Nothing Wrong with the System—Only with Us

Conservatives are principled individuals who will not bend to the intoxicating aspects of being on Capitol Hill

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I am often asked about what has gone wrong with our system of government. I answer that nothing is wrong with the system—there is something wrong with us.

We have not held ourselves or our elected officials accountable for their actions. We have not confronted them about their promises made and those promises not kept. We have not challenged them when they come home to visit—if they come home—to explain why they campaigned on one platform and then, the moment they get to DC, they immediately cast themselves as swamp creatures. They turn their backs on their constituents and, even if challenged on fundamental issues, give us the Potomac Two Step Shuffle to avoid answering tough, direct questions. More on this very issue in my VA section later in this newsletter.

Why do we not hold our school boards and administrators accountable

Why do we not hold our school boards and administrators accountable, particularly after we see the garbage our children are being taught? Why do we not go to school board meetings and demand that parents be surveyed about what they, the parents, want for their children as this pandemic hypocrisy plays itself out? Why do we not demand what is best for the families as opposed what is best for teacher unions? Why do we not hold board members accountable for their rubber stamping stupid, dangerous rules that put outputs ahead of out-comes for your children? Why? Explain that to me.

Why do we not hold our governors and legislators accountable for the fact that, in Iowa, it continues to be the worst state in which to do business? Why do we not hold those same individuals accountable for not having school choice options where taxpayer dollars follow the child instead of the school district. In Iowa, there needs to be charter schools, online options, homeschooling options and a voucher program. Why are taxpayers, including those who no longer have children in school, not demanding that our elected officials give parents as many options as possible?

Taxpayers need to ask their governors and legislators why tax structures have not been fixed so that states are more attractive to businesses? Why do Iowans stand for the fact that one man and his backers have a near strangle hold over who gets elected and who doesn’t? When are we going to wise up, find our voices and “throw off bad magistrates?” Remember, these jackabouts work for us. We do not work for them.

Conservatives & Conservatism Scare Republicans

I am so tired of having people be nice about things. We have lost civility in our culture, I get that, but the time for being nice to our politicians is over. We hoist these people onto pedestals. Trust me, they do not deserve it. Most are unscrupulous, self-serving and have lost their moral centers. I know, I have been around so many and fitting into the stereotype is consistent across the board. What is most disturbing is not what the Democrats do but what we get out of our Republican side. We know what the Democrats will do. We have their playbook and know their approach inside out. What we don’t expect is what we get out of the Republicans.

The Republicans suck in newbies and those newbies, star-struck with the attention they get, become arrogant and narcissistic. That is why when they come home and you confront them, they get defensive, haughty and condescending. They treat us like petulant children, pat us on the head and ask us to sit in the corner.
They will take care of things, because we don’t have the knowledge, skills or wisdom to worry about these “complicated” issues.

What is really happening is that conservatives and conservatism scare them.

Conservatives are principled individuals who will not bend to the intoxicating aspects of being on Capitol Hill, regardless of where that is.


Trump Approves Railroad to Help Alberta

COMMENT:  Trump to approve $22B railway between Alaska and Alberta
Is Trump aiding Alberta’s separation? This is a very big deal for our landlocked oil market!


REPLY: Yes. Trump stands against the Globalists who are seeking power via the United Nations and to end all fossil fuels. His two speeches at Davos and the United Nations threw down the gauntlet against the entire Gates-Soros-Schwab-Gore alliance. This is why this election is so heated, for they are desperate to remove him for their climate change agenda which will put Alberta out of business.

The Debate

The debate was not very presidential. Trump was too hot and interrupted way too much. Biden did not act very presidential either way too many lies and too many name-callings. Neither Biden nor Trump really provided any clue as to how to deal with COVID. Trump tried to rattle Biden but that worked only marginally.

Biden suddenly abandoned the extreme left saying he does not support the violence or defunding police but said he was the Democratic Party yet then said he is not President so he did not call any Democratic governors to tell them to bring in the national guard.

Of course, we vote for parties, not individuals. That died with the 1800s. So, it really is not about either candidate personally for they are limited in their capacity to actually run the nation as a single individual. It takes Congress to legislate the laws.

Nevertheless, both these individuals revealed how far politics has fallen. I have never heard in any debate someone calling the current head of state a clown. This entire debate was really a disgrace.

Youth Against Parents

COMMENT: Hi Martin and Team,
I have been following your blog daily ever since The Forecaster was broadcast ed in the Netherlands about five years ago. I have good news! Talking with my daughter of 20 years old tonight she told me she was aware of the 7 year count down to the end of the world on a building in the US. She and her peers on social media are laughing it off big time. This was so much good news to me, you cant believe. My gut feel is Gates cum sui are catching the middle aged people who have much to loose and not so much the youth. For me that gives me hope.

Keep up the good work!!


REPLY: You are very lucky. There seems to be a gap. The 35+ are against their parents perhaps in the majority and as this video shows, they have captured a lot of teenagers to engage in violent protests. This group is in part funded by George Soros. They are vowing not to accept a Trump victory. They are being taught to be authoritarian and anti-Democratic.

Those in their 20s seem to be skeptical and are like an island in between two left-leaning groups who are not sure they are even left. A friend of mine had his son cut off all communicate over climate change and that was BEFORE the COVID propaganda. This is really tearing the nation apart.

It’s the Supreme Court’s fault for not striking down progressive taxation which allows this entire class warfare argument. As I have stated, there should be no direct income tax as the Founding Fathers established. It has been all downhill since the 1913 Amendment to create income taxes changing the Constitution allowing the rise of Marxism Communism/Socialism.

Everyone should be treated fairly. People like Gates dump all the money in his Foundation and he then uses that tax-free without paying any taxes at all on that money.

The Markets & the Political Chaos into the Future – Where do we go?

Sometimes it is important to try to look at markets from an interrelated perspective. Here is the Dow/Gold Ratio which shows the extreme high in the Dow when gold made its historic low in 1999. We then see that gold rallied into 2011 against the Dow, but since that high, the Dow has been gaining ground over gold until the ratio peaked in 2018. While the Dow rallied to make a new record high into the Jan/Feb 2020 time period, it was again underperforming gold and it was declining from its 2018 high which curiously aligned with the Russel 2000 high in 2018.

With all the political chaos around the world and this clear coordinated trend using this virus to further the real goal of Climate Change, the deliberate scheme to crush the economy to prepare for Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset being pushed by the World Economic Forum, there is clearly some unsettling trends unfolding around the world.

Gold has NOT broken out yet in all currencies. In Japanese yen, it has still not made a new record high above 2013 as has been the case in Dollars and even Euro. This implies that the trend for gold is still in an upward bias which may last into the first quarter of 2021.

The DAX in Germany looks more like the Dow whereby it too has not made a new high beyond the 1st quarter. However, when we plot the Dax in terms of US dollars, we get a drastically different pattern all impacted by the currency. Indeed, despite all the evidence and high ranking officials in Germany Merkel is intending to lockdown Germany AGAIN! (see Merkel 2nd lockdown) German ministers warn that lockdowns kill more people than they save, yet Merkel ignores them, as well as Pfizer.

The computer has projected the rise in Civil Unrest and this will only increase post-US election moving into 2022 and then into 2024. As much as it is getting tiring with all this political back and forth, by far, we are not even limited to the United States. We have major elections in 2021 and 2022 around the world. With politics becoming so polarized, we MUST keep an eye on the big picture. As I have said, previous presidential elections in the USA were no big deal. If your candidate lost, you simply moved on and it really had little impact because the DEEP STATE was really in control and the agenda rarely changed other than perhaps taxes. This time it is very different. Capital is being driven around the world not out of investment opportunity, but out of political fear.

The likelihood of life returning to normal is very slim. This agenda is all about Climate Change and my RELIABLE inside sources in London are talking about lockdowns that may be necessary to save the planet. This seems to be more of a trial run to crush the world economy as we have known it. I always enjoyed going to New York City during the Christmas season to see the tree and the cheer. That will not happen in 2020 and it may not happen in 2021 either. There is clearly a UN agenda lurking behind this trend.

We have China & Russia seeking to break away from the Western monetary system and are preparing to reject the SWIFT system altogether. The more hostile the West becomes toward both, the greater the probability that as we head into 2032, the world economy will not just split, it will fragment as well.

With Trudeau suspending Parliament in Canada which was investigating corruption involving him and his family, there is certainly something very strange to see all of these politicians so willing to lockdown their people and undermine their economies creating debts that can never be repaid.

This makes it IMPERATIVE to rely on our computer system which is monitoring the entire world for we will need to track the capital flows to understand the future direction of all markets, we will need to comprehend both the political shifts as well as the debt markets combined with currencies. We have our work cut out for us. If we do not monitor the entire world, there is no way to avoid the crazy trends driven by foreign events.

The Football Follies

As we can see from the decline in ratings, social justice activism is not as popular as good old-fashioned patriotism

Jeff Crouere image

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The Football Follies

Over the last few decades, Americans have enjoyed an ever-increasing love affair with the games of college and professional football. Eventually, the National Football League (NFL) surpassed Major League Baseball to become the country’s top sports attraction.

Unfortunately, in recent years, political activism has interfered with Americans being able to enjoy the game. It started to move in a disturbing direction in 2016 when San Francisco Forty-Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to protest during the playing of the National Anthem before the start of each game.  His kneeling protest was adopted by other players, causing an uproar in the country. The practice continued in 2017 but diminished during the last two seasons.

Everything changed with the death of George Floyd

Everything changed with the death of George Floyd in May of this year. Street protests have led to shootings, rioting, looting and the destruction of property worth billions of dollars. Even more troubling, police officers and protesters have been injured and killed.

These protests have migrated into many sporting events, including the game of football, both in the NFL and in the collegiate level, where the top conference is the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The current policy of the SEC is for all players to stay in the locker room while the National Anthem is performed, but the protests have been expressed in other ways.

Prior to the start of Saturday’s Ole Miss vs. Florida match-up, players and coaches took a knee “to acknowledge the unrest in our country surrounding the treatment of African Americans. We will continue to support social justice efforts as members of the Southeastern Conference and members of our respective communities.”

Vanderbilt University players displayed social messages on their helmets. There are 15 approved messages, including “Black Lives Matter,” and “No Justice No Peace.” Players for the universities of Georgia and Arkansas wore “equality” patches on their jerseys.

While college football players protested, NFL players have spent the past several weeks expressing outrage at police brutality and the treatment of African Americans in our country. The league decided to play the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” known as the “Black National Anthem,” prior to the start of all the games during the first week.

During the first few weeks of the season, a variety of players have protested either by remaining in the locker room during pre-game ceremonies or by raising a fist or kneeling while the National Anthem was performed. These actions were approved by the NFL, which changed its stance on the issue.

This entire year has been a ratings disaster for the NFL

In fact, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apologized for the league. He said, “We, the NFL, condemn racism and the systematic oppression of Black People. We, the NFL, admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest.”

Along with Goodell’s apology and on-field symbolism, the NFL became financially involved in the issue by pledging $250 million in donations over a ten-year period to combat “systemic racism.”

Undoubtedly, these actions are popular with players and those who believe in social justice activism. However, there are plenty of fans who feel otherwise, and will take out their frustration by not watching football on television.

Diminished ratings will severely hurt the NFL during this pandemic because the league’s revenues will be much lower since stadium attendance is either extremely limited or not permitted at all.

As the 2020 season has now moved into week three, it seems that television viewers are leaving in droves. For last Thursday night’s NFL game, the television ratings sank to a four year low with only 5.43 million viewers, barely edging the viewership for the ABC show Celebrity Family Feud.

This entire year has been a ratings disaster for the NFL with both Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football experiencing massive declines in viewership.

Disgust with the politicization of athletics

There is a simple explanation for why this is occurring. Millions of Americans want to watch football as a distraction from their everyday troubles. For these viewers, the last thing they want is to be reminded of the national political battles on the football field or during league sponsored lectures masquerading as commercials.

If athletes want to get involved in politics, they should run for elected office. If they want to be involved in the criminal justice system, they should become police officers, lawyers, or judges. If they want to become social justice warriors, they should sign up to work as counselors or volunteer with a community based non-profit organization helping those in need. Otherwise, they can play football, or other sports, and do their activism on their own time, as opposed to doing it while hard working Americans are watching on television.

Unless the NFL and college football change course, the television viewership will never return to full strength. In fact, it is already too late for some viewers who left forever because of their disgust with the politicization of athletics.

This exact scenario worried the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, who speculated that the activism may hurt the NFL’s football ratings. He noted that the majority of his team’s fans recognize “what this great country is and what this flag stands for.”

Yes, Mr. Jones, not only your fans, but most NFL fans also appreciate the greatness of this country and our American Flag. As we can see from the decline in ratings, social justice activism is not as popular as good old-fashioned patriotism.

A Conversation With The Neighbor

I’m voting to reelect President Donald J. Trump because, if he does not win, the America, that you and I grew up in will be gone forever

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A Conversation With The Neighbor

Many fun-filled-stories have passed over our backyard fence, as my Jewish neighbor and I did the lean-on for many good years, always respective of the conversational taboo topics of religion and politics that is, until now, where nearly every face-cover- breath has become overtly political.

What a sight to behold, still leaning for support on a rake with one arm and the other over the fence, but now awkwardly separated by the governor’s mandated six-feet-of-separation, one with a face-mask (him), one without (me).

I’m voting against all the violence, arson and devastating riots

And so, as our friendly visit shifted from his dog eating the morning’s paper, to his almost inevitable statement he had been dying to make, “I just can’t believe that you are voting for Donald Trump!?!” My response caused him to step back from the fence when I replied, “You mean President Trump, right?” As he gave me that oh-come-on-sarcastic-look, I began to explain:

I’m not specifically voting FOR President Trump. What I am voting for is AGAINST the Democratic Party. He moved the rake uncomfortably to his other hand, as I went on…

I’m voting for the freedom of speech as our constitutional first amendment right to express our opinions, as we always have, normally, whether we agree with one another or not.

As a US Marine and former New York City Police Officer you know why I’m voting for my right to bear arms, which is granted to all of us by the Second Amendment. I realize that you don’t like guns and it is your right not to own any. But, as you know, Democrats are against both our first and second amendment rights and want to confiscate everyone’s guns.

I’m voting against all the violence, arson and devastating riots in all the Democratic run cities which, up to this day, they continue to call ‘peaceful protests’.

I’m voting for the Police to once again be allowed to do their job and, to once again, be respected for doing it. Democrats are in favor of defunding and/or eliminating police. I often wonder if the BLM and Antifa marauders have ever considered that, once the police have been eliminated, who will be left to protect them – from us! And don’t laugh, because there are many of US who will not allow them to destroy our suburban towns or neighborhoods.

I’m voting for law and order with equal justice for all

I’m voting for law and order with equal justice for all. Democrats want a two-tiered judicial system, where political power and money, with unethical paid-for-district-attorneys, as an example, refuse to charge the rioters.

I’m voting against Kamala Harris. It is my belief that Joe Biden’s dementia is real and that he is nothing more than a placeholder for the Harris presidency. Did you know that 61% of Californians, her home state, voted against Kamala in the presidential primaries. It remains a mystery to me why the Democrats would pick such an unpopular and radical candidate for VP.

His response: “Oh, she’s not that bad.”

“Really?” I replied. She is anti-Israel. She is anti-white males which, if you’re counting, becomes two-strikes-against-you. She is in favor of illegal aliens over US citizens. She denies that we have a border crisis wanting to disregard our sovereignty, with open borders, giving anyone who wants to come here free government-run healthcare, free housing, welfare and the right to vote, guaranteed for the Democrat who will make sure, in turn, that the freebies keep coming,

I’m voting for our manufacturing jobs to remain here in America instead of using cheap Chinese labor. Democrats on the other hand are being paid by China to stop President Trump’s tariffs and his Great American Comeback.

I’m voting for the American Flag that is disrespected by the Democratic Party

I’m voting for the military and the veterans who fought for this Country so that the American people, like you and me, could live in peace and be able to take full advantage of those freedoms.

I’m voting for the unborn babies who have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as all Americans do. But, the Democratic Party platform will allow unwanted newborn children to be starved to death, and call it late term abortion.

I realize this might come under the heading of a rather unpleasant report, especially over the back fence, but, were you aware that a few years ago two journalists went undercover to expose Planned Parenthood for selling the body parts of late- term-aborted babies, a felony, but, the California Attorney General prosecuted the journalists and no charges were ever brought against Planned Parenthood. The AG at the time was Kamala Harris.

I’m voting for Christianity and the freedom of religion for all religious beliefs. The Democrats platform is anti-Christian.

I’m voting for the American Flag that is disrespected by the Democratic Party.

I’m voting for a return to basic logic as I wonder how many people would have been shot by police if they did not commit crimes or resist arrest. And, that answer would be – none!

I’m voting to reelect President Donald J. Trump

I’m voting for a return to basic logic – if you don’t want to get hit by a car, don’t be involved in violent protests while you are in the middle of the street. Don’t stop or prevent a car from moving unless you want to risk getting hit by that car.

Sadly, I have a hard time believing that you or many other lifelong-Democrats are actually voting for the not-so-covert Harris administration. I might understand it better if you said you just hate Trump but, as you can see, there is much baggage that comes with your voting against him, rather than voting for, the American ideals and freedoms that we have enjoyed our entire lives.

And, conversely, as you can now see, I’m not just voting for one person, I’m voting for the future of our Country. I’m voting for our children, yours and mine. I’m voting for our grandchildren so that they can grow up in America with the same rights and freedoms that you and I have had, the same freedoms that, sadly, many of our countrymen have taken for granted.

I’m voting to reelect President Donald J. Trump because, if he does not win, the America, that you and I grew up in will be gone forever.

Maybe you and your wife might consider, even just for this one election, looking into what other Walk-Away-Democrats are saying. I’ll get you a link to their Facebook page, where it uses Kenny Rogers advice of ‘” rel=“nofollow”>Know when to walk away’…

But, for now, gotta run, no point in getting The Boss annoyed, knowing she has an entire Honey-Do-List written out for me…;)

Stop your vote being stolen: Vote in person not by mail

Voting in person will prevent your vote being possibly stolen by a mail ballot falsely cast in your name and ensure the integrity and reliability of the election results

David Singer image

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Stop your vote being stolen: Vote in person not by mail

As America continues to sink into an abyss of chaos, arson and looting—the last thing it needs are further protests across America or legal actions by teams representing either Republicans or Democrats challenging the election results on November 3, 2020.

The best way to stop these disasters happening is by voting in person—not by mail.

It is therefore disturbing to see the Washington Post giving the following advice to its readers in a panel headed Election 2020: What to know”

Find out the rules in your state. Some states have already started sending out mail ballots; see how to make sure yours countsAbsentee and mail ballots are two terms for the same thing, mostly used interchangeably. Barring a landslide, we may not have a result in the presidential election on Nov. 3.”

This panel is prominently positioned below a Washington Post article dated August 17th headlined: “State officials rush to shore up confidence in Nov. 3 election as voters express new fears about mail voting”.

The article itself contains the following statements:

  • “Absentee voting has become so common that in 34 states and the District, any voter can ask for an absentee ballot, even if the voter is physically able to vote in person on Election Day, a practice called “no-excuse absentee voting.”
  • As the use of absentee voting evolved, election officials began referring to the practice with other terms, such as “advanced ballots,” “mailed ballots,” “vote-by-mail ballots” and “mail ballots,” according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).
  • Some states prefer to call it “mail-in voting” rather than “absentee voting,” because voters will be mailed a ballot regardless of whether they are in town or “absent” from their polling precinct on Election Day.
  • Why are there so many terms? It’s a result of a decentralized election administration system in the United States, in which each state sets its own rules on how to conduct elections, experts say. And each state’s rules and regulations around absentee voting vary.
The advice is grossly misleading and is popping up all over the internet:

 “Absentee voting”: Requiring the voter to expressly request ballot papers be posted to him—is very different from “mail–in voting” : The unsolicited mail out of ballot papers addressed to individual voters where they may no longer live or maybe deceased—easily capable of being harvested and illegally completed.

Voter fraud can also occur in the case of absentee voting.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton’s Testimony before the United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties on June 3,  2020 gave these examples:

“In 2019, an Oakland County clerk outside Detroit, Michigan was charged with illegally altering 193 absentee ballots. A Minneapolis, Minnesota man was charged with helping 13 others falsify absentee ballots ahead of the 2018 election. In 2017, a Dallas County, Texas man was convicted after 700 mail-in ballots were witnessed and signed by a fictitious person. And recently in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District race, a scheme was run to steal 1,200 absentee ballots and fill them out, in a race that was decided by only 900 votes.”

Only 61.4 percent of the voting-age population voted in 2016—similar to 2012.

A 2019 Gallup poll found only 4 in 10 Americans expressed confidence in the honesty of elections in the country—while 6 did not.

Voting in person will prevent your vote being possibly stolen by a mail ballot falsely cast in your name and ensure the integrity and reliability of the election results.

The Masks – A Symbol of the Real Agenda

I have spent decades in Asia, and people who were sick wore masks as a matter of courtesy. Masks were not worn by people to prevent getting sick because they do not work that way. When I went to the ER and they threw me into a COVID wing, I told them I did not know anyone with COVID. They said I could have gotten it by touching the nozzle to fill my car with gas. That statement right then and there proves masks do nothing.

Most people will be touching their faces or adjusting their mask, and if they touched something with COVID, then the mask will become infected. This is one giant scam to push Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset from the World Economic Forum.

The use of masks and social distancing has destroyed the world economy and created over 300 million unemployed people. They have actually hurt the minorities and lower classes whose labor was dependent upon their presence. Not everyone can work from home. The whole agenda is about stopping people from commuting to eliminate fossil fuels. Only 8% of those in New York have returned to offices. The lockdowns increased the supply of oil by another three years. There were over 400 wells in production in Texas, which have declined to just over 100. They have erected this clock in New York City to tell us we have now just 7 years left.

What I find extremely disturbing is that Al Gore claimed back in 2009 certain models projected total ice-free during the summer months at the North Pole, which he put in this forecast from 2014 to 2016.

I have provided the real explanation of How & Why Ice Ages Are Created and the fact that the North Sea Passage has been passable to ships on a cyclical basis over the centuries.

There is no coming back from this deliberate economic destruction. They are deliberately trying to CRUSH the world economy to further their goal to control climate change. Unfortunately, everything that our computer has forecast has been absolutely correct from Trump and BREXIT winning back in 2016, the rise of civil unrest, the corruption for the 2020 election, the rise in food prices due to shortages, and the ultimate end-game will be the destruction of Western society post-2032 and the shift of the financial capital of the world to China.

Vice-President Mike Pence Delivers Remarks During 2020 Prayer March in Washington DC…

Tens-of-thousands traveled to Washington, D.C., today to participate in the 2020 Prayer March with Franklin Graham.  People from all 50 states assembled in prayer for our divided nation.  Vice-President Mike Pence delivered remarks on behalf of the administration.


Cissie Graham Lynch and Mike Huckabee provided commentary during the live broadcast event.