Pennsylvania Special Election – CD18 Rick Saccone (R) vs Conor Lamb (D)…

The special election in Pennsylvania Congressional District 18 is today.  The polls close at 8:00pm EST.  The district political registration heavily favors the Democrat Conor Lamb with a +50,000 advantage in Democrat registered voters.  However, President Trump carried the mostly blue-collar district in 2016, and he supports Republican Rick Saccone.

Generally speaking the Democrat Conor Lamb is favored; and with that outcome in mind the media began using this likely Democrat win to position an anti-Trump narrative.  To counter that narrative President Trump went to PA and campaigned with Rick Saccone.  Both RNC and DNC have spent a lot of money on this temporary district race.

Democrat Conor Lamb is attempting to revive the extinct “blue-dog” model and has refuted Nancy Pelosi along with the far-left-wing of the Democrat party; while emphasizing his strong labor union relationships.  On the Republican side, the district is Pro-Trump on the national economics but candidate Rick Saccone has strongly supported ‘right-to-work’ policies which the local unions do not like.  So it’s a weird election.

Pennsylvania State Election Return Results – HERE

New York Times – Election Results HERE

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