The American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign wars are building a Veterans Park in the city of Macedonia which is in the Nordonia Hills School District in Ohio

Last Spring both the American Legion (AL) Post 801 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 6768 that I belong to, in the Nordonia Hills area of Ohio, decided to fix up and rededicate an old neglected park making it a first class veterans park.  The entire project would cost over $360,000 if done as a normal project but we have been about to secure many parts of this project as donations in kind reducing our actual cash requirement significantly.  So far we have raised almost $40,000 in cash secured a Grant for $20,000 and have a commitment for about $65,000 in construction value.

That allowed us to order a memorial and work toward finishing the first phase of the project by Memorial day May 29, 2017 three months from now. We have about $14,000 in the bank, as I write this, and only need $25,000 more to completed Phase One which is about a $150,000 investment. 100% of the money raised goes to the project as the AL and VFW personal  are the only ones involved in the fundraising and we do not take any compensation. However this is a city of Macedonia park and they are responsible for much of the major site prep and concert work that will be required as well as maintenance of the park when it is done. Not counting the on going maintenance of the park the cities work to prepare the site is probably about 40% of the project.

Below are two pictures the one on the left is what we started with and the one on the right is an architects rendering of the park done last year and although a few changes have been made to accommodate some of the legal and environmental restrictions this rendering is very close to what is actually being constructed.


Here are a couple of views of the park that were created for us by a local artist Sharron Finn, they were used to create the plan view of the park shown above in the .

The Veterans memorial that we will be installing in three months is shown next the image on the right is the front and the image on the right is the back. The base in gray granite is 84 inches wide 20 inches deep and 12 inches high. Siding on top of of the base is the memorial which black granite and it is 72 inches wide 72 inches tall and 8 inches thick.

The next images are of some of the planed sub monuments one for each conflict the country has been in which will be placed in the Veterans Park after the main memorial and plaza are finished this June The first is for the current War on Terror (WOT) and will be to the left as you walk in the main gate. These sub monuments will be on a base 48 inches wide 14 inches deep and 8 inches high. The vertical sitting on the base will be 36 inches wide 18 inches deep and 60 inches high.

The second sub monument is from the Vietnam War which will be on the right as you come in the main entrance

Any donations made toward this project are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)19  (same as a 501(c)3 for tax purposes. You can check either of the to Posts involved in this project

Click here for American Legion Nordonia Hills Post 801

Click here for Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6768

Click here for The City of Macedonia the veterans park project is the last link on the right side.

For information on the project and find the various ways we have established to donate to the project

Click here for the Veterans Memorial Park web site

If you would just like to make a simple donation by credit card of PayPal

Click here for the Go Fund Me Park web site

David Pristash, Commander American Legion Nordonia Hills Post 801





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