My analysis of the current series of “bombs” targeted at democrat progressives

I am a former Special Forces Green Beret from back in the Vietnam War era and since we were trained in many military skills including making improvised explosive devices my opinion on the current situation is relevant.

What happened today does not smell right and given the current domestic situation I suspect that this was a plot my progressive operators to pull off a stunt where no one was actually hurt but it was made to look like the Republicans or the alt right, as they like to say, tried to kill a number of high level Democrats. I make this statement for the following reasons.

One, If it was a real attempt I would find it almost impossible to believe that none of these devices detonated.

Two, As I write this 5 or 6 devices have been found which indicated a lot of hard work to both know where to send them and how to make them. Since the planning and implementation was at a high level and nothing happened its very difficult to believe that they were ever intended to explode.

Three, This was not done by someone making a bomb for the first time this was a well planned simulated attack design to advance the progressive movement since nothing else they have tried as been working.

Four, I seriously doubt they will ever find who did this as it was done by experts who also know how to cover their tracks.

Five, The Blue wave has collapsed and it now looks like the Republicans will hold the House and gain seats in the Senate. This is going to be a major blow to the progressive movement that they can not tolerate. If they can’t gain the House of Representatives at minimum they would be totally embarrassed and they can not tolerate that.  There are elements in the progressive wing that have experience in these kinds of political tricks and i would not doubt they those elements would be used in this situation. After all look at what they have already done with the Russian collusion narrative,  the Kavanaugh hearings and the caravans headed to the US southern border.



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