Is trump Captain America?

Barack Obama a person that we elected twice has succeed in doing more damage to the Constitutional Republic we live in then has been done by all our enemies since the Revolutionary War! This president with the encouragement and active help of his party the Democrat party has systematically unraveled many if not all of the checks and balances that were so important in preventing the takeover of the federal government by a single faction of the country. Worse they were helped by the progressive faction of the Republican Party so we now find ourselves facing the combined weight of the Washington elitists in reducing us to economic slaves to them. I for one to not want that for my family nor your or any family in the country and even if we are not of the rich and famous we do outnumber them and it is our country not theirs.

We are Vulgarians who are traditionally defined as an unrefined person, especially ones with newly acquired power or wealth. But we are also Americans who by hard work and perseverance made this country and made it the best country ever created. So what if we were not Royalty, or Roads Scholars that didn’t batter since we were making something that had never been done before, a country where it was proved that the common man could rule himself better that those that thought they could by just wanted to have the power.

But we did find a champion to fight for us and that Champion was Donald J. Trump — is he perfect, no of course not, he is human just like the rest of us that carry the original sin. But he is a Christian and a strong leader and his heart is in the right place. Further he wants to fix the wrongs that have been done to all of us and to the Constitution. And he beat hillary fair and square mostly because she was an absolutely horrible candidate.

So four years ago we elected Trump to the shock of the entire world and in a very short period of time and despite both parties working against him by the end of 2019 the US economy was at full employment and every worker from middle manager’s to the lowest paid worked was earning more than ever before. The economy and the stock markets were breaking records continuously and Trump was even on the path to a middle east peace agreement.  Trumps economy  was so good that the deep state had to stop him because he was making what they claimed was impossible look super easy. Well, if you actually knew what you were doing maybe it was. 

Trump is a real Captain America and has the full support of this former U.S. Army Captain and I worked as hard as I could to get him elected the second time! But despite all the work and energy the his supporters but a series of very strange events transpired  in the wee hour on the morning and votes were changed from Trump to Biden ballots appeared out of thin air, and  we ended up with more ballets than register voters.  Despite all the corruption the deep states efforts it was still close because the real ballets had Trump wining in a landslide. Meaning the deep state had to go all out to the point it was obvious what they had done. Both parties participated in the fraud and although there is still some hope I don’t think anyone in the republican party has the cajones to stand up to the evil power trying to take over the country now.

Well there is always hope and what we need now is a new political party and it should be the MAGA party!

I f the MAGA party takes a 1/3 of the republican party and a 1/4 of the demarcate party  it could end up being the most powerful political party ever formed in this country.  We need to start this new party now this month January 2021 so we can dominate the House take a a good fraction of the Senate.  We do not have a choice and baring an outright civil war this is the only peacefully way to get back out country.

Eric Clapton and Van Morrison have apparently joined the MAGA party — listen to STAND AND DELIVER and see what you think. I thing this should be the official MAGA theme song.

Therefore in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence which started us down this path we rededicate ourselves to the founding principles … “and for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”