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I strongly urge everyone to report this everywhere you can. What Izabella Kaminska has written about here is very important. It is about the rush to change our monetary system without any consideration. They are using the virus to propose drastic changes to the economy without any testing or analysis. There are very FEW Journalists worth reading these days. She has integrity and tries to report the truth – a very major breath of fresh air.

This is your future and that of your family.

Please post this everywhere you can. It is vital to our economic survival.

This has been the plan proposed since 2018 by Legarde when she was the head of the IMF. Now she heads the ECB.

Citizen Journalists are Popping Up Everywhere to Show the US Media is Intentionally Creating FAKE NEWS

Laughable and Political – Former ICIG Michael Atkinson Releases Ridiculous Political “Statement”….

Everything anyone needed to know about the motives and intents of fired Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) Michael Atkinson is evidenced by his releasing a political statement tonight protesting his termination.

Atkinson doesn’t write a “letter”, his diatribe is not addressed to anyone, it is just a political “statement” designed to be exploited by the same people, for the same intents, as his prior ICIG work product.  This transparently political effort is ridiculous.

Just as pathetic and political as Atkinson’s statement, is the statement expressed by current DOJ IG Michael Horowitz on behalf of Atkinson:

….“Inspector General Atkinson is known throughout the Inspector General community for his integrity, professionalism, and commitment to the rule of law and independent oversight.”…

What makes this Horowitz statement so ridiculous, political and hypocritical, is that only four days earlier IG Horowitz was so alarmed at the gross incompetence of Atkinson that he submitted an interim memorandum noting extreme deficiencies in the FISA work product of Michael Atkinson as legal counsel for the DOJ-NSD.

The DOJ and FBI have an internal FISA self-check mechanism. The DOJ National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) chief counsel Michael Atkinson, and the chief counsel for every FBI field office are required to conduct an “Accuracy Review” of selected FISA applications. One per field office (25 to 30 field offices),which are also sent to DOJ-NSD (main justice) for general counsel Atkinson inspection.

Horowitz detailed 39 examples of Michael Atkinsons’ willful violations of law and policy within 42 “accuracy review” files at the DOJ-NSD. The error rate within the DOJ-NSD files that Atkinson was responsible for was over 93%.

IG Michael Horowitz was so alarmed by the gross incompetence he sent an urgent interim memorandum to the DOJ and FBI notifying the Attorney General and FBI Director of the systemic violations discovered.  Two days later the FISA court responded to the IG memorandum by demanding the DOJ/FBI reveal the names of the application targets.

So it is more than a little disingenuous and self-serving for Michael Horowitz to be clutching his pearls about Michael Atkinson getting fired as ICIG, when only a few days earlier Horowitz was raising alarm bells about Atkinson’s gross incompetence in his former position as general counsel for the DOJ National Security Division.

Perhaps Horowitz didn’t think anyone would notice?

Perhaps Horowitz was so assured of MSM providing cover, that he didn’t think anyone would connect the dots from his recent memo on the DOJ-NSD incompetence, to the man who held the job, Michael Atkinson?

Regardless of Horowitz’s anticipatory outlook, the recent IG report outlining Atkinson’s gross incompetence in the FISA scandal, vis-a-vis the 42 DOJ-NSD Accuracy Reviews, is the atomic shield against the political narrative Horowitz, Atkinson and their political allies might attempt to deploy.

Funny that.


♦ IG Michael Horowitz report on Atkinson’s gross incompetence HERE.

♦ FISA Court response based on Horowitz’s report of Atkinson’s incompetence HERE.

♦ Details of ICIG Firing & Background Connection to all the above – Available HERE.

National Security Council resistance member Alexander Vindman starts a rumor about the Trump-Zelenskyy phone call, which he shares with CIA operative Eric Ciaramella (a John Brennan resistance associate)….

Ciaramella then makes contact with resistance ally Mary McCord in her role within the House Intel Committee headed by Adam Schiff….

Ms. McCord then helps Ciaramella create a fraudulent whistle-blower complaint via her former DOJ-NSD colleague, now ICIG, Michael Atkinson….

…And that’s how the impeachment operation was started. (read more)

Sunday Talks – Steve Bannon Discusses His Thoughts to “Crush” Coronavirus…

Former White House advisor Steve Bannon appears on Fox News to discuss his thoughts on how to mitigate and eliminate Coronavirus from the United States.

Among Comrade Bannon’s proposals:  Shut down all inbound international air travel. Shut down all domestic air travel. Forced federal shut down all ports of entry, allowing only commerce. Initiate forced quarantine zones around major metropolitian areas keeping people from leaving.  A forced shut-down all vehicle travel on interstates, except supply chain transports. A federally enforced closing of states to cross border traffic. WATCH:


Yikes.  Civil liberties? Meh, details… details.

I’m just sharing information….

Steve Bannon was, perhaps still is, well regarded by many people; and formerly held a position of influence in the White House.

I cannot even fathom the totalitarian nature of what Bannon is suggesting.

What America would even re-emerge from that type of action?

Your thoughts?

New York Ministry of Coronavirus Compliance Begins Using Drones to Monitor Citizen Compliance…

CBS News is reporting on drones flying above New York metro-area parks that are now monitoring coronavirus distancing requirements and warning residents to comply.

Do not be alarmed comrades.  Currently the drones are not armed and only use speakers to broadcast warnings of violations to non-compliant citizens. The voice has a ring of familiarity to it. WATCH and LISTEN:

CBS News


Embedded video

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ANNOUNCEMENT: “This is the anti-COVID19 volunteer task force. Please maintain a social distance of at least six feet. Again, please maintain social distancing. Please help stop the spread of this virus. Reduce the death toll and save lives. For your own safety and your families safety please maintain social distancing. Thank you for your cooperation. We are all in this together.”

White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing – 7:00pm ET Livestream….

Unfortunately, with President Trump effectively communicating the latest information on the federal efforts to mitigate COVID-19, more corporate U.S. resistance media have decided not to carry the live broadcasts from the White House task force briefings.

Today at 7:00pm ET the White House will hold a briefing for the public and media on the latest mitigation efforts against the coronavirus. [Livestream Links Below]

White House Livestream Link – C-SPAN Livestream Link – RSBN Livestream Link



U.K. Queen Elizabeth Speaks to Nation as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is Admitted to Hospital…

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been taken to the hospital for treatment as he battles coronavirus. “On the advice of his doctor, the Prime Minister has tonight been admitted to hospital for tests. This is a precautionary step, as the Prime Minister continues to have persistent symptoms of coronavirus ten days after testing positive for the virus,” Downing Street said.  Prayers for his recovery.

Meanwhile Queen Elizabeth II addressed the nation:

Keeping a humorous spirit about the issues. A funny video from the U.K. WATCH:


Sunday Talks: FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn Discusses Latest COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts…

Coronavirus task force member and FDA Commissioner, Stephen Hahn, appears on Fox News to discuss the latest U.S. effort to mitigate the threat of COVID-19.

Maria Bartiromo asks a great question about what the U.S. can do to reduce our national dependency on China for the manufacturing of critical healthcare products and medicines.  Dr Hahn explains the FDA role in that process and what intervention is possible by the U.S. government to mitigate that dependency.


One of the positive outcomes from this larger conversation is increased public pressure on government officials to support what President Donald Trump has been saying for years about bringing back critical manufacturing to the U.S.  Long before he was a politician President Trump was very public in saying this should be our number-one priority.

Donald Trump is exactly the right president for this moment in time.

CBS Margaret Brennan (in best dramatic voice): “There Will Be A Lot of Death This Week”…

For today’s best example of how influence agents promoting civil obedience through the use of drama and fear, we turn to Margaret Brennan interviewing Dr. Fauci.

With studio hair & makeup no longer an option, Dr. Fauci started rolling back his media appearances. However, Fauci appears today for an interview with a very dramatic Ms. Brennan as the host announces: “there will be a lot of death this week.”  WATCH: