DeSantis 101

Posted originally on the CTH on May 25, 2023 | Sundance 

Now that the people who created, managed and constructed the branding for Ron DeSantis have finally made the admission to push their puppet into the 2024 race, we should probably talk about what the person representing their quest is all about.

First, the obvious.  Notice how the managers will not allow Ron DeSantis to hold a public campaign event in Florida?   This is a tenuous time for them, and they cannot allow the optics of DeSantis being protested by Republicans in his home state to undermine their effort.  DeSantis must be shielded in order to protect their investment into his purpose.

Second, another seemingly obvious aspect that might need clarification.  Who is the DeSantis support system?  2024 candidate Ron DeSantis is the creation of two political groups who have merged in common effort.  The two former campaigns of Team Jeb Bush and Team Ted Cruz have merged into the 2024 alliance for Team Ron!

The Never Trump Republicans, who were team Jeb in 2016, have aligned with the 2016 Cruz Crew and created the 2024 Republicans Against Trump (RAT) assembly.

You will notice immediately all of the former Ted Cruz bigCON media groups have rebranded for 2024 as bigCON pro Ron.  The 2016 Cruz affiliated websites and alt-media groups are all now Ron DeSantis websites and media support groups.  This network includes the entire 2016 Cruz Crew, Dana Loesch, Mark Levin, Ken Cuccinelli, Jeff Roe, et al.  All of the former Ted Cruz supporting websites will now support Ron DeSantis.

The alliance between Team Jeb and Team Cruz gets interesting when you realize the scale of the Republican establishment effort to create this partnership in common cause. This partnership also creates some unusual outcomes and necessary changes of position.  Former staunch conservatives are now saying globalism isn’t so bad, and party unity is the key to conservative success.

People were confused ten months ago when I said the 2024 DeSantis coalition will be fully laughable once they start saying, “Hey, the bugs ain’t so bad.”  However, it’s the natural conclusion to this R.A.T. alliance.  Those who were hiding as CONservatives in order to retain their influence and affluence, are merging into the traditional big corporate Republican Party apparatus and reflecting an attitude that says elitism isn’t so bad after all.

Keep watching this, and you will notice the alliance is fundamentally created by their financial self-interest.  The traditional white wine spritzer crowd, and the take an Insta-selfie of my lunch crowd, are in full complimentary alliance.

Another dynamic that is really interesting to watch is to remember the GOPe establishment Republicans were the support system for the 2016 Trump-Russia nonsense.  In 2016, the professional Republicans joined with the leftist Democrats in their Never Trump effort to support Hillary Clinton.

Those Bush establishment Republicans are now in an alignment with the conservative pundits (Team Cruz, now Team Ron) who previously were attacking the fabrication of the Trump-Russia narrative.

This “Russiagate wasn’t so bad,” in combination with the “Bugs might not be too bad,” in combination with the “Big Tech ain’t so bad” Elon love, is buckets of funny.  They hate me for pointing it out.  Actually, they hate me for everything, but it’s fun to point out how easily the CONservatives compromise themselves for money.

At the end of the day, that’s what all of these alliances are about, MONEY!

They are all feeding from the same Sea Island billionaire and Wall Street donor trough, and there’s more money being thrown around in this 2024 election than ever before in the history of purchased politics.

Watch how the dynamic evolves, and you will start to see former CONservatives start aligning with digital identities, digital currencies and a host of other smaller dynamics they used to openly oppose as CONservatives.  Accepting the precepts of globalism is a natural outcome of accepting money from people who control these processes.

If you thought candidate Donald Trump made Republican masks drop before… lol… keep watching.  2024 will be exponentially more intense.  Now you will see just how shallow and spineless the “CONservative” pundits are.  These are shallow, spineless and very weak people; they also have notoriously thin skin and trigger super easy.  It’s fun to ridicule them, because they don’t like it.  Point out their hypocrisy and they go bananas on social media.

The Cruz Crew, joining with establishment Republicans in the Jeb coalition, shows you just how shallow the character always was behind the Cruz/DeSantis people.  In early 2017, we constantly reminded people never to trust a Cruzbot, because they will always stab principle in the back for money.  That said, we need to have a lot of fun with this over the next 16 months; you can trigger splodey’ heads on Twitter and social media much easier when their masks are forced to drop.

Keep all of this in mind.  If they supported Ted Cruz in 2016, they will now be supporting Ron DeSantis.  If they supported Jeb Bush in 2016, they will now be supporting Ron DeSantis.  This is the visible enemy, and they will try to use battered conservative strategies to stop you from pointing it out.   Claims of ‘party unity’ being important are coming from the people who formerly swore a blood oath that the Constitution was their moral compass. Just laugh, they hate it.

Last point, this 2024 roadmap for Ron DeSantis was created years ago.  It tracks back to late 2019 and forward into 2020.  By late 2020, the DeSantis 2024 campaign outline was fully underway, and everything from mid 2021 to now has been a series of intentionally manufactured events all building to this moment.

That’s their weakness, Ron DeSantis is built upon fraud, pretense and fabrication.  That’s also why they cannot let the optics of him publicly campaigning in Florida destroy all of their investments.   There are trillions at stake….

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