The policies of the Obama administration and others like NYC mayor de Blasio have created an anti-police mood in minorities making violence more likely!

By Jeff Longo

The hateful anti-cop words spoken by the Obama administration and by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio have helped create an atmosphere that made violence against police officers far more likely. They have shamefully used the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and Eric Garner in NYC to widen our nation’s racial divide and to demonize police departments across the country.

These mindless liberals chose to align themselves with a slimy race hustler like Al Sharpton and the “Occupy Wall Street” type protesters who assaulted two officers and demanded “dead cops.” Not remarkably, the result was two of New York’s finest being executed as they sat in their cruiser.

Liberal politics has placed a target on the back of every police officer in the country. Mayor de Blasio is failing miserably in his attempt to walk-back his reckless statements and the danger they have created. What little repect he had is gone forever… he should resign immediately. Three days after the assassination of these men in blue Mr. Obama remains silent as he contemplates his next attack on the Constitution. And as always, Barack Obama stands proudly over the demise of our Republic.




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