DeSantis Owners Not Happy, Wall Street Worried That Too Much Woke Stuff Lessens the Value of Their Candidate to Defeat Trump and Retain Affluence

Posted originally on the CTH on May 8, 2023 | Sundance 

The reality was/is that both political corporations do the bidding of their financiers, Wall Street.  The battle against the UniParty is always a battle of Main Street -vs- Wall Street.

Wall St funds the acceptable candidates from either wing of the UniParty; the candidates best suited to maintain the status quo and keep the elite class in control of the economy and finance.  Donald J Trump is the only threat to their interests, so the Wall Street control group fund anyone who can remove the threat.

Against this backdrop the Wall Street billionaires and multinational corporations selected Ron DeSantis as their best hope, and they poured tens of millions into his various accounts to help construct the campaign against Trump.

However, the campaign strategy, the actual blueprint to defeat President Trump, isn’t working.

First, the astroturf and games of the pretending not to run has just worn people out.  The fakery that is the Ron DeSantis campaign is leading to people looking at the candidate in a new light.  Why the fraud, fakery, manufactured branding and so much emphasis on denying the obvious.  These are the tell-tale signs of a heavily controlled GOPe operation.  People now see through the smokescreen the DeSantis handlers created.

Second, the campaign is constructed around getting the base to love their candidate’s position on social issues.  The fight against Wokeism is a tool and technique to lift the candidate.  However, too much emphasis on the social stuff leaves the candidate narrowing their base of support.  Put the two issues together and the viability of DeSantis starts dropping.  The cherry on the fail-cake is the weak character of the wind-testing principal.  It’s all an illusion.

The donors from Wall Street now see the program isn’t working.

WASHINGTON –  Wall Street is firmly in the Never Trump camp. Finding a Republican who can make “never” happen is another question.  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had been seen as the top pick to lock down the support of financial titans who have already pumped millions into his state campaigns.

But as he stumbles through gaffes over everything from his personal demeanor and stance on Ukraine to his snacking habits, Wall Street donors are keeping the door open to his competitors, according to more than a dozen bankers, attorneys and political consultants interviewed for this story.

Where Wall Street puts its money matters because financial industry executives are among the biggest donors in presidential elections. And while bankers and asset managers generally favor lower taxes and lighter-touch regulation, they also value stability and experience — and they spread their money around to candidates of both parties, meaning they’re very much in play in each cycle.

On paper, that should give DeSantis an advantage. People close to Wall Street donors said his national profile and powerhouse fundraising operation that has included support from hedge fund titans like Ken Griffin and Jeff Yass had positioned him as most able to survive a primary with former President Donald Trump.

DeSantis’ gubernatorial reelection campaign is still loaded with cash, giving him big advantages over possible competitors. But many now say he no longer seems so formidable — at least on Wall Street. (read more)

In the bigger picture, the issue for Wall Street is that people are starting to see the DC political construct is really just a Potemkin Village created to obscure the real nature of who is in power over government.  As more people awaken to the financial and economics of the issue, the multinational corporation, billionaire donors and agents they conscript as influencers no longer have the ability to sway voters.

Social issues are a tool to keep people focused on the puppet show.  However, once you see the strings on the marionettes, you can never go back to that moment in the performance when you did not see them.  Ultimately, this is the DeSantis problem, and it extends well beyond the Florida governor.

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