Campaign Team Behind Ron DeSantis Organize Political Stunt via State Grand Jury to Exploit Vaccine Controversy for 2024 “Win With Ron” Platform

Posted originally on the CTH on December 14, 2022 | sundance 

The political branding and campaign team behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have structured a “Win with Ron 2024” strategy constructed around the politicization of the COVID-19 vaccine.  Yesterday, the team launched the effort through the governor’s office [Details Here].

The polarizing federal vaccine and mask mandates continue to create an opportunity for exploitation by political interests.  The WWR ’24 team see the opportunity within the republican base for Ron DeSantis to create a 2024 lane by presenting himself in alignment with medical autonomy in a similar vein that a candidate might create with strong support for the second amendment.

To accomplish this brand strategy, the people around DeSantis need to pretend the Florida Governor did not advocate for lockdowns and vaccines in 2020 and 2021; even going so far as to threaten the liquor licenses for non-compliant bars and restaurants.  Through a series of continuous and carefully organized drumbeats surrounding the later held position on medical freedom and autonomy, the WWR24 team attempt to rewrite history in advance of his 2024 GOP nomination announcement.

The branding and image strategy for Ron DeSantis has been carefully mapped since early 2022 and includes the coy game of pretending to be above the national political fray while simultaneously dropping into national political issues at carefully constructed moments.

COVID-19 has been poll-tested amid the base of the republican party and positions have been established based on surveyed responses.  That’s the background for a rollout that took place yesterday in Florida complete with the creation of a Florida Public Health Integrity Committee.  The Florida governor grabs headlines by asking for a state grand jury to “hold the federal government and Big Pharma accountable.”

The ‘medical freedom‘ rollout yesterday included a simultaneously timed 2024 election primary poll showing DeSantis with the highest favorability rating.

As noted within the announcement, “Governor DeSantis has filed a petition to impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate crimes and wrongs in Florida related to the COVID-19 vaccines and further recommend enforcement methods.”  Notably absent from the announcement was his own culpability promoting the same programs he now rails against.  This hypocrisy is the calling card of political engineering.

Steve Bannon began to weave some of this together earlier today, while being careful not to offend the Cruzbots DeSantis-bots, Harmeet Dhillon sycophants.  You can watch Bannon carefully narrate this dynamic in the video below.

However, I have pledged not to participate in the insufferable pretending – so I am being more direct.


In addition to the organized, televised and highly publicized DeSantis panel PR rollout, which I will note was not needed unless the goal was to enhance public visibility for the enterprise – a staged performance, the team managing DeSantis had a prescheduled follow-up with the assist from Rupert Murdoch, Fox News and Laura Ingraham.  {Direct Rumble  Link}  WATCH:


Previously Rupert Murdoch offered the WWR24 team to support their efforts throughout all his media companies including Fox News, Fox Business, New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

In addition, the billionaire who considers himself kingmaker for the GOP has given DeSantis an unknown number of millions for his book contract with Murdoch owned Harper Collins publishing house.

…. Once you see the strings on the marionettes, you can never watch the puppet show and not see them.

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