ANTIFA Unmasked by Trump Supporters at MAGAmarch Today ! #DNN

They deserved more than they got.

tomfernandez28's Blog

He was not injured – “Rip the Punks Mask Off!” – YouTube is going to censor this video and I don’t care because it is JUST THAT AWESOME !! ANTIFA Thugs Unmasked by Trump Supporters in Huntington Beach, CA TODAY #MAGAmarch #DNN


People are beginning to actually stand up to this illness. Good job brothers.
John Lloyd Scharf
If you come to do right;you don’t wear a mask to a fight. ANTIFA ARE FASCISTS
Tippo Pocoloco
Good to see Trump supporters sticking up for themselves. Made my day!
Dennis King
No cucks, no antifa, no beta male USA.
The Magic Shed
The antifa’s kryptonite ….. pulling off their masks , love it. I would like to see more of thisplease 🙂
Sandy Hollibaugh
Go Trump supporters. ALL ILLEGALS get…

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