A Message From Brecksville Mayor Hruby

Jerry N. Hruby was elected to his eighth term as mayor of Brecksville which began on January 2, 2016.

On behalf of the residents of the City of Brecksville, our City Council and our Administration, we welcome you to Brecksville.  Whether you are a resident of our community or not, we certainly know that after you have explore our city that you will agree that Brecksville is a wonderful city in which to live and work. If you are considering Brecksville as your new residence or a new location for your business, be assured that you will receive our utmost cooperation in helping you make your decision. I certainly will make myself available to you along with our city resources. Feel free to contact me personally. I am very proud of this community, its people, its businesses and its schools, and I am most willing to share with you all that we have to offer. I look forward to speaking with you. You can reach us by calling City Hall at 440-526-4351, or you may e-mail me at mayorhruby@brecksville.oh.us. In Brecksville, a bird sanctuary and community of the Western Reserve, we are building our future with respect for our past.

First Message from Mayor Hruby

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Second Message from Mayor Hruby

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A Concern Citizens Response to A Better Brecksville’s Misleading Letter!


Maybe they’ve confused Brecksville with another community

We recently received a campaign letter from the four city council candidates who call themselves “A Better Brecksville” – Gretchen Corp Jones, Mike Schumaker, Ann Koepke and Chris Hannigan. Because I am a volunteer member of the City Planning Commission, after reading their letter, I felt obligated to write in response.

The following picture has been added and is a picture of these corrupt want-a-be politicians which have no experience and they are led by a council person, Jack Petsche, that is under a criminal indictment for serious ethic violations.

So here goes.

First let me say that my initial reaction, was wow, this is really slick, (as is the name “A Better Brecksville”). Whoever wrote the letter did a great job of crafting their message. It makes their “vision” sound very attractive. However, the problem with the letter is that informed Brecksville residents realize that most, if not all, of A Better Brecksville’s message is just plain wrong.

I think that if you listened only to what the A Better Brecksville slate has to say, you’d come away believing that Brecksville roll ups the sidewalks at 5:00 PM on Fridays, City Council and our various boards & commissions all meet in secret (supposedly upon orders from the Mayor), our city’s close to broke and residents citywide are demanding a network of sidewalks & bike paths.

But that’s not the real Brecksville. Maybe they’ve confused us with another community.

Starting with their keynote issue, (the shortfall in sewer assessments collected by Cuyahoga County for the Four Seasons neighborhood), the A Better Brecksville slate has followed the lead of their mentor & ally, Jack Petsche, by creating what I consider to be a largely false narrative to exploit matters for their own political purposes. If City Council “bailed out” the Four Seasons neighborhood, then City Council also “bailed out” the homeowners in Echo Hills, Southern Estates, Seneca Woods, Hilton Road, Whitewood Road and Riverview Road, and we’re about to “bail out” homeowners on Chippewa Road and Calvin Drive too. Fair minded individuals realize that Jack Petsche and A Better Brecksville used this issue simply to try to drive a wedge between Brecksville residents. Someone should tell A Better Brecksville that class warfare is not in our community’s DNA.

With regard to our city center, Brecksville is already a “vibrant” community. Residents have a choice of at least 16 restaurants and carry-out eateries in and near downtown, (with 2 more restaurants on the way), plus 3 upscale coffee houses, a bagel store and an ice cream shop. Grocery shoppers can frequent both a Heinen’s and a Marc’s – within minutes of each other. With the recent leases of the remaining 3 storefronts on Brecksville Road, our downtown is almost 100% occupied by a mix of merchants, service providers and professionals who are all patronized largely by Brecksville residents. The city’s acquisition of the former Central School property and its redevelopment is another win that benefit both our historic Old Town neighborhood and adjacent public square area. In Brecksville economic development and our city’s finances have been managed with care and diligence over the course of many years. Our city debt is tightly managed. That’s why we have an investment grade bond rating that other cities envy, and we can provide a variety of city services and programs for residents of all ages.

With regard to “transparency”, our city government is already “transparent” to anyone who cares to look. The agendas and meeting minutes for City Council, boards and commissions are available on the city’s web site 24/7. All council, board and commission meetings are open to the public. The Mayor and each member of city council keep residents informed on a regular basis via the Mayor’s monthly newsletter, The Brecksville Bulletin, The City Government section of Brecksville Magazine, the Mayor’s web site, the Mayor’s annual State of the City Address and the City’s Annual Financial Report, which is delivered to every household in Brecksville, plus special email reports delivered by the Mayor periodically.

I find it particularly interesting to learn that the Corp Jones, Schumaker, Koepke, Hannigan and Petsche slate thinks that the lack of open conflict between City Council and the Mayor means that our current City Council is not doing its job. The fact that Mayor Hruby and successive city councils have worked in a collegial manner is a testament to all parties involved. Anyone who follows our city government knows that the Mayor and City Council do, from time to time, have serious disagreements. They just don’t politicize those disagreements. They treat each other with respect, and they compromise. Perhaps, the A Better Brecksville slate and Jack Petsche think that good city government requires the Mayor and City Council to have public food fights, as is sometimes the case in neighboring communities, but most Brecksville residents would disagree.

And then there is the matter of sidewalks and bike paths. Contrary to Jack Petsche’s and A Better Brecksville’s claim, the current City Master Plan does NOT mandate a network of bike paths throughout the city. And the “new” master plan that they point to is nothing more than a recommendation from a team of unelected bureaucrats with the County Planning Commission who want to remake Brecksville into their image of a modern urban enclave. What the Better Brecksville slate does not tell you is that the same County Master Plan report states that only 5% of Brecksville residents want sidewalks and bike paths for purposes other than recreation. Brecksville residents will NOT support higher taxes to pay for a network of bike paths. A Better Brecksville’s assertion that they’ll get government grants to fund more bike paths shows a lack of knowledge. Grants are made on the basis of financial need. Affluent communities such as Brecksville are typically not high on the qualifications list for government grants.

Perhaps the most important thing we should recognize is that despite their claims to the contrary, Corp Jones, Schumaker, Koepke, Hannigan and Petsche appear to be a team. They make the same claims and accusations, they want to change Brecksville in the same way, and they support each other’s campaigns. A Better Brecksville’s partnership with Petsche speaks volumes.

And just like Jack Petsche when he ran for city council, the Better Brecksville slate seems to have nothing to offer except for personal agendas and a laundry list of perceived grievances. Like Jack Petsche, not one of them has bothered to learn about the workings of our city government or offered to make improvements to it by volunteering to serve on a board or commission. They all claim to be interested in planning and zoning matters, but I don’t recall seeing any of them at a single Planning Commission meeting. I think that a friend of ours summed it correctly. She said “Can you imagine just turning over the finances, family care, upkeep and maintenance of your home to strangers who have never visited you or helped you do anything? Of course not. So why would we do that with our city?”

Brecksville is a model community that doesn’t need change for the sake of change. There are good reasons why 97% of residents rate living here as good or excellent. Mayor Jerry Hruby, and City Council Members Kim Veras, Gerry Broski, Laura Redinger and Dennis Rose are five of those reasons. We should reelect them.

That’s just my opinion.


Dom Sciria

You can also see my response on line at http://www.tellthetruthjack.com/

Comrade Petsche and his squad of California Progressives will be defeated on November 5, 2019

Those of us that have studied economics and politics know for all recorded history that when those that think they are superior to the rest of us gain power things ALWAYS GO BAD. Comrade Petsche and those that follow him are no exception to that basic rule of politics. If you don’t believe me consider that Brecksville is one of the best run cities in the state and yet Comrade Petsche and his squad want to “fundamentally change Brecksville” but to what? If it’s great now, what are the changes that can be made to make it fundamentally better? The answer is ZERO!

Comrade Petsche would be the perfect candidate for any small city in California today, as the politicians there have mastered the art of destroying the social order.  The state can’t seem to do anything right and the major cities there are crime ridden hell holes. Brecksville is heaven compared to LA or San Francisco. The only reason that Brecksville is not like say LA is we have a Good mayor and city council. And by that I mean not a progressive like Comrade Petsche and his squad of radical followers.

The picture below is first Jack Petsche then Comrade Gretchen Corp Jones, Comrade Mike Schumaker, Comrade Chris Hannigan, and Comrade Ann Koepke

This next picture is from LA and shows what Brecksville could look like in a few years of rule under Comrade Petsche (mayor) and Comrade Gretchen Corp Jones, Comrade Mike Schumaker, Comrade Chris Hannigan, and Comrade Ann Koepke all on city Council.

Vote for these candidates on November 5, 2019 so we don’t get what is in that above picture.

For Mayor: Jerry Hruby

For Council: Gerald Broski, Dominic Caruso, Thomas Collin, Laura C. Redinger, Dennis R. Rose, Kim Veras



Comrade Petsche and his hit squad want to Fundamentally Change Brecksville!

Their program is called “A Better Brecksville” and it sounds a lot like Obama’s “Fundamentally Change America.” Well we know what happened from 2008 to 2016 and it wasn’t good. And “A Better Brecksville” sounds kind of strange since Brecksville is now one of the best places to live in the county so any change is likely to be bad not good. When the Progressives took over the city of Detroit after WW II it was a thriving economic power house one of the most affluent cities in the world. But after a couple of decades of progressive rule it had been turned into a hell hole.

The “A Better Brecksville” programs that Comrade Petsche and his hit squad of  Jones, Schumaker, Koepke and Hannigan have in mind are exactly the same views that all progressives have and they will turn Brecksville into a place no one will want to live in very quickly as they have learned how to destroy a city in only a view years not decades. Remember that it only took 20 some years to turn the entire prosperous country of Venezuela into a hell hole. Therefore, if Comrade Petsche and his squad get elected the citizens of Brecksville will start leaving just like they did in all the cities and countries that are run by progressives and that will drive down the prices of your homes just like it did in Detroit.

If you don’t want your neighborhood to look like the image above in a few years then vote for Mayor Jerry Hruby and the following Council members: Kim Veras, Gerald Broski, Laura Redinger and Dennis Rose.

The Progressive world of Comrade Petsche and his hit squad is FALSE so beware Brecksville!

Comrade Petsche and his hit squad believe in the false narrative of man-made climate change. They believe this for two reason, the first is what they have been taught and since the universities no longer teach critical thinking they have no intellectual basis to question the propaganda being promoted by those that wish to rule us. Then two is that since they themselves desire power, after all they have been taught that they are the ‘best and the brightest” they are the natural rulers of all the rest of us. Well that has never worked in the past and it will not work this time either.

Below is an image of those that wish to rule over you for you obviously can’t do that yourselves for look what you did you created a hell hole that is Brecksville and that must be totally redone in the image of the progressive movement.

Now what we really have is a progressive movement using fake data so convince you that unless you do what “we tell you to do you will die” And what we must do is get ride of carbon as it is a poison. Sadly it is not a poison so getting rid of it destroys life it does not save us.  Tony Heller a real scientist destroys that narrative in this short 12 minute and 51 second video.

Keep this video in mind when you hear or read anything that Comrade Petsche or his hit squad tell you. Do not vote for Comrade Petsche or any of his squad Comrade Gretchen Corp Jones, Comrade Mike Schumaker, Comrade Ann Kopke and Comrade Chris Hannigan if you do you will be very sorry for their plans for Brecksville are not what you think they are.

Comrade Petsche and his squad are part of the Progressive movement, Sadly that movements “Core” is Marxism

This video was produced a number of years ago and was posted on my blog but it’s worth posting again.  It a long video but worth watching if you want to get the history of how we got to this insane period of time when hysteria as taken hold of the body politic and is pushing us down a path of total destruction.  If we really try to stop using carbon based fuels for energy billions of people will die.

Jack Petsche and his squad are the foot soldiers of the movement to take over the local state and federal government. I have been fighting this movement for over 14 years now. I have seen this movement take over a good portion of the federal government then move to the state level and now its infiltrating the local governments.  The colleges and universities are lost and now we are losing the high schools and elementary schools.

If we do not stop this progressive movement our grad kids will be living in a Marxist controlled political system that will be exactly as what was described in George Orwell’s 1949 famous book “1984.”  With the tech now available to those that crave power this future world will be a living hell.

Wake up people use your God given brains and wake up before its to late.  Start by not voting for Comrade Petsche and any of the Squad. 

Watch this Video and then Consider that Comrade Petsche and his squad are part of this Described Movement that is tearing apart Western Civilization.

I posted this video the other day but this time I’m adding to the the local progressive take over of the city of Brecksville, Ohio as it very scary and absolutely true. In my opinion Douglas Murray and the host Peter Robinson don’t go as far as they should in describing our future. The current culture wars are playing out everywhere in the name of social justice, identity politics, and intersectionality this movement will destroy Europe in the next couple of years and if we can’t hold America in 2020 all of Western Civilization will end.

Time line for Comrade Petsche and his problems with Brecksville and the legal system

Timeline shows Councilman Jack Petsche’s involvement in Brecksville municipal projects

Brecksville City Hall 21
The Ohio Ethics Commission is investigating Brecksville Councilman Jack Petsche and his firm, USA Roofing, Inc., and the way USA Roofing bid on Becksville city contracts. (Bob Sandrick, special to cleveland.com)

The Ohio Ethics Commission is investigating Brecksville Councilman Jack Petsche and his firm, USA Roofing, Inc., and the way USA Roofing bid on Becksville city contracts. (Bob Sandrick, special to cleveland.com)

BRECKSVILLE, Ohio – Here is a timeline of events related to Councilman Jack Petsche and his firm, USA Roofing Inc., bidding on two municipal projects over the last two years, based on interviews and meeting minutes. Click here for the main story.

2014: The city chooses Panzica Construction Co. in Cleveland to construct its new police station on Brecksville Road, across from City Hall.

March 2017: Cleveland.com reports that the city will borrow $8 million to build the new police station and adjoining dispatch center.

May 18, 2017: Petsche says USA Roofing receives an invitation from Panzica to bid as a subcontractor on the Brecksville police station project. The two firms have worked together on several past projects. Petsche says the invitation came through The Builders Exchange, a construction industry website.

June 2, 2017: USA Roofing sends a bid for the Brecksville police station project to Panzica.

Aug. 8, 2017: Petsche files petitions to run for Brecksville City Council, according to Cuyahoga County Board of Elections records. Petsche says he doesn’t remember when he pulled petitions to run.

Aug. 23, 2017: USA Roofing sends a revised bid for the police station job to Panzica. That same month, Panzica accepts USA Roofing’s bid, Petsche says.

Sept. 13, 2017: Petsche says Panzica gives the city a list of its subcontractors, including USA Roofing, thus notifying the city that USA Roofing is involved in the police station project. However, Brecksville Law Director David Matty said Panzica’s subcontractor list only included the name “USA,” making it hard to know precisely who the subcontractor was.

Oct. 9, 2017: Panzica issues purchase order to USA Roofing for police station roof, according to Petsche.

November 2017: Petsche is elected to city council.

December 2017: USA Roofing signs official contract with Panzica for the police station roof. When asked this week why he didn’t seek legal counsel at this point, Petsche told cleveland.com, “It didn’t occur to me. I thought it was a private contract between USA Roofing and Panzica.”

Jan. 2, 2018: Petsche is sworn in as Brecksville councilman.

Jan. 8, 2018: Panzica signs contract with USA Roofing for the police station roof. The contract is for $154,000, according to Petsche.

April 17, 2018: Council unanimously approves issuing $500,000 in notes to help pay for the new police station. Petsche takes part in the vote and does not abstain, telling cleveland.com earlier this week that council had already approved borrowing money for the project.

May 15, 2018: Council unanimously approves issuing $2 million in bonds to help pay for the new police station. Petsche takes part in the vote.

June-August 2018: USA Roofing installs most of the police station roof. Touchups are still needed, Petsche says.

July-August 2018: USA Roofing submits a $4,812 change order to Panzica for the police station roof. Panzica refuses to pay that amount and after negotiating with USA Roofing, Panzica agrees to pay an additional $2,406 for the roof work, according to Matty. Ultimately, council would vote down a larger change order from Panzica that included the extra money for USA Roofing.

Aug. 7, 2018: City Council unanimously approves an increase in the police station design fee for Perspectus Architecture in Cleveland. Petsche takes part in the vote. He told cleveland.com earlier this week that he didn’t see a conflict of interest in voting because taxpayer money going to Perspectus had nothing to do with Panzica or USA Roofing.

Feb. 2, 2019: USA Roofing “substantially” completes the police station roof, Petsche says.

Feb. 5, 2019: According to meeting minutes, Petsche recuses himself from a council discussion regarding a $59,507 change order Panzica had requested. When Matty asked why he was recusing himself, Petsche said he “is doing a lot of work with Panzica Construction” and wants to avoid the appearance of impropriety. He didn’t say he was working on the police station roof, however. “I’m shocked they didn’t know,” Petsche told cleveland.com ealier this week. “It’s a small town.”

At this meeting, Councilman Dennis Rose also abstains from the Panzica discussion. He says Panzica is a client of his law firm, Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP in Cleveland.

March 5, 2019: Council rejects the change order Panzica had requested in a 5-0 vote. Both Petsche and Rose abstain.

At the same meeting, council voted unanimously to amend its pricing agreement with Panzica for the police station project. Petsche said he participated in the vote because the pricing amendment involved extra costs for gabion baskets and the dispatch center and had nothing to do with the police station roof.

Also at the March 5 meeting, council unanimously agreed to issues $6.5 million in bonds to help pay for renovation and expansion of the city’s aquatics center. Petsche takes part in the vote.

May 2, 2019: City officials open bids for the aquatics center project. They noticed USA Roofing on the list of subcontractors from Seitz Builders Inc., the firm that would be selected for the job. City officials notified Seitz that the city would not approve USA Roofing as a subcontractor because it was Petsche’s company.

May 21, 2019: Petsche takes part in a unanimous vote to suspend council’s rules requiring three readings of legislation and vote on a contract with Seitz for $7.1 million. However, Petsche abstains from the vote that actually awards the aquatics center contract to Seitz.

Petsche said that before the meeting, he told council members Laura Redinger and Michael Harwood that he had submitted a bid for the aquatics center roof and was negotiating a contract with Seitz. Harwood said that was false, and according to Redinger, Petsche had only said he was “having discussions with Seitz.”

Petsche then tells council he had erred by even voting to suspend the rules on the Seitz vote and advised council to schedule another meeting and re-vote.

May 27, 2019: Council holds a special meeting on Memorial Day to revote on suspending the rules and approving the Seitz contract, this time without Petsche present.

June 11, 2019: Petsche says the Ohio Ethics Commission calls and interviews him about the police station and aquatics center projects. Someone had filed an anonymous complaint with the commission about USA Roofing’s involvement in those jobs.

Aug. 6, 2019: Petsche submits petitions to the elections board to run for Brecksville mayor. That same day, he abstains on a council vote to increase the contract with Perspectus for the police station design. Matty says it’s the first time that Petsche reveals that USA Roofing, his firm, was working on the city’s police station.

Aug. 20, 2019: At a council meeting, Matty announces that the city has been served with a subpoena related to a “criminal investigation” of USA Roofing and its contracts for municipal jobs. Petsche said there is no criminal investigation, and to say so is to “slander my good name.”

Sept. 3, 2019: Council discusses possibly impeaching Petsche for allegedly violating state code and the city charter, due to USA Roofing’s contracts for city work.

Sept. 17, 2019: Councilwoman Kim Veras asks Petsche to resign for his sake and the sake of the city. Petsche reads a statement, saying council is overreacting by considering impeachment. Council gives Petsche’s attorney until Sept. 25 to respond to Veras’ request that Petsche resign.

Sept. 25, 2019: Petsche’s attorney, Peter Pattakos, says Petsche will not resign and will fight any attempt to remove him from office. Pattakos says Petsche did nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, Petsche announces that he will suspend his run for mayor. However, last week, he tells cleveland.com he is resuming his mayoral run.

A Rebuttal to the Propaganda being Propagated by Comrade Petsche and his Squad!

Jack Petsche, (currently under an Ohio Ethics Law investigation) and the A Better Brecksville slate of city council candidates (his squad) shown above are trying to turn Brecksville residents against each other with reckless claims and a false narrative about the shortfall in sewer assessments collected by Cuyahoga County for the Four Seasons neighborhood.


1) The vast majority of homeowners in the Four Seasons had no way of knowing that they were not paying the correct amount for sewer assessments, because, starting in Year 3 of the development’s existence, any buyer of a sub lot or home would have seen only the incorrect assessment amount that was provided with their title insurance and on all of their property tax bills for the next 15 years from the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer.

2) State law prevents Brecksville from suing the County for failure to deliver the correct amount of assessments. If the City were to collect additional payments from any of the Four Seasons homeowners, the entire $90,000 offered by Cuyahoga County as a contribution to make up for its error would revert back to the County. Legislation to approve the terms of the settlement agreement with the County was read publicly at 3 City Council meetings.

3) If the City had placed liens on properties in the Four Seasons, homeowners could claim that the liens were fraudulent and sue the City, just as they could, if a bank had provided them with a mortgage payment schedule that was incorrect. Recent Four Seasons home buyers certainly would resist paying to make up for the amounts that were under billed to previous owners. The City would incur tens of thousands of dollars or more in legal fees.

4) Tax dollars are NOT being used to pay monthly water & sewer usage fees for the Four Seasons. Each Brecksville homeowner pays only his/her own monthly usage fees.

5) Taxes will NOT be increased to pay off the water and sewer improvement bond for the Four Seasons Development. Because City projects have been tightly managed over many years, there are excess monies in the City’s bond retirement funds account that will cover all but $30,000 of the shortfall for the Four Seasons water and sewer improvements.

6) State law (ORC 5705.14) specifically precludes the excess bond retirement funds from being used for any purpose other than the retirement of bonds. Any excess funds could NOT be diverted to fund future recreation department programs or other city services.

7) The City has REPEATEDLY contributed excess infrastructure funds to lower the assessments paid by individual homeowners for sewer improvements in neighborhoods throughout Brecksville, including the Southern Estates, Echo Hills, Whitewood Road, Hilton Road and Riverview Road neighborhoods. These expenditures were made in the full light of day and without objection from anyone in the community.

8) City Council plans to reduce the assessment costs for individual homeowners benefitting from the Chippewa Road and Calvin Drive sewer improvements project by having the City contribute to that project in a similar manner. No one has objected.

For everything from trash collection to ambulance services to public infrastructure, the City of Brecksville has a tradition of reducing residents’ out-of-pocket costs so it’s more affordable for everyone, young and old, to live here. Class warfare is NOT part of our community’s DNA.

When you are considering Comrade Petsche for becoming the mayor of Brecksville, Ohio, Read and understand this post first!

Re-Posted From the Canadian Free Press ….

While President Trump’s brash style and idiosyncrasies offend some people, he appears to be the only leader not beholding to, or corrupted by the Deep State; and governing for the good of America, not the NWO

James Lampe imageBy —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 20, 2019

Did you know that in the second half of the 20th century, a United Nations plan to transform America into a UN satellite was implemented? Worse, this globalist transformation continues today. UN regulations are already embedded into our government agencies and the transformation of our Republic into a socialist state is well underway. This article shows how globalism came to NASA, and America.

Using NASA as an example, it is painfully clear that the globalists have made progress in their efforts to add America to the New World Order. You have to admit that when NASA is training people to achieve global governance by the UN, it’s time to say “Houston…we have a problem!”

While America’s transformation was initiated by worldwide globalists, it was our own presidents to who pulled the triggers to dissolve America’s heritage of Freedom, and replace Constitutional rule with the rules of the New World Order.

Below are the stepping stones to the NWO, which the globalists have already taken.

  1. In 1976, American globalist politicians wrote a Declaration of Interdependence, which states: “Two centuries ago our forefathers brought forth a new nation; now we must join with others to bring forth a new world order.” This was signed by 105 Democrats and 13 Republican members of Congress, “with cooperation” from the Council of Foreign Relations and the US Council of the International Chamber of Commerce.
  2. In 1987, European Socialist Gro Brundtland (a former VP of Socialist International) wrote a report for the United Nations called “Our Common Future,” which invented the concept of “Sustainable Development (SD).” Her report stated: “Sustainable development requires meeting the “basic needs of all.” Therefore if you define SD, you control how to meet the “basic needs of all.” The concept of SD is the foundation of Agenda 21.
  3. In 1991, President George H. W. Bush (1988-1992) made his notorious NWO announcement: “to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders!” It’s stunning to hear an announcement from a sitting president that advocates America be part of a globalist government.
  1. Then in 1992, President George H. W. Bush signed the UN Rio Declaration on Environment and Development Treaty, known as Agenda 21. It uses social engineering to control all human activity, and is based on the UN’s principle of SD. When President Bush signed Agenda 21, not only did he make good on his promise to create a NWO; but committed the US to implement the UN’s Agenda 21 regulations.
  2. President George H. W. Bush’s signing of the Agenda 21, can be summarized as:

    “He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation.” That phrase was written into the Declaration of Independence as a reason for going to war against England! And in 1992, America did nothing! Did the Deep State already own Congress then?

  3. However, one politician who was excited at the opportunity to make America subservient to the UN was Nancy Pelosi. In August 1992, Representative Pelosi sponsored House Concurrent Resolution 353, to announce the Democrat Party’s desire that Agenda 21 should be the law of America. It passed the House on 10-2-1992. The Resolution had 63 cosponsors (Dem 53, Rep 9, Ind 1).
  4. Agenda 21 is 351 pages of regulations that control every sector of society, all justified by the UN’s invented term “sustainable development.” Think of Agenda 21 as a virus that is slowly dissolving capitalism and our Constitution, and replacing them with a “command and control” socialist order based upon the ambiguous term “Sustainable Development.”
    1. In 1993, President William J. Clinton (1992-2000) signed the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC). In 1994, this agreement also created the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), an EPA partnership with Mexico and Canada, organized like a UN division and run by a Secretariat.


  1. In 1998, President Clinton ordered all federal agencies to follow the Agenda 21 regulations as official US policy. (Image below is from his Executive Order in Federal Register.)
  2. Some media outlets still call Agenda 21 a hoax and claim it is non-binding (i.e. voluntary).
  3. President George W. Bush (2000-2008) was also a proponent of Agenda 21. What happens after divide and conquer; unite and rule. Thus in 2005, our “government consultants,” the Council of Foreign Relations, issued a report called, “The North American Community,” which laid the groundwork for a North American Union (NAU).
  4. But when his administration floated the idea, it was met with very stiff resistance. In 2006, there was a Congressional Resolution against the NAU. In 2007, Senator Rand Paul said a Trans-Texas Corridor could lead to a North American Union, and in 2009, the Congressional Research Service issued: Security and Prosperity Partners of North America. The Trans-Texas Corridor was also cancelled in 2009.
  1. So for the duration of George W. Bush’s presidency, creating the North American Union was on the back burner. However, the Deep State still has hope. If there are no plans for a NAU, why does the US government still operate the CEC 11 years after “W” left office? There is no reason for the CEC to exist, other than its intended purpose, to be the Headquarters of the NAU.
  2. President Obama’s (2008-2016), administration planned and implemented the ultimate NWO takeover, a covert plan to affect a coup against president elect Donald Trump, and deliver America to the NWO, via H. Clinton. The fact that the plan was implemented by our intelligence agencies should tell you our Republic is on the brink.
    “Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny.”—Robert A. Heinlein

No doubt the covert members of the Deep State will continue their attacks on President Trump as long as he holds office, focus on neutralizing our Constitutional Rights, and attacking judges to reduce public confidence in the entire judicial system.

In fact, our First Amendment is under extreme attack; from the FBI! In 2011, FBI agents illegally hacked into reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s laptop when she worked for CBS. Computer experts found proprietary software on it, and determined the source of the hack was the FBI.

Unbelievably, Attkisson lost (because FBI Director Wray refuses to name the agents) her first case but is appealing. But what happens if she loses? Won’t this set a precedent that allows any government agency to hack into our computers at will…legally?

While Americans are fortunate that the election of Donald Trump has slowed our momentum towards a NWO; an analysis of the presidential actions above present a new jolting reality for Americans:

  1. When it comes to globalism and destroying our Republic, there is no difference between these Republican and Democrat presidents, they all advocated for the NWO.
  2. The presidents listed above all ruled by Executive Orders to steer our Republic into the globalist NWO.
  3. Currently, establishment Republican and Democrat presidential candidates cannot be trusted to lead America, or save the Republic. Therefore, while President Trump’s brash style and idiosyncrasies offend some people, he appears to be the only leader not beholding to, or corrupted by the Deep State; and governing for the good of America, not the NWO.

And that is how NASA became a cheerleader for the NWO.

The NWO — Socialism, by definition, requires a powerful central government to achieve its objectives.  The creation of the EU was one of the methods to establish an all powerful central government in Europe. A secondary movement  was started in the Americas but has failed, so far. However the Democrat party, (political heart of this movement)  and the National media (propaganda hart of this movement) have taken on the objective of destroying the conservative (believer’s in the Constitution) segment of the country. We are now in a cold civil war with the outcome to be determined in the next dozen years; three presidential cycles. Trump will win reelection so who follows him will be the key.

The progressive democrats i.e. AOC and their funding sources i.e. George Soros are trying to put into local governments those that believe we need a single party system and have made significant in roads to achieving this. Jack Petsche is of of those selected to take over the country at the local level.  And to be honest I don’t know if Petsche is intelligent enough to see what his small part in this takeover of our political system is. Personally I don’t think so from what I have seen as he make way to many mistakes in what he is doing.

Comrade Petsche and his squad can not be allowed to take over Brecksville they are very very dangerous!