Latest Polling Shows Commanding Trump GOP Primary Lead and Defeating Biden in ’24, Team Trump Organizing Ballot Harvesting Operation and Delegate Affirmations

Posted originally on the May 8, 2023 | Sundance 

Several recent stories give an updated status on the current political dynamic.   Despite the continued onslaught of media, lawfare and professional political institutions trying to tear down Donald Trump and the American restoration insurgency he represents, the large poll data shows President Trump gaining strength [ABC POLL]

In a head-to-head matchup against Biden, Trump now leads 44% to 38%, and the shift in the polling continues favoring Donald Trump.


Two main factors. First, people are seeing the lies and manipulations created by aligned systems against Trump. Second, perhaps more importantly, because peace, stability and economic prosperity were already demonstrated by President Trump’s policies.

There is a factual reference to Trump outcomes that eliminates the guesswork.

The corporate media are still trying to weaponize any issue in their attempt to remove support for Donald Trump, but their efforts are not working.  Now, you are beginning to see reports of President Trump putting systems into place.

The Washington Times has a story about President Trump organizing ballot harvesting operations [SEE HERE], and Politico notes Team Trump is making background moves with key delegate contacts [See Here].

Most of the pearl-clutching about possible Trump legal issues are stimulated by people, media and donors who are supporting Ron DeSantis.  The motive for the effort is transparent.  Yes, the United States Government, DOJ and FBI are conducting weaponized operations against Donald Trump in order to remove the financial threat he represents to the owners of the institutions.   However, as with the leftist arguments, most of the lawfare constructs are weak and built on fraud.

There is also a growing acceptance amid the DC chattering class that Donald Trump is not only going to win reelection, but he’s also going to come back to Washington DC with a double-sided battle axe to rip out the heart of the administrative/bureaucratic state.  You see this increasing sensibility via endorsements from political operatives that are deeply enmeshed in the apparatus.

WASHINGTON DC – […] During that time, the former president has picked several prominent endorsements in Congress, including the support of National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Steve Daines (R-Mont.).

Republican senators and GOP strategists say Daines’s endorsement is a sign that Trump is viewed as the favorite to win the party’s presidential nomination in 2024.

They say the leader of the Senate Republican campaign arm wants to have a good working relationship with him to maximize the chances of winning back control of the Senate.

“I just think that his nomination is inevitable. I really do. He’s going to be the nominee. I’d be stunned if he’s not,” said one Republican senator who requested anonymity to discuss the primary and hasn’t yet endorsed a candidate.

“You’ve seen the numbers. I’ve talked to voters. People are beginning to recognize that. Steve Daines’s endorsement reflects that reality. He’s going to be the nominee, we want him to work with us,” the senator added. (read more)


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