Happy Thanksgiving

Armstrong Economics Blog/Opinion Re-Posted Nov 26, 2020 by Martin Armstrong


We the great unwashed, are supposed to be denied family contact for today as well as Christmas. Governor Cuomo invited his mother and thought he could sneak that one past everyone. Only when people became outraged was he forced to revoke that invitation. This just shows the arrogance of these people because they know this is all simply politics to change the economy to Communism 3.0 where the elite keep their toys and wealth while we are stripped of our future.

Cuomo is a ruthless politician who in a revolution they would have dragged him out and beheaded him in France. The Supreme Court just ruled against him in trying to shut down religion by imposing limitations on attendance. These people are true Marxists who hated religion. He had to let the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade take place so it could be on TV for all of those locked-down – but real spectators unless they have political passes.

I hope you are enjoying Thanksgiving with your family.

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