Mitt Romney Makes It Official – Utah Senate Candidate…

Mitt Romney made it official this morning, he is running for the Senate seat currently held by retiring Orrin Hatch.


Mittens confirmed his plans Friday in an online video. Romney is the epicenter of anti-MAGA and has continued to be a favored son of the GOPe chamber of commerce republican apparatus. A failed presidential candidate with a severely vindictive disposition cloaked in parseltonue and decepticon skin.

Unfortunately, Romney is considered a heavy favorite for the Senate seat held by Orrin Hatch.

Short v Long-Term Rates

QUESTION: Hi Mr Armstrong, I have read somewhere that you think that interest rates will go up higher than expected and at faster pace. I don’t understand its relations with bonds. Also your opinion seems to be in clear contrast to everyone else who thinks it will go up slowly over the next few years. If this happened this year, this would be one of your many landmark predictions.


ANSWER: To some extent, you are mixing short v long-term. The short-term is set by the rates the central banks set. Even this will rise beyond what the central bank desires because of demand.

The long-term is set by the market. That is why the central banks tried Quantitative Easing buying in long-term bonds hoping that would lower the long-term rates which are set by the auction process.

I am not forecasting that the central banks will rapidly raise rate all on their own. They will be forced to follow long-term rates and as Quantitative Easing is reduced, rates will rise when government deficits expand because the fiscal side of the balance sheet has been on life-support by the monetary policy

Gun Control & What’s Wrong


The entire problem with control has been focused upon if someone is a criminal. While they have tried to paint him as a racist against blacks and Muslims, he killed indiscriminately. Such stories do little to prevent something like this in the future. So what is the real core issue being exposed here?

Classmates said Cruz was strange and a “loner.” His adopted father died several years before and his adopted moth died last Thanksgiving. Cruz was an orphaned teenager who had been adopted along with his biological brother. The two boys had then moved in with a family friend.

His attack on Valentine’s Day was intentional. The Public defenders representing Cruz told the court that he had brain development issues, as well as mental illness. He was in a mental health program but stopped going. The court-appointed lawyers described Cruz as deeply “saddened by the loss of these children” in the shooting,” and called him “a broken child.”  Cruz did not shoot it out with police.

The gun was purchased legally in February 2017. Background checks as to criminal records are rather pointless since professional criminals are out for profit and do not tend to engage in mass shooting nor do they buy their guns legally.

The problem in this type of crime we are usually dealing with someone who has mental issuers. They are not the classic criminal who tends to act for a profit such as robbing a bank.

Therefore, this case illustrates that there were many incidents that were markers with respect to mental health issues. Checking for criminal backgrounds is not really helpful in this type of incident. The background check must focus on mental health. There should be a note from the physician who attends to this person that there are no mental issues. There should be a profile regarding the family. Has there been any mental illness? All of these types of checks are far more important.

We must come to realize that this is not the normal “criminal” act since criminals are engaged in events for profit. Such events of mass shootings are always involving some mental issue. The only exception has been terrorism that is religiously based yet again not for profit.

There needs to be more than a criminal background check. Google can direct advertisement’s to you based on your surfing. Why cannot we have a mental profile that someone must pass to buy a gun? That is the only way to stop the crazy people since it is not criminal who engage in these type of acts.

Global Warming Conspriacy


There is a major Global Warming Conspiracy that is threatening our entire way of life and is out to destroy the global economy. These sick and evil people are trying to launch lawsuits to put the oil industry out of business. They have absolutely no alternative to how the economy would function and they are threatening the lives of so many people by trying to end fossil fuels which would then destroy the auto industry and turn the United States into some crumbling economy of scenes of cities abandoned in sci-fi movies.

The Global Warming Conspiracy has filed a lawsuit against EXON as they have unleashed their conspiracy that is designed to force everyone in the United States to comply with their demands. EXON has responded in an aggressive manner at last. They have targeted at least 30 people and organizations, including the attorneys general of New York and Massachusetts. They are filing suits, threats of suits or demands for sworn depositions. EXON has claimed the lawyers, public officials, and environmental activists are all conspiring in a coordinated legal and public relations campaign.

Exxon has called the conspiracy “The La Jolla playbook.” About 6 years ago, there was a meeting in La Jolla, California which has set a course to conspire against society as a whole to force their agenda upon the world. The meeting began with about two dozen people who came up with this entire Global Warming strategy in an oceanfront cottage in La Jolla.

They have fake research and corrupt scientists willing to say whatever it takes to win a lawsuit. They have conspired with marketing people, politicians, and lawyers, all designed to change society imposing their demands upon us all.

Exxon is seeking depositions to expose this conspiracy in which we all have a stake in this for this group is trying to force their views upon the rest of us by courts which cannot be trusted.

Sharyl Attkisson TedX Speech Discussing Origin of “Fake News”…

Sharyl Attkisson is a five-time Emmy Award winner and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting.  Mrs. Attkisson has also authored two New York Times bestsellers: “The Smear” and “Stonewalled.” – WEBSITE HERE

Additionally Mrs. Attkisson hosts the Sunday national TV news program “Full Measure,” which focuses on investigative and accountability reporting.  Was the effort to focus America’s attention on the idea of “fake news” itself a propaganda effort?  Sharyl Attkisson did some digging.  WATCH:

FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer Responds to Chairman Nunes and Chairman Goodlatte Request for FISC Documents…

Moments ago FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer responded to the requests from the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte. (full pdf’s below – #1 and #2)

There are nuances in each response specific to the statutory roles of each Chairman and the specific requests made by each committee.  Reflected in Judge Collyer’s responses is a need for careful consideration of each unique request.

♦House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes holds primary oversight authority over the aggregate Intelligence Community (IC).  Chairman Nunes has requested the transcripts from the FISA Court during the DOJ/FBI Title-1 surveillance application over their target, U.S. person Carter Page.

♦House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte holds primary oversight authority over the Department of Justice -including the FISA court- and has requested the actual FISA Title-1 application as submitted by the DOJ/FBI for surveillance of Carter Page.

Judge Collyer responds to both legislative branch chairman from the position of “never previously receiving such requests.” There are separation of power challenges, but also an understanding inherent in the response to Chairman Goodlatte of the unique statutory oversight his committee holds.

The Legislative Branch created the FISA Court system; however, the secret court resides in the Judicial Branch.  Judge Collyer is taking both requests under consideration and asks both Chairman to consider seeking relief from the Executive Branch with requests directly to the DOJ for the majority of the information they seek.

However, there is an underlying issue not being discussed within the communication – yet visible in the corner amid their engagement. That issue is the possibility the DOJ may have modified the FISA documents within its possession in an effort to hide from congress the trail of a conspiracy against a presidential candidate and an incoming administration.

In essence, the FISA documents held by the court *may not be* identical to the FISA documents released by the Department of Justice. Chairman Goodlatte is seeking to rule out that possibility.

Here are the responses.

To Chairman Nunes (seeking transcript):


To Chairman Goodlatte (seeking documents):


As a reminder (for context and discussion).  The only people who have actually seen the FISA Title-1 Application are:

♦The officials in the DOJ and/or FBI who assembled it.  Those people are unknown but presumed to be from the DOJ – National Security Division. (Possibly: John P Carlin, Mary McCord or similar).

♦The presiding FISC judge who approved the application. (Possibly: Judge Rudolph Contreras – though no concrete evidence therein).

♦The three congressional representatives who have viewed the application as presented by the DOJ for the construction of the various memos:

•HPSCI member Trey Gowdy;
•HPSCI ranking member Adam Schiff;
•and House Judiciary Chairman ¹Bob Goodlatte.

¹Chairman Goodlatte has viewed the FISA application as presented by the DOJ and is requesting to see the same application as presented by the FISA court.


What Did James Comey Tell President Trump About Clinton-Steele Dossier…

Andrew McCarthy has an excellent must-read review of how the Susan Rice email paints a clear picture of James Comey’s instructions -from President Obama- to obfuscate the intent of the FBI counterintelligence operation during the early days of the Trump administration.

Andrew McCarthy – On her way out the White House door and out of her job as national-security adviser, Susan Rice writes an email-to-self. Except it’s not really an email-to-self. It is quite consciously an email for the record.

Her term having ended 15 minutes before, Rice was technically back in private life, where private people have private email accounts — even notepads if they want to scratch out a reminder the old-fashioned way. Yet, for at least a few more minutes, Rice still had access to her government email account. She could still generate an official record. That’s what she wanted her brief email to be: the dispositive memorialization of a meeting she was worried about — a meeting that had happened over two weeks earlier, at which, of course, President Obama insisted that everything be done “by the book.”  (continue reading)


President Trump Delivers Remarks on Tragedy in Parkland Florida…

Earlier today President Trump delivered remarks about the tragic school shooting in Broward County Florida in the community of Parkland.

[Transcript]  THE PRESIDENT: My fellow Americans, today I speak to a nation in grief. Yesterday, a school filled with innocent children and caring teachers became the scene of terrible violence, hatred, and evil.

Around 2:30 yesterday afternoon, police responded to reports of gunfire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida — a great and safe community. There, a shooter, who is now in custody, opened fire on defenseless students and teachers. He murdered 17 people and badly wounded at least 14 others.

Our entire nation, with one heavy heart, is praying for the victims and their families. To every parent, teacher, and child who is hurting so badly, we are here for you — whatever you need, whatever we can do, to ease your pain. We are all joined together as one American family, and your suffering is our burden also.

No child, no teacher, should ever be in danger in an American school. No parent should ever have to fear for their sons and daughters when they kiss them goodbye in the morning.

Each person who was stolen from us yesterday had a full life ahead of them — a life filled with wondrous beauty and unlimited potential and promise. Each one had dreams to pursue, love to give, and talents to share with the world. And each one had a family to whom they meant everything in the world.

Today, we mourn for all of those who lost their lives. We comfort the grieving and the wounded. And we hurt for the entire community of Parkland, Florida that is now in shock, in pain, and searching for answers.

To law enforcement, first responders, and teachers who responded so bravely in the face of danger: We thank you for your courage. Soon after the shooting, I spoke with Governor Scott to convey our deepest sympathies to the people of Florida and our determination to assist in any way that we can. I also spoke with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.
I’m making plans to visit Parkland to meet with families and local officials, and to continue coordinating the federal response.

In these moments of heartache and darkness, we hold on to God’s word in scripture: “I have heard your prayer and seen your tears. I will heal you.”
We trust in that promise, and we hold fast to our fellow Americans in their time of sorrow.

I want to speak now directly to America’s children, especially those who feel lost, alone, confused or even scared: I want you to know that you are never alone and you never will be. You have people who care about you, who love you, and who will do anything at all to protect you. If you need help, turn to a teacher, a family member, a local police officer, or a faith leader. Answer hate with love; answer cruelty with kindness.

We must also work together to create a culture in our country that embraces the dignity of life, that creates deep and meaningful human connections, and that turns classmates and colleagues into friends and neighbors.

Our administration is working closely with local authorities to investigate the shooting and learn everything we can. We are committed to working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools, and tackle the difficult issue of mental health.

Later this month, I will be meeting with the nation’s governors and attorney generals, where making our schools and our children safer will be our top priority. It is not enough to simply take actions that make us feel like we are making a difference. We must actually make that difference.

In times of tragedy, the bonds that sustain us are those of family, faith, community, and country. These bonds are stronger than the forces of hatred and evil, and these bonds grow even stronger in the hours of our greatest need.

And so always, but especially today, let us hold our loved ones close, let us pray for healing and for peace, and let us come together as one nation to wipe away the tears and strive for a much better tomorrow.

Thank you. And God Bless you all. Thank you very much.


80% of Colombian Gold Production is Illegal

QUESTION: A friend of mine attended your WEC. He said he asked you at the cocktail party why gold was so cheap in South America. You said the drug cartels control the illegal gold mining in Columbia and that is now three times the size of the cocaine market. Did you really say that?


ANSWER: Yes I did. During the mid-’80s, Pablo Escobar and the Medellín Cartel controlled 90% of the multibillion-dollar global cocaine market. They said that cartel was pulling in $420 million per week, and Forbes said that Don Pablo was one of the “World’s 10 Wealthiest People” before he was 40. However, what people do not know is that there was also illegal gold mining operations in Colombia. When the price was testing the lows into 1999, gold was not the big focus of the cartels. Today with prices over $1,000, it’s estimated that the illegal gold trade is now some three times the size of the Colombian cocaine market. The two resources are inextricably linked and have always been so in Columbia. Illegal gold comes to the market and is laundered. It trades generall below spot. In fact, about 80% of the gold production of Columbia is all illegal gold.

Everything About the Las Vegas Shooting Has Been a Lie?


The Associated Press (AP) released the original PDF (Paddock autopsy) of Stephen Paddock’s autopsy results by linking to it in one of their articles last Friday on February 9, 2018. However, they quickly pulled it off the internet within an hour or two because it did not match the official report by the government. Paddock’s Time Of Death was 1200 hours (Noon) on 10/2/17 the day AFTER the shooting 14 hours later.

The police breached the door of the room at about 11:20PM on October 1st. According to the police scanner audio, the officers reported a dead body. So the true account of what took place that day is in question when Paddock did not die until the following day.

There is no explanation but instead, they pulled the report from the internet. The disinformation campaign that was launched appears to be politically motivated against gun owners. This is very strange and the media seems to be ignoring the details as always.

The question this raises is rather blunt. Is there anything we can believe coming from the government about any particular incident? Is every incident being converted into political propaganda? Is this part of the agenda behind the conspiracy involving the bureaucrats v the people?