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Armstrong Economics Blog/Tyranny Re-Posted Nov 26, 2020 by Martin Armstrong


For the first time, I can confirm that this site is now being censored and in a desperate manner by those in technology to block any comment with regard to certain people and their attempt to overthrow the entities above. It seems that only those who subscribe to the emails (free) can see them. That is a different service. This is an all-out war against tyranny. Here is the post they would not allow to be put up.

I understand they under-report the traffic on this site. We can verify that as well. But this is getting to be a real war for our rights by these people who are so desperate to enslave us. This is PROOF that the election is one giant fraud because if it were legit, they would not be concerned about resistance.

We DO NOT sell emails. You will also NOT receive solicitations from our firm either. This is a PUBLIC SERVICE and is not used to sell you anything. We do not even accept advertising on this site because it is a PUBLIC SERVICE and does not require people to register or be tracked. It appears that political emails the question the integrity of the election or even report what others are doing is trying to be suppressed by some very evil people in BigTech. You can register for updates ONLY!Categories:Tyranny

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