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By Jim Breuer  Published originally on Rumble on June 13, 2022

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Is Thinking Illegal Yet? An0maly joins Jim Breuer on The Breuniverse Episode 31

By Jim Breuer  Published originally on Rumble on June 10, 2022

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Brandon’s 10 Most Honest Lies So Far…

By Awaken With JP  Published Originally on Rumble on June 11, 2022

Biden has had an incredible presidency up to this point. Here’s President Biden’s 10 most honest lies so far!

Pregnant Ken

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It’s Plugged In! Now What?

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Biden on Gun Control

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Why Guns Must Be Banned Now!

By Awaken With JP  originally Published on Rumble on June 2, 2022

Here’s exactly why it is a good idea to ban all guns now!

Bear Spray Doesn’t Work Like Bug Spray

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 24, 2022 | Menagerie 

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This made me think about really dumb things I’ve seen people say or do over the years. You know, the ones that are just a head and shoulders above the usual.

While I’m quite sure every profession has their own share of stupidity, years of working in retail management left me convinced that a huge number of people have no common sense whatsoever, and as most of us know, common sense is often inversely related to IQ. And education!

Here is perhaps my all time favorite unbelievably dumb story. You’re going to think I’m making this up, and it was an attempt at a joke, or someone trying to aggravate me. I promise you, it wasn’t.

Before I went into retail sales and then management, I sold building materials wholesale. My favorite part of that was selling millwork, in particular high end windows and doors like Marvin and Kolbe & Kolbe. There are dozens of details that must be exactly right when dealing with a large custom order of windows and doors, and any mistake can result in the windows not fitting, or other costly problems. Because of the complexity and expense of Marvin orders, most of my retailers simply refused to deal with their own customers and always had me deal directly with the orders.

One of the lumber yards in town had a guy who just wasn’t too bright, and he was kind of treated like the unpopular kid in school by his fellow salesmen. He was a challenge to deal with because he had a way of making errors happen and also promising his customers things that could not be delivered. I wish now, looking back, that I’d been more patient with him, not that I was cruel or unkind. But he sure made my job extra hard. Anyhow, there’s no one left after thirty plus years to harm in an anonymous story.

One job he sold had a pair of french doors in the great room. They were to be placed at the end of the long room, one on either side of a center fireplace, so naturally there was one of each hand. A few days after the order was delivered he called me in a panic, insisting I meet him at the job site to discuss a major problem with the contractor. When I asked him what the problems was, he told me the doors were the wrong hand, both of them.

I never did find out for sure if the contractor and his employees were as dumb as the salesmen or making him the butt of a bad joke. Of course I suspect the latter, but I worked with some really, really dumb contractors too.

I can’t tell you how many times they came in to Home Depot and told me they needed to know how much siding they needed for a 2,000 square foot house. Or how many roof shingles, also giving me square footage without roof pitch and other pertinent information.

Share your best stories, be they professional or from some other walk of like. It’s time to toss a little fun in the day.

How to Speak Bidenese

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Biden Adopts the Same Strategy as Hitler to Cancel Free Speech

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Every dictatorship throughout history established a propaganda arm which they have typically called variations of the “Ministry of Truth.” The Russian USSR established Pravda, which simply means “TRUTH.” When insurance companies could not sell death insurance, they called it life insurance and everyone bought it. The Biden Administration has now formally joined the ranks of such dictatorships throughout history with their creation of the so-called “Disinformation Governance Board.”

This is a typical attack on free speech. Hitler created the very same type of ministry formally called Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment. It was responsible for controlling the content of the press, literature, visual arts, film, theater, music, and radio in Nazi Germany. Today, we call it “cancel culture.”

The computer forecast that post-2020.05 we would enter the Age of Authoritarianism, and the forecast has been spot on. Those pulling the strings to Biden’s mouth behind the curtain are simply out to destroy everything America was founded on. This is a direct assault against the First Amendment and they will cleverly intimidate private parties to act and therefore circumvent the constitution, which only prohibits the government from violating your rights (not the New York Times, etc.).

Biden has confiscated the assets of private Russians and the next step will be to confiscate all assets of all Russians and imprison them when direct war breaks out, just as they did to the Japanese. There were three major cases concerning the Japanese making it to the Supreme Court.

In 1943, Minoru Yasui’s case appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled that Yasui was still a U.S. citizen and that the curfew he’d violated was valid. Yasui eventually ended up at an internment camp in Minidoka, Idaho, where he was released in 1944. Yasui died in 1986 without ever seeing justice.

Gordon Hirabayashi was a University of Washington student who was charged with defying Executive Order 9066 by missing curfew and failing to report to an internment camp. Hirabayashi was arrested and convicted in 1942. He was thrown in prison for two years, where he was abused for being Japanese. His case finally made it to the Supreme Court which held that the President’s executive order was not discriminatory because it was a military necessity. So claim it is required for war, and you have ZERO Constitutional rights.

Fred Korematsu was a 23-year-old shipyard welder who also defied orders to report to an internment camp simply because he was Japanese. After his arrest in May 1942, he was convicted of violating military orders. Korematsu fought his case all the way to the Supreme Court which also upheld the government arguing that race did not factor into the internment of Japanese Americans and that internment was a military necessity. That was perhaps one of the worse decisions next to Dread Scott which defied all common sense. If you were Japanese, you had to report to the prison camp, yet they held it had nothing to do with race.

In 1988, Congress passed the Civil Liberties Act, which led to a formal government apology for internment and payment of $20,000 EXCLUSIVELY to internment survivors. If you died before 1988, which many did, tough luck.

Biden would sign the same Executive Order, which circumvents Congress and is outside the confines of even a Republic. He can sign an order forbidding you to have children if your IQ is less than a specific number. Gates demanded the IQ of women he would consider as he did with his ex-wife. Biden can sign an Executive Order even saying you must sacrifice your first son on the steps of the White House. It is then your burden to go to court and claim it is unconstitutional. This is what is SERIOUSLY wrong with our legal system. It is not a restraint upon government, for they can do whatever they like knowing you have to take them to court. In the meantime, they accomplish their goal to do whatever, from confiscating all your assets and selling them for $1 to a friend, killing you arbitrarily, or shutting down your company. There is NOTHING they cannot do because courts will ONLY rule AFTER the harm is caused. They call that “standing,” where ONLY those harmed can argue in court.