Hunter Biden for 2024

Armstrong Economics Blog/Humor Re-Posted Apr 25, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Joe is too old and he just reads the cue cards anyway for those who are really the president like Dick Cheney was behind Bush and Hillary behind Bill. Let’s not have any more surrogate presidents. Hunter Biden has shown amazing qualifications.

He was a top executive in a Ukrainian Energy Company so he has vast experience in the energy field. He is a Chinese major financier with personal relations that will come in handy all the way to the top of the Chinese Communist Party. And in Africa, he was a major land developer. He understands that income taxes are immoral and will probably end the IRS.

He is obviously a Renaissance Man capable of handling the entire world all while he was on cocaine and simultaneously banging hookers who would probably save the country and prevent him from pushing any buttons out of frustration.

So let’s Get on Board – Hunter for 2024

The First Family Role Model of the Century

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