LIMBAUGH: This Comey Statement Has ‘Never Trumpers’ In An ‘Unchecked Bout Of ORGASMIC Happiness’

Comey is with the globalists Hillary and Soros and we can add Ryan an McConnell McCain and Graham to the pot of traitors to start.

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Published on Mar 20, 2017
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kevin sullivan

kevin reynolds
F B I stands for Federal Bureau of Insinuation.
Susan White
Another Plot. Paid for by Killary and Sorass.
Space Puppy
Hope no one got their hopes high with Comey. We’ve been down this road before with this traitor.
T. Shrine
everybody forget that Barack insane ohmoma was caught red-handed meddling in the elections of France and Israel. I realize that two Democrats facts mean absolutely nothing if weasel boy, don’t say what the Dems want him to say he will be executed! good luck president Trump I’m praying for you.

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