Comrade Petsche and his squad are part of the Progressive movement, Sadly that movements “Core” is Marxism

This video was produced a number of years ago and was posted on my blog but it’s worth posting again.  It a long video but worth watching if you want to get the history of how we got to this insane period of time when hysteria as taken hold of the body politic and is pushing us down a path of total destruction.  If we really try to stop using carbon based fuels for energy billions of people will die.

Jack Petsche and his squad are the foot soldiers of the movement to take over the local state and federal government. I have been fighting this movement for over 14 years now. I have seen this movement take over a good portion of the federal government then move to the state level and now its infiltrating the local governments.  The colleges and universities are lost and now we are losing the high schools and elementary schools.

If we do not stop this progressive movement our grad kids will be living in a Marxist controlled political system that will be exactly as what was described in George Orwell’s 1949 famous book “1984.”  With the tech now available to those that crave power this future world will be a living hell.

Wake up people use your God given brains and wake up before its to late.  Start by not voting for Comrade Petsche and any of the Squad. 

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