A Rebuttal to the Propaganda being Propagated by Comrade Petsche and his Squad!

Jack Petsche, (currently under an Ohio Ethics Law investigation) and the A Better Brecksville slate of city council candidates (his squad) shown above are trying to turn Brecksville residents against each other with reckless claims and a false narrative about the shortfall in sewer assessments collected by Cuyahoga County for the Four Seasons neighborhood.


1) The vast majority of homeowners in the Four Seasons had no way of knowing that they were not paying the correct amount for sewer assessments, because, starting in Year 3 of the development’s existence, any buyer of a sub lot or home would have seen only the incorrect assessment amount that was provided with their title insurance and on all of their property tax bills for the next 15 years from the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer.

2) State law prevents Brecksville from suing the County for failure to deliver the correct amount of assessments. If the City were to collect additional payments from any of the Four Seasons homeowners, the entire $90,000 offered by Cuyahoga County as a contribution to make up for its error would revert back to the County. Legislation to approve the terms of the settlement agreement with the County was read publicly at 3 City Council meetings.

3) If the City had placed liens on properties in the Four Seasons, homeowners could claim that the liens were fraudulent and sue the City, just as they could, if a bank had provided them with a mortgage payment schedule that was incorrect. Recent Four Seasons home buyers certainly would resist paying to make up for the amounts that were under billed to previous owners. The City would incur tens of thousands of dollars or more in legal fees.

4) Tax dollars are NOT being used to pay monthly water & sewer usage fees for the Four Seasons. Each Brecksville homeowner pays only his/her own monthly usage fees.

5) Taxes will NOT be increased to pay off the water and sewer improvement bond for the Four Seasons Development. Because City projects have been tightly managed over many years, there are excess monies in the City’s bond retirement funds account that will cover all but $30,000 of the shortfall for the Four Seasons water and sewer improvements.

6) State law (ORC 5705.14) specifically precludes the excess bond retirement funds from being used for any purpose other than the retirement of bonds. Any excess funds could NOT be diverted to fund future recreation department programs or other city services.

7) The City has REPEATEDLY contributed excess infrastructure funds to lower the assessments paid by individual homeowners for sewer improvements in neighborhoods throughout Brecksville, including the Southern Estates, Echo Hills, Whitewood Road, Hilton Road and Riverview Road neighborhoods. These expenditures were made in the full light of day and without objection from anyone in the community.

8) City Council plans to reduce the assessment costs for individual homeowners benefitting from the Chippewa Road and Calvin Drive sewer improvements project by having the City contribute to that project in a similar manner. No one has objected.

For everything from trash collection to ambulance services to public infrastructure, the City of Brecksville has a tradition of reducing residents’ out-of-pocket costs so it’s more affordable for everyone, young and old, to live here. Class warfare is NOT part of our community’s DNA.

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