Comrade Petsche and his hit squad want to Fundamentally Change Brecksville!

Their program is called “A Better Brecksville” and it sounds a lot like Obama’s “Fundamentally Change America.” Well we know what happened from 2008 to 2016 and it wasn’t good. And “A Better Brecksville” sounds kind of strange since Brecksville is now one of the best places to live in the county so any change is likely to be bad not good. When the Progressives took over the city of Detroit after WW II it was a thriving economic power house one of the most affluent cities in the world. But after a couple of decades of progressive rule it had been turned into a hell hole.

The “A Better Brecksville” programs that Comrade Petsche and his hit squad of  Jones, Schumaker, Koepke and Hannigan have in mind are exactly the same views that all progressives have and they will turn Brecksville into a place no one will want to live in very quickly as they have learned how to destroy a city in only a view years not decades. Remember that it only took 20 some years to turn the entire prosperous country of Venezuela into a hell hole. Therefore, if Comrade Petsche and his squad get elected the citizens of Brecksville will start leaving just like they did in all the cities and countries that are run by progressives and that will drive down the prices of your homes just like it did in Detroit.

If you don’t want your neighborhood to look like the image above in a few years then vote for Mayor Jerry Hruby and the following Council members: Kim Veras, Gerald Broski, Laura Redinger and Dennis Rose.

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