The Progressive world of Comrade Petsche and his hit squad is FALSE so beware Brecksville!

Comrade Petsche and his hit squad believe in the false narrative of man-made climate change. They believe this for two reason, the first is what they have been taught and since the universities no longer teach critical thinking they have no intellectual basis to question the propaganda being promoted by those that wish to rule us. Then two is that since they themselves desire power, after all they have been taught that they are the ‘best and the brightest” they are the natural rulers of all the rest of us. Well that has never worked in the past and it will not work this time either.

Below is an image of those that wish to rule over you for you obviously can’t do that yourselves for look what you did you created a hell hole that is Brecksville and that must be totally redone in the image of the progressive movement.

Now what we really have is a progressive movement using fake data so convince you that unless you do what “we tell you to do you will die” And what we must do is get ride of carbon as it is a poison. Sadly it is not a poison so getting rid of it destroys life it does not save us.  Tony Heller a real scientist destroys that narrative in this short 12 minute and 51 second video.

Keep this video in mind when you hear or read anything that Comrade Petsche or his hit squad tell you. Do not vote for Comrade Petsche or any of his squad Comrade Gretchen Corp Jones, Comrade Mike Schumaker, Comrade Ann Kopke and Comrade Chris Hannigan if you do you will be very sorry for their plans for Brecksville are not what you think they are.

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