The Rise in Violence – Who to Blame?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Jun 2, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

While the Texas school shooting is a politician’s dream, for they suddenly can pretend to care and look authoritative, the real culprit here, I fear, has been the COVID-19 lockdowns. What government will not talk about is the statistics. Homicides increased by nearly 30 percent in 2020. Overall, violence and aggravated assaults have increased.

The homicide rates normally increase in the summer months. The real culprit may be the additional social interaction that happens when people spend more time outdoors during the summer months, NewsNation reports. There’s simply a greater number of interactions happening, which means there are also more opportunities for them to go awry.

Everywhere we look, homicides are up. In Chicago, 228 people have been killed this year alone. In Philadelphia, over 200 homicides have already taken place in 2022. Houston exceeded 100 homicides so far in 2022.

The National Library of Medicine reported a drastic increase in homicides post-lockdowns in Peru. Even CNN reported that a series of homicides took place during the first six months of  2021. In 22 cities, the number of murders increased by 16% or greater compared to the same period in 2020 and by 42% compared to the first six months of 2019.

So while the elites are listening to Klaus Schwab, who will probably become an evil villain for a future movie, there is ZERO understanding of human nature. The sharp rise in homicides is NOT because of guns; lockdowns have driven many to extreme behavior and stress. There was a man killed over an argument involving a parking spot. I have a friend who worked in an office in Philadelphia. The violence is so great and random that the staff no longer need to go into the office.

Monkeypox is less deadly than smallpox, with a mortality rate below 4 percentNevertheless, there are those in governments actually talking about lockdown 2.0. Johns Hopkins University reported, “Lockdowns in the U.S. and Europe had little or no impact in reducing deaths from COVID-19, according to a new analysis. The lockdowns during the early phase of the pandemic in 2020 reduced COVID-19 mortality by about 0.2%, said a broad review of multiple scientific studies. We find no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures, and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality,” the researchers wrote.

I can say that I was tested for COVID-19 five times, and all were negative. I was still thrown into a COVID wing in the hospital, and when I explained I knew nobody with COVID, I was told that it did not matter. The nurses said it could travel in the air or I could have contracted it from pumping gas into my car. So I asked, “Do masks do not work?” They said, “Pretty much.” I asked why I needed TWO negative tests to be released. “Does one test not work?” They admitted that the tests were invalid. So after FIVE negative tests, they said, “OK, but we still think you had it.”

Another friend said his son in his early 20s is lost. Since the lockdowns, he stayed in his room, glued to social media. He will no longer have a conversation with his father. These lockdowns not only FAILED to work, but they appear to have caused significant damage psychologically to many, and the stress appears to have manifested in violence. It is time we face the fact that guns do not kill — people do. We need to respect what is taking place and stop the experiments for political power. Our computer’s forecast of a rise in civil unrest is manifesting before our very eyes.

CNN Claims Pro-Life Supporters Will Turn Violent with SCOTUS Victory, Amish Extremists now Threatening ANTIFA Peacekeepers

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 7, 2022 | Sundance

No, it’s not opposite day.  This example is just another example of how the Ministry of Truth operates.  Political violence is speech, unless actual speech is heard from their opposition; then, it becomes violence.  War is peace. Water is dry, etc. George Orwell sighs. {Direct Rumble Link}

Knowing there is an increased likelihood of violence incited by far-left democrat activists and the White House, CNN moves their advance narrative engineering team into place to lay the blame for violence at the feet of their political opposition.  With Roe -v- Wade potentially being overturned, Amish extremists are now going to lay siege to the peaceful assembly of ANTIFA in DC, or something equally stupid.  WATCH:


If the issues were not serious, this nonsense from CNN would be funny.  Far left activists have been threatening the Supreme Court justices and the White House has been provoking their political allies to keep up the anger against the court.  As a result, every sub-chapter of leftist political activism has been triggered to a state of rage and grievance.  The rhetoric and hatred expressed toward the justices on the court has been extreme.

However, CNN redefines the mob by calling them “right-wing”, the exact opposite of who is making the threats.

Keep in mind, none of the previous ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter violence could take place without the expressed support from the FBI.  If the FBI wanted to stop riots, political violence or the unlawful intimidation of federal judges, they could.

It would be very easy for the FBI to intercept the people making threats and arrest them for intimidation of federal judges.  18 U.S.C. § 1503 – Whoever . . . corruptly or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice, shall be (guilty of an offense).”   The reason the FBI and DOJ are staying silent, is because the FBI and DOJ support the targeting of the Supreme Court.  It really is that simple.

It should be alarming how the Executive Branch of the United States Government is openly targeting the Judicial Branch of the United States Government, but that point seems to be completely missed by everyone.   U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland standing aside while extremists in the democrat party attack supreme court justices only highlights how political the DOJ and FBI have become.

Last night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson drew attention to the media portrayal and the violent targeting now condoned by DHS, DOJ, FBI and the White House. {Direct Rumble Link} – WATCH:


Australian MP Outlines Concerning School Lesson, Sexual Assignment for 10-Year-Old, “What the Hell Is Going On Here”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 7, 2022 | Sundance

The issue of inappropriate education topics surrounding the sexualization of children has been in the headlines recently, as Florida and other states initiate laws to stop young students (K-3) from being exposed to sexual material promoted by leftist educators.  However, the issue is not isolated to the United States.

A state legislator in Victoria, Australia, recently outlined an education program where young 10-year-old girls are being told to ask their fathers about “erections and ejaculation” as homework. Bernie Finn, a member of the upper house of the Victorian state parliament in Australia, reads the concerns from a constituent parent in his district, then explodes,”What the hell is going on here?”  WATCH: 

“How the hell are we supposed to protect our kids when this sort of perversion is in our schools? This is what is being dished up to them on a daily basis in a primary school – not even a secondary school – a primary school. This is just unbelievable. It’s staggering.”

Kamala Harris Reacts to Senate Confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson As Supreme Court Justice

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 7, 2022 

Ketanji Brown-Jackson was always going to be installed in the supreme court as part of the overall Obama team’s use of Joe Biden.  Merrick Garland was removed from his position specifically to create the path for KBJ to travel.  Everything about this was planned well in advance of Biden’s installation.  KBJ is to the judicial branch what BHO was/is to the executive branch.

The same motives and intentions were true for the Obama crew selecting Kamala Harris to be Joe Biden’s vice-president.  Harris represents the least qualified person in office and her ineptitude is a specific reason she was selected.  Harris’s inability is the shield that protects Biden from Republican efforts to remove him.  This too is part of the design.

Today the least qualified person ever to hold the VP position, gives her opinion on the most radically qualified Alinsky ideologue ever to reach the Supreme Court.  Eloquence is not her forte’. WATCH:


Folks, the need for control is a reaction to fear.  The people in “fly over” country have joined with the coastal working class.  People are furious right now, from the guy that guides hunters, to the truck drivers, hammer swingers, mayors of towns and cities, and even state senators, legislatures and newly awakened citizens who are demanding action against this leftist onslaught.

The political pendulum has never, in the history of humanity, stayed on one side of a swing. The back lash from overreach has always been proportionate to how far off center it went before coming back … and right now we’re staring at a whole hell of a lot of the country (about 80-90% of the land mass, as well as about 70% of the population) that is fed up.  DC knows they are in a tenuous place, and they do not want that assembly deciding the only way to fix it is to burn it down and start over.  They are doing everything in their power, and beyond, to control and avoid it.

Elon Musk Takes Massive Stake in Twitter Purchasing $2.89 Billion

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 4, 2022 | Sundance

Many people are wondering what the purpose and intentions are of Tesla CEO Elon Musk after reports drop that he has purchased over 9% of Twitter stock valued at $2.89 billion.

Last month, Musk asked his followers on the platform for their opinion of Twitter’s position on free speech.  Now many people are wondering if the passive position purchased by Musk will be used to leverage a change in the Big Tech platform.

(CNBC) – Outspoken Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchased a giant stake in Twitter that makes him the largest outside shareholder in the social media stock, not long after criticizing the company for what he said was its failure to uphold the tenets of free speech.

Musk owns 73,486,938 shares of Twitter, which represents a 9.2% passive stake in the company, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission 13G filing released Monday. The stake is worth $2.89 billion, based Twitter’s closing price Friday.

The purchase comes less than two weeks after Musk criticized the company, polling people on Twitter about whether it adheres to free speech principles. “Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy,” Musk tweeted. “What should be done?” (read more)

DeSantis Defends Vulnerable Children – Groomers are Outraged

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politically Correct Re-Posted Apr 4, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has signed the Parental Rights in Education Act, which the media refers to as the “don’t say gay act,” despite those words not appearing in the bill. The act will save young children from kindergarten through third grade from being taught about adult sexuality and gender theory. “We will make sure that parents can send their kids to school to get an education, not an indoctrination,” DeSantis said.

While some believe this bill is homophobic, this is the type of curriculum it is aiming to prevent:

Children should not be asked to express or discuss their sexuality. I am not sure why this needs to be stated. The media is outraged, claiming that DeSantis is harming the youth by preventing young impressionable children from discussing alternative families and lifestyles. Even President Joe Biden called the bill “hateful” and stated that his administration would be closely monitoring Florida public schools.

A statement from Disney:

Weeks after it was revealed that over 100 Disney employees were running a human trafficking operation, the company has come out to state that they are opposing the bill. “For them to say that they’re going to actively work to repeal substantive protections for parents as a company that is supposedly marketing its services to parents with young children? I think they crossed a line,” DeSantis stated. “They support sexualizing kids in kindergarten, they support injecting woke gender ideology into second-grade classrooms, they support enabling schools to ‘transition’ students to a ‘different gender’ without the knowledge of the parent, much less without the parent’s consent.” Disney has no problem censoring movies for their conservative Chinese audience and has no problem with their cruise lines sailing to countries that prohibit LGBTQ communities.

As a reminder, tax dollars go towards funding public schools. Unfortunately, the average American cannot afford to send their child to private school. The average cost of private elementary school tuition costs $10,994 per year and the private high school average is $15,535. There is a clear agenda in America to remove gender constructs, with even the next Supreme Court nominee stating she cannot define a “woman.” Why is everyone from the POTUS to major corporations outraged that children cannot be taught about sex? The government wants to take over the parental role. There is something sinister behind the curtain.

Ketanji Brown Jackson is Neither a Biologist nor Fit for the Supreme Court

Armstrong Economics Blog/Ethics Re-Posted Mar 29, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is a pedophile sympathizer who wants to dismantle the ideologies that founded America. Biden’s only qualifications for his next Supreme Court nominee were that they were 1) black, 2) a woman, and 3) a pedophile sympathizer (i.e., Hunter’s laptop filled with alleged images).

The media must stop praising Jackson for potentially becoming the first African-American woman on the Supreme Court as she does not acknowledge that biological women exist. Senator Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., asked Jackson, “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman?’” Jackson responded, “Can I provide a definition? No, I can’t,” the judge said, adding, “Not in this context, I’m not a biologist.”

How can she decipher the Constitution if she is unwilling to admit that women are biologically different from men? Former President Trump asked the same at a recent rally, adding, “a party that’s unwilling to admit that men and women are biologically different in defiance of all scientific and human history is a party that should not be anywhere near the levers of power in the United States.”

I suppose anyone disagreeing with her appointment can only be called a racist and not sexist as gender does not exist in woke America. Even then, the NAACP does not fully back Jackson. Jackson is also unable to determine the age of consent and has a long history of providing extremely lenient penalties for pedophiles.

“I say to them there is only a market for this kind of material because there are ‘lookers, that they are contributing to child sex abuse,” Jackson said. This is important to remember as Hunter Biden’s laptop is allegedly filled with disturbing images of child abuse. Senator Ted Cruz asked why she provided light sentences “100 percent of the time.”

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Dick Durbin continued to interrupt anyone questioning Jackson, and we know that when the truth is censored, deep secrets are waiting to be unveiled. This is outrageous that someone is put up for the Supreme Court solely because they are a black woman. A simple review of the voting record of even Chief Justice Roberts reveals that he wrote the decision to support Obamacare, yet he was appointed by a Republican.

Who appoints these justices has no track record as to how they will vote. Justice Thomas is black, but he is one of the more conservative justices. Most of this is always theater for politicians. But when you put someone up who is simply filling a slot and is not qualified, this brings total insanity to the rule of law which underpins everything.

Disney President of Entertainment Shares Corporate Objective to Promote LGBTQIA Issues Targeting Children

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 29, 2022

Put this in the things that make other things make sense file. As the Disney corporation publicly says they will “work as a company” to advance gender sexualization for young children in Florida elementary schools, one of the top Disney executives explains why. {Direct Rumble Link)

During a conference call to explain the corporate intents of the company, Disney entertainment president Karey Burke says, “As the mother [of] one transgender child and one pansexual child,” she supports having “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories” and wants a minimum of 50 percent of characters to be LGBTQIA and racial minorities.  WATCH:

Official Joe Biden White House Position, Kindergartners Must Be Taught About Gender Reassignment and Sexuality

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 29, 2022 

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said it is “tragic” that Florida passed a law prohibiting young kids from being taught sex and gender theory, during the White House press briefing today. WATCH:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke about the ridiculous backlash from the far-left woke Democrats and their corporate media sycophants earlier today.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Issues Proclamation Recognizing NCAA Women’s Swimmer

Posted originally in the conservative tree house on March 22, 2022

The issue of men competing as transgender athletes in women’s sports has become absurd as the male competitors have been winning the competitions. Unfortunately, sports organizations like the NCAA have continued to diminish women’s athletics by allowing men to compete against women.

Today Florida Governor Ron DeSantis addressed the issue when he recognized Emma Weyant as the best female swimmer in the national 500-meter freestyle competition.   Ms. Weyant had trained her entire life to be a competitive athlete and came in second to a male transgender competitor in the national championship.  The entire issue is an exhibition in politically correct absurdity.