Russia Retaliates Against Democrat Harassment – Duma Bill To Investigate CNN, Voice Of America

The Demorats are forcing us into a war with Russia this is insane, I hope DC gets the first nuke.

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By Rick Wells

Having already been singled out by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova for reporting fake news about non-existent collusion betweenRussia and the Trumppresidential campaign, CNN might view the latest move on the part of the Russia Duma as a signal that it’s time to tell their staff to start packing.

On Friday the Russian lower house of parliament, the State Duma, posted a notification that they have approved a proposal to initiate an investigation into U.S. media organizations that operate inside Russia.

The investigation will be conducted by the Duma’s information policy, technologies and communications committee. The stated goal will be to determine whether outlets, including CNN, the Voice of America, Radio Liberty and “other American media” are complying with Russian law.

The statement explained that the Russian action was a direct response to an attack against Russian new outlet RT by New…

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