The Advisory Committee on Racial Equity

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Oct 6, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

ALL AMERICANS ARE HURTING FINANCIALLY. But the Treasury Department plans to prioritize people based on the color of their skin. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen announced the first “Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equity.”

From the Treasury’s website:

“[T]he Committee will identify, monitor, and review aspects of the domestic economy that have directly and indirectly resulted in unfavorable conditions for communities of color. The Committee plans to address topics including but not limited to: financial inclusion, access to capital, housing stability, federal supplier diversity, and economic development.”

The 25 inaugural members are completely unqualified as many have no experience in finance. Former mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter will act as chairman. He was unable to manage his home city, let alone work for the Treasury. Vice chair Felicia Wong said they will make “racial equity central to the Treasury Department’s mission.” Wong has strong ties to George Soros.

Wong is part of the liberal megadonor foundation, Democracy Alliance. Wong argues that every policy has “racialized effects” and believes capitalism strengthens the patriarchy and white supremacy. Wong, the CEO of the Roosevelt Institute, penned many articles noting her radicalized view of the world with no basis in economics or logic.

“True equity means equity of outcome, and not accepting the promise of ‘opportunity’ within a system that continues to systematically exclude,” Wong wrote. “It demands redistribution of resources—especially when wealth for some has been extracted from many—and a redistribution of decision-making power.”

This is an absolute disaster as we are putting socialists in charge of a department of our Treasury. The Roosevelt Institute wants to “reimagine” capitalism and views everything as a form of racial inequality. Naturally, the Democrats are appointing this useless agency as a desperate attempt for votes. Discrimination is now legal against the majority.

The Mar-a-Lago Event, Part Four

The attached paper is a continuing and reasonable analysis of the events from September 3, 2022 to September 18, 2022 which is an event that will change the Republic forever. In this mad rush to save the planet from total destruction from green house gas emissions from carbon base fuels the worlds politicians are dismantling Western Civilization. Former President Trump is a major obstacle to Klaus Schwab, and his fellow radicals in the World Economic Form (WEF) e.g. George Soros, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have decided to take him out any way they can since he is the only one that can stop them.

Bidenomics, August 2022 Inflation Data Infographic

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 14, 2022 | Sundance 

Someone had requested a simple to see infographic of the Bureau of Labor and Statistics August inflation data with monthly and yearly outcomes.  I thought everyone might find this graphic as a good tool for sharing with your network.  [Data Source Link]

Additionally, the BLS also released the producer price index today [DATA HERE].  The PPI for goods dropped slightly, as we expected, due to the August temporary decline in gasoline and diesel.   However, the PPI for final demand services moved up 0.4 percent in August, the fourth consecutive rise.

We are now seeing service providers having to raise their prices to cover their increased costs.   This could be trouble for employment in the long-term.

Secretary Yellen Celebrates Treasury Policy Making “Future U.S. Economy Dependent on the Wind and the Sun”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 9, 2022 | Sundance 

Every institution of the JoeBama administration is filled with climate change ideologues. Never is that more abundantly clear than a U.S. Treasury Secretary who celebrates the future of the U.S. economy becoming “dependent on the wind and the Sun“.  {Direct Rumble Link}

[Transcript] – “Our plan – powered by the Inflation Reduction Act – represents the largest investment in fighting climate change in our country’s history. It will put us well on our way toward a future where we depend on the wind, sun, and other clean sources for our energy. We will rid ourselves from our current dependence on fossil fuels.” (link)


To understand the scale of the ideological effort, review this earlier statement in her prepared remarks, “In markets where we could not help lower prices by expanding supply, we have aimed to mitigate the pain directly, through cost relief.”  The admission here is that ideologically the Biden administration cannot expand energy supplies to lower energy prices without compromising their climate change mission.

[Full Transcript Here]

British Pound Falls to 37-Year Low

Armstrong Economics Blog/BRITAIN Re-Posted Sep 8, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The Bank of England has admitted defeat, admitting they cannot prevent a recession. The pound fell to the lowest level against the USD on Wednesday afternoon after declining 0.64% to $1.145. When asked if the central bank could prevent the next recession, Governor Andrew Bailey was blunt in his answer. “Insofar as the war is having this huge effect, the answer to that would be no.”

I touched more on the decline and fall of Britain on the private blog last week. Socrates agrees with Bailey’s pessimistic stance. Inflation has surpassed 10% in the UK, and food and energy costs are expected to rise continually. The Bank of England now projects that the economy will shrink during Q4 2022, and the decline will continue until the end of 2023. Our models state that the decline will last longer than they expect.

If the new PM Truss is any indication of where policy is heading, Britain is in big trouble. Central banks do not like to admit defeat either. Look how Powell carefully changed his stance over the course of the year in terms of inflation. He did not want to create a panic by telling the public that they were screwed. The BoE has no other choice but to be brutally honest. The heads of central banks are now coming forward to offer their condolences for an issue they helped to create with artificially low rates. The BoE is still in better shape than the ECB, but that is not saying much.

Russia Shuts Down Nord Stream 1 Gas Pipeline, Gasprom Sends out Eerie Video ‘Winter is Coming’

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 6, 2022 | Sundance 

Well, it looks like it’s official now. After several days of sporadic reporting on Russia’s decision to shut down the Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline into western Europe, it looks like the valves have been shut down until EU sanctions against Russia are removed.

Strategically the Nord Stream 1 pipeline is the major gas supply route into Germany, Europe’s largest economy. As noted by Reuters, “European gas prices, as measured by the benchmark Dutch TTF October gas contract, rose by as much as 30% on Sept. 5, amid growing fears of a total shutdown of Russian pipeline imports ahead of the European winter.”

Europe was already going into a deep economic recession due to inflation created by pre-existing green energy policy.  The Nord Stream shutdown will make things exponentially worse as energy prices skyrocket.  The Russian owned energy company Gasprom sent out a video that can be best described as psychological warfare.  WATCH:


Happy Marxist Day

Armstrong Economics Blog/Uncategorized Re-Posted Sep 5, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

On June 28th, 1882, President Grover Cleveland signed S. 730 law declaring Labor Day a national holiday. This was the era of Marxism as it was rising to become a popular theory.  Indeed, when the Panic of 1893 unfolded, there was a great uprising in Marxism as always blamed the capitalists for the depression. In 1848, Marx published his Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei originally in German in London. The first English-language edition was published in 1850. Since then, editions have been published in many languages worldwide. Ironically, it was one Pi Cycle from 1850 to 1882 to create Labor Day in the spirit of Marxism. The next Pi Cycle lines up with 2040.

So while Marxism was the dominant theory during the second half of the 19th century, our Wokeism and Cancel Culture have led to Juneteenth as a Holiday. Perhaps with every popular theory that emerges, we will get another Holliday. Curious to say the least.

Charlie Kirk: Biden’s Speech Was a ‘Declaration of War’ Against Half of the Country

The Charlie Kirk Show Published originally on Rumble on September 2, 2022 

Speaking as Centinel2012 what Biden did in that speech exceeds anything done by Hitler, Stalin or Mao and they caused the deaths of over 200 million people during the social turmoil between Hitler taking power in Germany in 1933 and Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China which ended in 1976 with his death. Lets hope and pray that what Gates and Schwab and now Biden have started doesn’t go that far.

Nunes: American people dub Biden ‘#PedoHitler’ after extreme speech

Devin Nunes Published originally on Rumble on September 2, 2022

Biden sold his soul to the devil a long time ago