Obama And Johnson’s Invited MS-13 Guests Horrifically Murder, Mutilate American Teen

The of this evil traitors is to use these criminals as their brown shirts which when we have enough of these criminals we will than allow the Marxists to bring in their storm troupers and at that point the republic will be no more.

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Screenshot 2017-04-04 11.53.32

By Rick Wells

It’s important for Americans to remember, when they hear of the depraved, gruesome offenses committed by MS-13 gang members and illegal aliens in general, that these are people who are here in our country largely through the efforts to subvert our laws of Hussein Obama and Jeh Johnson. They, along with John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, are most responsible for the opening up of our nation to the criminal filth of Central America and other countries. The very people who were supposed to be most responsible for enforcement of our immigration laws are the ones who opened us up to the ravages of non-enforcement.

They are the ones who encouraged the invasion that they oversaw, whichallowed this thug foreign trash to take root in our nation instead of being repelled at the border or never having made the effort at all. Had word not been…

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