Angry Joe’s Terribly Horrible and Embarrassing Presser After Meeting With Russian President Vladimir Putin

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 16, 2021 | sundance | 433 Comments

Russian President Vladimir Putin embarrassed a visibly cognitively impaired Joe Biden today in Geneva, Switzerland.  To be fair, Putin didn’t have to do much other than stand there and let the world see a mumbling fool with note cards try to remember his rehearsed lines on the international stage. 

However, it was likely the international embarrassment and the frustrated feedback from his handlers; in combination with his own internal admissions of inadequacy; that triggered the inappropriate angry outburst toward the traveling press corps:

One of Biden’s ongoing issues is the press corps wants and likes ‘their girl‘ Kamala Harris more than the installed Biden.  Even the ideological press corps laughs at just how hard they need to work to keep up appearances.  Pre-approved journalists asking pre-scripted questions to get rehearsed mumbling responses, must get a little boring after a while…. Move away from that control element, and you get what is highlighted above.  More below:

“As usual they gave me the pre-approved list”…

Mumbles incoherently about nothingness on China policy…

The declaration of the thing came up again…

Full video…. It’s all a hot mess.

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