Happy Thanksgiving!

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This one’s for you WeeWeed.

Annual Best of the Best Thanksgiving Recipe Post

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Because less than great just doesn’t cut it for Thanksgiving! In our family, Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of all. We go to the same brother’s house every year, almost an hour’s drive out to the country.  My husband comes from a family of eight siblings, and most of them have grandkids now, one even has a great grandchild.

As many of us as possible gather together since we will all be with our immediate families on Christmas. Usually, one or two people at least snag a friend who has no one nearby to celebrate with. Until a few years ago, there were four generations of us gathered to give thanks, but my husband’s paternal aunt died a few years ago. She was the last of his father’s siblings, although we often have a beloved aunt by marriage who still comes with her son and granddaughter.

There are often close to 20 kids, so my sister-in-law came up with the idea of a bouncy house years ago. It is the greatest idea in the world for a little peace and tranquility in the house as we gather and get ready.

Best of all, we never even discuss the menu. We’ve been doing it so long that it isn’t necessary. Certain people bring certain things, and yeah, you can maybe not bring green beans but have a new Brussels sprouts dish, but if you are depended upon for sweet potato casserole (that would be one of my responsibilities) or the turkeys, hams, or banana pudding, you’d best not disappoint.

No day of the year is as fun, and full of great food and family as this one. Every year we see people we haven’t seen since the last Thanksgiving meal. And every year we do give thanks for many things, most especially a huge, noisy, boisterous and growing family, who by God’s grace are still able to gather round all the tables and share our lives.

I hope you’ll share the best of the best of your own family traditions and recipes. I say this almost every year, I know. I so enjoy getting all the different recipes that are popular in different parts of our huge country. Here in the remnants of the Old South, tradition reigns at most tables on holidays, and we are slow to turn loose of Grandmother’s rolls and Mother’s dressing. But sometimes a few new excellent dishes turn out to be the hit of the day.

Here’s my casserole, but you have to wing it.  I long ago lost the actual recipe. You’ll find similar ones online, but if you get one that tells you to add flour to the topping, just don’t. It ruins it.

Not my actual photo!

Boil 8-10 medium sweet potatoes until just tender. Mash with a cup of sugar, a few spoons of vanilla, half a stick of butter, a tablespoon or so of salt, three eggs, and whole milk or cream, just enough to get a thick consistency on the mixture, just like you’d want your mashed potatoes to be.

For the topping mix a about 3/4 stick of chopped butter, four cups of chopped pecans, and 1.5 to 2 cups of brown sugar until well mixed and crumbly. This is never a fixed ingredient deal. You have to eyeball how large your casserole is, and also how much of the topping you like. We pile it on. If you’re unsure, start with about half of these amounts and add until quantity and consistency work, then add the topping and cook at 400 degrees until browned.

Thanksgiving Dinner Costs Rise 20% This Year

Armstrong Economics Blog/Inflation Re-Posted Nov 23, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

In 2021, the average American family paid at least 14% more for Thanksgiving festivities. In 2022, celebratory costs are estimated to rise by 20%. The US Farm Bureau noted that the average American family paid $46.90 in 2020 for Thanksgiving, which rose to $53.31 in 2021 before soaring to $64.05 in 2022. This is a drastic underrepresentation of costs, as absolutely no one I know can afford to create a Thanksgiving meal for a family with such a small amount of money.

The survey was based on a shopping list of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls with butter, peas, cranberries, a veggie tray, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and coffee and milk. If the survey were to include ham, frozen green beans, and Russet potatoes, the cost would rise to $81.30.

Turkey costs alone rose 21% from last year at an additional cost of $1.81 per pound. Every food item costs significantly more down to a gallon of whole milk that now costs 16% more compared to last year. Stuffing mix rose 69% this year at around $3.88. Pumpkin pie canned mix is up 18%, pie crusts rose 26%, and whipped cream is up 26%. Sweet potatoes (11%), veggie trays (8%), and misc. ingredients (20%) all cost notably more. Those on the West coast will pay the most ($71.37), followed by the Midwest ($64.26, Northeast ($64.02), and South ($58.42).

This is simply the cost of the bare essentials to prepare a meal. Most will spend more traveling to their destination due to energy costs. Alcoholic beverages will drastically add to the budget, as will any specialty foods. Then American consumers will be bombarded with Black Friday deals the following day, and don’t forget Cyber Monday! Friday also happens to be Native American Heritage Day, and perhaps we will have a day to honor the fallen US as we know it today.

President Donald Trump Releases 30-Second Ad via Truth Social

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President Trump posted this 30 second ad spot on his Truth Social account.  [SOURCE]

“Make an entrance. Make a run. And then make history.

Make a difference. Make good on your word. Make it big league.

But most of all, make it great again.


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When You Hear Trump is Running in 2024

Awaken With JP Published originally on Rumble on November 19, 2022 

JP on Trump running for President in 2024

The “Anyone But Trump” Mentality

Armstrong Economics Blog/Humor Re-Posted Nov 20, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Elon Musk Reinstates The Great MAGA King President Trump Twitter Account

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Elon Musk took a poll on Twitter to see how people would vote for bringing back President Donald J Trump.  The results of the poll finalized after 24 hours with 51.8% of Twitter users voting to reinstate and 48.2% voting no.

As a result of the poll, perhaps an exhibition in what Musk perceives as democracy, a short while ago the Twitter account of Donald J Trump was reinstated.

President Donald J Trump could, if he wanted to, send Tweets again.

However, it is doubtful he will use the platform as he seems quite comfy on Truth Social and has indicated he did not intend to return to the Twitter platform.

Then again, he has this attention-grabbing opportunity as a golden arrow in his communication quiver.  Whatever President Trump might possibly tweet upon return would be picked up and discussed globally.

Knock It Off – Get up, Get Back on Your Feet, YOU Are the ONE They Can’t Beat, and YOU Know It….

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It might, heck, -check that- it does seem overwhelming at times.  But that is the nature of this collectivist strategy.  That is the purpose of this bombardment.  We must hold strong and push back against the lies and manipulations.  If you look closely at the attack, it is weak and much of it is psychological bait.  Do not fall into the trap of despair.

When I share the message “live your best life”, it is not without purpose.  Every moment that we allow the onslaught to deter us from living our dreams, is a moment those who oppose our nation view as us taking a knee.  Do not allow this effort to succeed.  You might ask yourself how I can, one person, a flea looking into a furnace, retain an optimistic disposition while all around me seems chaotic and mad.

Simple answer, it’s your choice.  Two wolves fight – one filled with despondency, isolation, despair and dark imaginings; the other filled with faith, something bigger, unrelenting hope, focus and driven to remain connected. Which wolf will win?  The one you feed.

Shake it off. “Get up, get back on your feet, you are the one they can’t beat, and you know it.” WATCH:

The point?  It ‘seems’ chaotic and mad because it has been created to appear that way.  There are more of us than them; they just control the systems that allow us to connect, share messages and recognize the scale of our assembly.

And here we are… divided by a network of seemingly intoxicating systems; many purposefully driven by the modern dynamic of social media, steering a tribal outcome we are only now just beginning to fathom.

Ultimately the collective weight of progressive leftism is putting us is isolation. There are many historic references to this disconcerting sentiment to review with hindsight. However, ultimately the feeling of isolation first begins with a rejection of God.  Defeat it by embracing Him.

In/around July 2020 it was obvious in my travels we were on the precipice of a disconnect from human interaction that would numb our psyche to what ultimately matters, fellowship.

Not only are various governmental agencies forcing the separation of people from their community networks, we were also seeing faith-based organizations, churches, buying into the fear.

Even in areas where churches were not forcibly shut down, we saw a structural shift where some faith leaders were willingly ostracizing their community under the guise of various medical, social and cultural alarms.

This is not good…. not good at all.

Fellowship is the essential ingredient to a purposeful life. How and why we interact with each-other is how and why we recharge our core humanity.

To see faith leaders willing to separate from the function of fellowship was alarming. However, as individuals we must not allow this foreboding sense to become the normal expectation.

Our nation needs more people like you, right now. Don’t wait… engage life, get optimistic however you need to do it. Then let that part of you shine right now… This is how we fight. Hold up that flag; give the starter smile… rally to the standard you create and spread fellowship again.

Throughout history large armies have been defeated through the process of division. It is not a leap to see the same strategic objectives being deployed against social assemblies including congregations. It is puzzling how many in leadership cannot see the danger in social and spiritual distance when the bond of fellowship is needed more than ever.

Each of us has a different connection to our community. Each of us has a different level of internal strength… such is the nature of living. However, the distance between people is manifestly not a good outcome when combined with the lack of food for the soul.

The influence of social media is already troublesome, physically distancing from human engagement only worsens the impact. There is no digital replacement for the true fellowship of humanity on a personal level.

Ultimately it is the currency of human connection that is the true value in our lives.

We have each felt how our positive influence upon the lives of others nourishes our own sense of purpose and fulfillment… Do not lose that. Do not think you can compensate for that through other arbitrary measures; you cannot.

With local, state and federal leaders moving increasingly toward self-interest; with disconnected workplaces creating social distance; with faith-based leaders unfocused on the value of fellowship; and now government entering your home to tell you the importance of separating yourself from your family we must dispatch these arbitrary decrees very deliberately.

Perhaps we are in this position today because we didn’t sit still enough and contemplate the real priorities in our lives.  Fellowship is the essential ingredient to a purposeful life.

I will not divide my humanity, nor concede my core view of fellowship, simply to comply with the demand of another that I consider my brother or sister of greater or less value than myself.  Any system that seeks to steer my path will not benefit from my participation.  I choose freedom!

My f**king choice…

Our Liberty is inherent.

Our freedom is inherent.

The removal of both requires consent.

I choose not to disconnect.

I choose purpose.

I choose my own humanity.

I believe in a generous loving God.

My faith stands.

Love to all,

~ Sundance

Incoming House Oversight Chairman James Comer Winds Sean Hannity’s Tick-Tock Clock

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Incoming House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.), along with lawmakers from the legislative committee, held a press conference today declaring an investigation shall commence into the Biden family’s influence peddling, the Hunter Biden laptop, and the Biden scheme to enrich themselves. WATCH:

Genuine investigations do not need to be announced.  Take office, start working. This announcement is not needed, unless the announcement itself serves a purpose.  That purpose is what we have previously called “chaff and countermeasures.”

Understanding the DC game of Chaff and Countermeasures…. A “Countermeasure” is a measure or action taken to counter or offset a preceding one.

Politically speaking, the deployment of countermeasures is a well-used tactic by professional politicians in Washington DC to counter incoming public inquiry and protect themselves from anger expressed by the electorate.  The republican leadership are very skilled in the management of “chaff” (outrage), and “countermeasures” (the distraction).

Weaponized government serves its own interests. The countermeasures are DC politicians assigned a role to control the incoming righteous inquiry from voters who find out about the weaponized or corrupt governmental action.  In the republican wing of the UniParty, it looks like this:

There seems to be a willful blindness on the part of the American people, a chosen refusal to acknowledge the implications of the unAmerican and unConstititional behaviors, actions and outcomes we are being served on a daily basis.

It can no longer be presumed to be a matter of “I can’t see what’s happening” because a whole lot of normal Americans really are clean and articulate.

I can’t see it” just doesn’t cut it.

NONSENSE!  Most people can see it.  Most are just choosing to reconcile the irreconcilable because it is more comforting to ignore the truth of it.  Just be honest, for many people avoidance has become a survival mechanism.

It’s more along the lines of “I see what’s happening, but it’s scary and complicated and confusing, and if I admit that I see it, I will become responsible in a way that I am not if I keep pretending I can’t see it or hear it or maybe I don’t understand it.”

Lucy has unlimited footballs.

Admit, or keep pretending.

The choices are ours.

Personally, I will not pretend.

If we all stop pretending, eventually the DC house of cards collapses.  We collapse it one wing at a time.

Trump is Back

Armstrong Economic Blog/Politics Re-Posted Nov 17, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Donald Trump announced that he is officially running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. The only president in American history to win re-election after a defeat was Grover Cleveland in 1892. The establishment repeatedly tried to impeach Trump to prevent him from seeking a second term, but he’s back.

Trump wanted to keep America out of war. He threatened to leave NATO and pushed other countries to contribute their fair share. It is safe to say that Trump would likely not be sending billions to Ukraine under his America first policy that branded him as selfish. We talk about energy fears crippling the world, but America was the top producer of oil and natural gas under his presidency.

At this point, no one can honestly say they are better off under Biden. When I attended an event at Mar-a-Lago, I was very impressed by Trump. It was the first time in my entire career that I heard a head of state concerned about the soldiers they sent off to war. He said we needed to face the fact that foreign governments have been fighting over borders in the Middle East for ages, and it was not our place to intervene. He said he never wanted to call another mother and tell her that their child had died in a pointless battle.

He was not afraid to speak to our enemies and even became the first US president to cross the border into North Korea. Our current president can barely speak in general and has put America last. A vote for Trump was a vote against the establishment. Politicians cried that he had no experience in politics, but that is precisely why he won in 2016 — because he is not you.

The establishment will continue its efforts to take down Trump by any means. He has too many supporters for that to be an easy feat, and he’s prepared to enter political guerilla warfare. In all honesty, by the time we reach 2024, there may not even be a presidential election. We must crash and burn.