The Perfect Combination of leaders for the 2024 presidential Election: for President Donald J. Trump and for Vice President Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Both men are disliked by their respective political parties and both represent the best of both sides of the Social and Economics issues. Of all the people in the country these are the two best there are. How could we go wrong?

This following famous Quote from Abraham Lincoln is what these two men “together” could reestablish, in my professional opinion, our country from the distress it is now enduring. There are no other two men than can do this.

Because all my training by the late 1990s I started to see changes being made to our country that didn’t seem right so that started a very serious study of the constitution and the reasons why it was written.That research lead me into many areas of thought that I’ve since written about and I had just about given up on the country until this afternoon when I heard on the Radio that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was going to run for the presidency in the Democrat party against Joe Biden.

I am not a politician but this is a big advantage, as it would seem, looking at the people that presently inhabit the leadership of both poetical parties’. However, I will give you some of my qualification to be able to write what I write: First place in Physics in the Cleveland Ohio district competition, in 1958,  Won the Cleveland Science Fair in 1959 for designing and building a radio controlled robot,  Degree in Economics with 33 semester hours of 4.0 in 1965, A Green Beret Officer in and XO of ODA-341 Bu Dop in Vietnam in 1967, Deputy Post G 2 Ft Campbell 1987,  Graduate of the GE Manage training program 1972, Graduate from CASE  with a Masters of Business Administration,(EMBA) in 1986, member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Society 1990, eight patents, invented the system that allowed backlighting in computer displays in the late 1980’s, Self-taught equivalent of a PhD in Moral Philosophy with ongoing research to date.

As a Commissioned Officer I swore an Oath to defend the Constitution and I am still bound to that oath, unlike many of the current residents of Washington DC that also swore that Oath.

You are reading this on my Blog and if you are interested I have the reasons for why I have these above  beliefs, which are posted in my My Menu under Research, sub category My Proof that  there a GOD with the following first post …

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