not defensible. Naked shorting is criminal. 

Gordon Gekko was once asked, “Why did he need to wreck a company,” and he replied, “Because it’s WRECKABLE, all right?!” 

It’s easier to quickly destroy for profit than build something over time for that same profit. The hedge funds profit from misery. Now it’s their turn to be miserable. If they are forced to pay up, look for the stock market to crash. Wall Street will have to pop the bubble to cover their shorts. This is what should happen in a free market. It’s a lesson that went unlearned in 2008 when the taxpayers bailed out corrupt Wall Street bankers instead of letting them fail.

Let them all fail now. They’ve put their big foot in it and they should get what they deserve.

—Ben Garrison

Federal Reserve Warns Joe Biden Policies are Weakening US Economy

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 27, 2021 by Sundance

The Federal Reserve panel sent a warning about the U.S. economy starting to suffer as the JoeBama administration starts to institute “America Last” policies.  The financial media will not directly point to the Biden policy agenda as the primary source of the issue, but the background context of a new administration is exactly the difference.

Even during the worst aspects of the 2020 COVID-19 impact during the Donald Trump administration, the underpinning of the U.S. economy remained strong.  However, now that JoeBama has taken office the 2021 COVID-19 impact is being used as an excuse.

WASHINGTON DC – The Federal Reserve on Wednesday struck a more somber tone about the U.S. economy, saying the recovery is weakening as the country waits for widespread vaccinations against the coronavirus.

“The pace of the recovery in economic activity and employment has moderated in recent months, with weakness concentrated in the sectors most adversely affected by the pandemic,” the Fed’s rate-setting committee said in its post-meeting statement. That contrasts with its observation last month that the economy had “continued to recover.”  (read more)


Larry Kudlow to Host New Fox Business Network Program

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on January 26, 2021 by Sundance

Former White House Chairman of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, will begin a new venture joining Fox Business News on February 8th.

Kudlow joined the wolverine Trump economic team in 2018 and was complimentary to the objectives of the Trump administration with his affable demeanor.  Secretary Ross, Ambassador Lighthizer, Secretary Mnuchin and Peter Navarro were the teeth, while Larry Kudlow was the one who smoothed the edges.  The entire team complimented each-other brilliantly.

Fox News Media announced on Tuesday that Larry Kudlow, former President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser, would host a new weekday program on the Fox Business Network.

Kudlow, who served as director of the National Economic Council from April 2018 until the end of Trump’s presidency this month, will also be a contributor across all Fox News Media platforms — providing “expert financial analysis on domestic and global affairs.”

He will begin work on Feb. 8, and details about his upcoming show “will be announced at a later date,” according to Fox News Media.  (read more)

As of this day January 24, 2021 I am Declaring that I am no longer a Republican! I now claim to be a member of the newly created Patriot Party.

This is a copy of the filing. I would suggest that all people that believe that America, as founded, is the best country ever created also abandon whatever party they are now in and join this new party. I’m switching all my donations from republicans to the patriots effective this month or as soon as Trump gives us a place to donate to not affiliated with republicans.


FILING FEC-1489852

1. Patriot Party

    4004 Rosedale Place
    Grovetown, GA 30813

2. Date: 01/22/2021

3. FEC Committee ID #: C00767095

This committee collects contributions, pays fundraising expenses and disburses net proceeds for two or more political
committees/organizations, at least one of which is an authorized committee of a federal candidate.

Committees Participating in Joint Fundraiser

1. DONALD J. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT, INC.      FEC ID number C00580100

Affiliated Committees/Organizations

, ____

Custodian of Records:

Michael Joseph Gaul
4004 Rosedale Place
Grovetown, GA 30813
Phone # (706) 834-4699


Michael Joseph Gaul
4004 Rosedale Place
Grovetown, Georgia 30813
Phone # (706) 834-4699

Designated Agent(s):

Banks or Depositories

10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, Texas 78288

Signed: Michael Joseph Gaul
Date Signed: 01/22/2021