Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them, Oh Lord

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Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
May the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Every year I post this video. I am very proud to have called the little town of Ringgold, Georgia my home for many years. Every year we drive back down to spend the few minutes it takes to go through town, the main stretch and all the little side roads, and appreciate the flags, and honor the fallen.

May the blood cost of our freedom be increasingly appreciated and honored. And may America always be blessed with towns and people like this, who remember and honor our fallen because they value our freedom and know the cost.

If you hijack this post with political content that belongs on the other threads I will put you in moderation. This is a memorial in remembrance of our dead. Not a place to rant.

To the Seven Green Berets that Were KIA in Vietnam During the Months of October, November & December 1967 at the Fifth Special Forces CIDG Camp Bu Dop A-341, May their Souls Rest in Peace they were all Good Men

There are three other Berets that were there that were WIA and we will soon be joining you my brothers.

Memorial Day – Thank You to the Brave

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30 Tons of Ammonium Nitrate Goes Missing

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(video from Dyno Nobel’s YouTube channel)

A lot of expensive and lethal weapons of war have been reported missing this week. There have been numerous train derailments in America this year, and trains containing lethal materials routinely do not make it to their final destination. A railcar holding over 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate left Cheyenne, Wyoming, on April 12. The railcar was discovered two weeks later, completely empty, at a stop in the California Mojave Desert.

Ammonium nitrate can be used as fertilizer or as a powerful explosive. This is the same chemical used in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and the 2020 bombing of Beirut, Lebanon. Miners commonly use this chemical as a fuel source to remove massive rock formations since it is so effective. Manufacturing company Dyno Nobel reported the shipment missing to the National Response Center on May 10. “The railcar was sealed when it left the Cheyenne facility, and the seals were still intact when it arrived in Saltdale [Calif.]. The initial assessment is that a leak through the bottom gate on the railcar may have developed in transit,” a spokesperson told the media. Another spokesperson told the New York Post that “there is no indication of any danger to the public and no indication the pellets were intentionally taken by anyone.” The company insists that the contents in the pellets “fell from the rail car onto the tracks in small quantities throughout the long trip.”

Should we believe the railcar casually fertilized the ground amid its long trip? Dyno Nobel markets itself as an explosive company, and their contents were never intended for fertilization. “All accidents are preventable. Injuries, illnesses, and environmental damage are not an inevitable consequence of conducting business,” the company states on its website. Given that this company specializes in explosives, it is peculiar that they would have such a major failing that they are reporting as an accident.

Audit Reveals Pentagon Lost Thousands of F-35 Jet Parts

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The Lightning II or F-35 is one of the most sophisticated fighter jets available. Created by Lockheed Martin, the jet is designed for stealth and destruction. This elite weapon is the most expensive plane ever built, with an estimated lifetime cost between $1.4 and $1.6 trillion. The United States owns more of these jets than any other nation, but a recent report reveals that the Department of Defense is missing thousands of F-35 parts.

Although the F-35 costs around $80 million, the operation costs are very high, with an average flight costing $36,000 per hour. Lockheed Martin has claimed that it could reduce flight costs to $25,000 per hour if the Pentagon awards them a lucrative maintenance contract. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report in 2019 stating that the F-35 had a major shortage of spare parts. “F-35 aircraft performance is falling short of warfighter requirements—that is, aircraft cannot perform as many missions or fly as often as required. This lower-than-desired aircraft performance is due largely to F-35 spare parts shortages and difficulty in managing and moving parts around the world,” the reported noted.

The problem of managing moving parts globally was never solved. In fact, the GAO released a new report stating that thousands of spare parts are missing, “the total value of which is unknown.” The Pentagon never kept a record of its most prized aircraft, which are held in over 50 locations globally. The Pentagon’s F-35 program office spent $12 million to conduct the inventory, discovering they were “unable to provide the cost, total quantity, and locations of spare parts in the global spares pool.” The GAO is condemning the Pentagon for its “lack of accountability” and said this massive error highlights why the Defense Department needs to conduct a full audit of all its inventory.

The Pentagon handed over the power of record-keeping to the manufacturer, Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin seemingly does not know where the parts are either, but they’d happily supply the US with more. The nation is trying to cut funding everywhere but has lost at least millions from this mismanagement. One must wonder if only the bill, but not the parts, existed. The US did gift Ukraine an F-35 and positioned numerous F-35 jets in strategic NATO member locations on the eastern front. Lockheed Martin believes that over 400 F-35 aircrafts will be stationed in Europe by 2030. The defense contractor is planning for a major war, while the US government is ill-prepared and cannot account for its own weapons.

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them, Oh Lord

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Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
May the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Every year I post this video. I am very proud to have called the little town of Ringgold, Georgia my home for many years. Every year we drive back down to spend the few minutes it takes to go through town, the main stretch and all the little side roads, and appreciate the flags, and honor the fallen.

May the blood cost of our freedom be increasingly appreciated and honored. And may America always be blessed with towns and people like this, who remember and honor our fallen because they value our freedom and know the cost.

God Bless America.

Lt. Col Whistleblower Provides Testimony—the COVID-19 Vaccines are More Dangerous to the Armed Services than the Virus in her Opinion

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Lt. Col Whistleblower Provides Testimony—the COVID-19 Vaccines are More Dangerous to the Armed Services than the Virus in her Opinion

Army Lt. Colonel Theresa Long discusses adverse reactions and the Nuremberg Code. Theresa Long is an Army Aerospace Medicine Specialist. Recently, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson invited the officer to make a statement in regards to what she considers a life-endangering COVID-19 vaccination program. That’s because the Lt. Col believes the adverse events associated with the COVID-19 vaccines are being underreported. Her opinion arises from a combination of medical education, training, and firsthand experience treating soldiers. The Lt. Col shared that this was her own opinion and not that of the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense (DoD), or any other relevant entity. Made as a “protected communication” under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act title 10 USC 1034, Long believes the COVID-19 vaccine program represents an unprecedented threat to U.S. military readiness—even more of a threat than COVID-19 itself. Could this be true?

Over 200,000 military personnel have rejected the COVID-19 vaccination, yet the U.S. military will commence repercussions leading to what Lt. Col Long declared is to the detriment of “morale and readiness” as they [the soldiers] will be “processed” out of the service. Now 200,000 soldiers is a lot. In fact, Lt. Col Long declared that not in any theater of war has the U.S. lost so many soldiers in just a few months. 

Long declared, “Taking soldiers out of uniform has the same impact on readiness as losing them on the battlefield.” Offering her personal background and credentials, including a Master’s in Public Health,  Lt. Col Long went on to remind everyone she spent the last three decades serving the country.

In front of superiors, Long, a critical thinker questioned the vaccine program early on. She stated, that significant amounts of time in the clinical trials process was skipped. With only 12 active soldiers lost to COVID, Long declared, “yet we are going to risk the health of the entire fighting force on a vaccine we only had two months of safety data on.” The response from her superiors: “Your damn right, Colonel. And you are going to get every soldier you can get to take the vaccine so I can get enough data points to determine if the vaccine is safe.”Subscribe to the Trialsitenews “COVID-19” ChannelNo spam – we promise

Of course, this raises the specter that enlisted military personnel were considered guinea pigs, as the safety was supposedly already established. TrialSites’ Sonia Elijah’s analysis of some of the disclosed Pfizer safety documents raises more questions than it answers about actual vaccine safety.

Long continues that service members are “national treasures,” as they have had to “stare down bullets,” and deal with exposure and damages from IEDs, bomb blasts, and “thankless and protracted wars.”

Now, those that opt to not receive the vaccine, for whatever reason, will be processed out of the military. Listen to the whistleblower’s story. She doesn’t seem to be a right-wing conspiratorial loon or fringe personality. A woman who grew up in a tough spot, who joined the military at 17, and because of the Armed Services has grown into an officer, living what she calls the “American Dream.”

Based on Long’s testimony, if true, the prospect of a mass research program—funded and directed by the U.S. government, comes into focus. That is, the COVID-19 response was orchestrated as a mass research endeavor that violated (and continues to do so from this point of view) long-standing ethical principles, including the Declaration of Helsinki

TrialSite suggests a lot of fast, unfolding dynamics make this situation difficult to categorize as “one thing” bad or good in terms of the myriad of interests associated with pandemic response. We suspect both good and not good intentions become entangled in what becomes an even bigger, more convoluted mess due mostly to governing reactions, both under the Trump Administration and under the current Biden regime.

The pandemic response incompetence runs through both administrations as Trump withheld vital information early on (see Woodward interview), which led to a popular cult of viral denial which we continue to struggle with. Many people continue to walk around thinking this pandemic is over,” said Daniel O’Connor, founder of TrialSite. He continued, “In fact, this mass contagion continues on and will do so for the indefinite future, and people must protect themselves, and that can range from risk-based approaches to mass vaccination [e.g., elderly, those with co-morbidities, etc.], early treatment, and careful social practices.” O’Connor suggested, however, due to severe pandemic politicization and misinformation from all sides, including ongoing unprecedented censorship, “really ugly politics could evolve.” For example, basic concepts such as natural immunity were not rigorously studied by the U.S. government early on. There was seemingly a bias toward one “cure.” This impulse led to what amounted to a massive government-sponsored research program marketed as a sure thing.

Trump violated all sorts of norms, promoting various experimental approaches without any filter. Moreover, he can take accountability for the massive financial handout to pharma companies over the use of early-treatment options—that occurred under his watch—his accountability, in addition of course, to marketing these vaccines as “miracles” or gifts from “above.” 

Rather, a sober, pragmatic, and honest government communication campaign should have commenced from the start. That is, that the vaccines would not cure COVID-19, such a volatile and ever-changing, and mutating pathogen, but rather would be an approach along with early treatment, antivirals, and other discoveries both in the real world of medicine and research. The public would have been far more trusting.

Many had great hopes for Biden to turn things around but in fact, his administration seems to throw gasoline on the collective fires. Biden, rather than building bridges, appears to be intent on burning the whole house down. None of these politicians should get a pass from the collective public.

Call to Action: Check out the video before it’s taken down. Video is now gone!

Military Thinning Due to Mandate

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The Marine Corps reportedly discharged 103 Marines for not taking the mRNA vaccine. The highest refusal rate among the military branches, 10,000 Marines may now be discharged from the service. Around 5,700 Air Force and Space Force troops are not vaccinated.  Over 6,200 Army troops have received temporary exemptions, but 3,900 remain unvaccinated. The Navy and National Guard pushed back their vaccine mandates until June. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that there is still an opportunity for troops “to do the right thing.”

The Defense Department admittedly has no idea what impact this will have on the US military at large. Kirby admitted that they are simply hoping the men and women who risk dying for their country will “do the right thing” and put their lives at risk once again.  “I just don’t think we’re at a point now where we can draw a line and say, ‘OK, this is exactly what impact the separations are having on the force,’” Kirby said. “I just don’t know that we’re there yet because there are still opportunities here for people to do the right thing.”

Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma has attempted to stop the vaccine mandate for troops. “I believe we should suspend the vaccine mandate until the Department of Defense can answer basic questions about the impact the mandate will have on the total force,” Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma stated to US News. “I have yet to receive a response.” The mandate is a potential risk to national security. The military elites know what will happen if they lose tens of thousands of troops but they’re willing to put the country at risk to promote the larger agenda.

Marine Corps Commandant Blames Vaccine Disinformation For Possibility of Losing 12,500 Troops From Marine Corp Ranks

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There is no such thing as “disinformation” or “misinformation”.  There is only information you accept and information you do not accept.

You were not born with a requirement to believe everything you are told; rather, you were born with a brain that allows you to process the information you receive and make independent decisions.

Today, the Marine Corps Commandant blames ‘disinformation‘ for the fact that 12,500 marines are still refusing the vaccination and may end up departing military service if they do not comply.  The essential ranks once again defined as non-essential over their healthy and free choice not to take an experimental vaccine for a virus that poses no significant threat.

VIA NBC – Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger cited “disinformation” as the reason there are thousands under his leadership who have not yet been vaccinated for the coronavirus.

[…] Each Marine must be vaccinated by Nov. 28, but troops are not considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after the final dose of a two-shot vaccine or that same time period after a one-shot dose. This means the final shot will actually have to be given by this Sunday. “We have to be ready to go every day, all the time,” Berger explained. “We are the ready force. We have to be ready to go.”

If the vaccination rate of the Marines remains the same until the deadline, it would leave more than 12,500 Marines unvaccinated, according to (read more)

Biden’s Abuse of the Military

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In WWI, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, and Afghanistan, we asked our soldiers to sacrifice their lives to preserve our liberties.

Today, using this orchestrated pandemic, we ask them to sacrifice their liberties to save our lives. Get the Jab or you are fired!

They’re polar opposites.

Remember the Bonus Army

Then with 46% of the military objecting to the vaccines, they should walk out with their guns. Remember the Bonus Army when they used the military to kill WWI veterans asking for the promised pensions. Because of the abuse, they inflicted on our veterans when they thought they no longer needed them, they were forced to create the GI Bill to get them to fight in WWII. Why believe a government that never keeps its promises?

Just how will Biden’s pledge to defend Taiwan work when his demand to fire nearly 50% of the military and strip them of all pensions over an experimental vaccine? If I were China, I certainly would not take him seriously. You cannot threaten our military over a vaccine that Pfizer is paying huge lobbying fees so it will make $100 billion next year! Biden is not someone who has the credibility to order people to sacrifice their lives for his floundering political career.

Joe Biden’s son died of cancer in 2015, not in military combat. Yet he has serious mental problems or he is such a liar. But he keeps telling people his son Beau died in combat in Iraq.