Easter Potato Hunt

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Apr 7, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Christian traditions are not honored in Biden’s America. Even happy celebrations for children are chastised. Egg prices are absurdly high, and Christian children are expected to sacrifice on one of the holiest days on the Christian calendar. Instead of painting and hunting for Easter eggs, Democratic outlets are telling parents to buy potatoes instead.

There is nothing like finding a potato with candy taped to the side during the annual Easter potato hunt! Even popular bloggers are spreading the message to conserve eggs this Sunday, explaining how kids can paint potatoes instead.

After last year, the POTUS may have a personal grudge against the Easter Bunny. The whimsical giant rabbit had to prevent one of the most powerful men in the world from rambling on about Pakistan and Afghanistan to children. The Bunny has been Biden’s most efficient handler, and the White House should consider bringing him on full-time.

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