Maryland under siege after illegal reportedly assaults teen

How many of our American women need to be killed, raped or both my third world illegals or Muslims before the real men in the country, there must still be a few, stop this!

tomfernandez28's Blog

Published on Mar 22, 2017

Mother of a girl murdered by an illegal immigrant shares her story

Pepito Rodriguez

The dems care more about the illegals than the American people… This is just insane, no laws in america
Amy Langera
Why aren’t the other MSM not covering this story as Fox News? Where is Madonna? Where are all the celebrities that think their voice has an impact? Where are the feminists???? Where are the women who organised and participated in the without women’s day?
Tommy DeVito
Why is a 18 yr old illegal savage in a 9th grade class to begin with? This falls on the school in my opinion. NOT ALL CULTURES ARE MEANT TO MIX. Diversity is not and has never been a strength of any nation.

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