What the Brelo verdict means for us

Post by Jeff Longo

The Guest column (In the Cleveland Plain Dealer) “What the Brelo verdict means for us” uses half-truths, made up innuendos and outright lies to advance AJ Barrington’s anti-cop agenda. He uses the word “murders” when referring to the deaths of the two suspects in Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo’s case as well as Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice. These assertions are void of facts and indicate little, if any, research was done by Mr. Barrington.

In the Brelo case police were responding to a report that shots were fired. While it was later determined the shots heard were probably a backfire from the suspects’ car the officers in pursuit had no way of knowing this. After a 22 mile chase the judge ruled, correctly in the opinion of many, that Brelo rightfully feared for his life and his actions were justified. One of the suspects tested positive for drugs and alcohol. .

Michael Brown was a young 300 pound black man who was falsely turned into a martyr. Brown attacked a Ferguson, MO. police officer and attempted to take his gun. He had just finished assaulting and robbing a local store clerk. Brown tested positive for marijuana. Even the Obama “Social” Justice Department discredited the phony “hands up don’t shoot” lie delivered by liberal politicians and a corrupt main stream media. .

The autopsy in the Eric Garner case attributed his death was at the hands of another party – but not murder. The 400 pound Garner died thanks to acute and chronic bronchial asthma, obesity and pre-existing heart disease. Prior to the struggle the police had no way of knowing about his preexisting health issues.

All of these suspects died while they were resisting arrest. Mr. Barrington also includes the Tamir Rice case in his Guest column. As I write this letter there has still been no decision rendered in the criminal investigation of this tragic event. Including this case in his column adds to the suggestion that Mr. Barrington spent little time researching these cases.

Until recently our nation has enjoyed a two decade long decline in violent crime. Experts credit proactive policing for this trend. Now thanks to liberals like AJ Barrington police officers are being told they’re racists. Police are being targeted for death as the crime rate spikes throughout the country. These anti-cop attacks are forcing dedicated men and women to avoid proactive law enforcement. Those that will suffer the consequences from this police slow-down the most are the poor black families who live in crime infested neighborhoods. As long as they keep electing Democrats that’s where they’ll stay.




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