Clown World

Posted originally on JUN 15, 2021 AT 10:39 AM

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…

Joe Biden put in a fumbling, mumbling, bumbling performance at the G-7 Summit. He’s a clown who does as he’s told and what he does is carry out the globalists’ desire for Agendas 21 and 30. It’s always the same—the climate change bunk is pushed while more government tyranny is urged.

Whatever glimmer of hope I once harbored toward Britain’s Boris Johnson was obliterated when he talked about ‘gender neutral’ governance. He said it needed to be more feminine, but being female is not neutral. Maybe Boris means men should become more like women, but at the end Johnson comes across as a loony. BOJO is aligned with Biden and pushes the dangerous vaccinations. Great Britain has the highest rate of the poisonous injections. Despite this, Boris also wants to keep his country on lockdown. Pathetic.

Macron got slapped by a fellow Frenchman who hated the direction the globalist banker-led leader was taking the country.

Justin Trudeau is another joke of a leader, but the tyranny he has inflicted on Canada is no laughing matter.

They’re all clowns, but not the laughing kind.

—Ben Garrison

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