Happy New Year

Armstrong Economics Blog/Opinion Re-Posted Dec 31, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Remember, the future may be in turmoil, but to reach the promised land of reform, we first must go through the crisis that opens the door for the opportunity to create a whole new world. As Einstein said, the ONLY source of knowledge is experience. We must learn from these events to improve the future for ourselves and our children. It is not that the whole world is doomed. Civilization will reemerge and with some luck, we will enter a new world of enlightenment.

The best we can do is educate people for we will have the opportunity to redesign our environment and we need to learn from these mistakes. I believe Schwab have have looked at our model and what he is trying to do is he sees the real Great Reset which is 2032 and he is trying to force the tree to fall in his direction of total control. That failed for Marx and Lenin. It would fail again because it is against human nature.

  Yes, there is a Great Reset coming. It is up to us to make this come out the way to freedom and enlightenment.  This is no time to get depressed.  We have a  lot to do. We will survive.

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