St Petersburg Metro blast in mainstream media: ‘Any conspiracies go if it’s about Russia’

In only we cold make Russia a communist country (like are are going to be) again all would be fine!

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If anyone speculated about a ‘false flag’ operation in the West they would be denigrated as ‘crazy conspiracy theorists,’ experts say commenting on the media coverage of the St Petersburg bombing. However, if it’s about Russia – anything goes, they add.


The death toll from the explosion in a metro carriage on Monday in the Russian city of St. Petersburg has reached 14 people, 49 others are still in hospital, according to Russia’s Public Health Minister.

Three days of mourning have been declared in the city. World leaders voiced their solidarity with Russia and offered condolences to the victims’ families. However, some Western mainstream media seem to be more interested in trying to take advantage of the attack for political motives.

RT discussed the coverage of the tragic incident in Saint Petersburg with experts.

Mainstream media, including CNN, were quick…

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