John Thune Will Endorse Tim Scott for 2024 GOPe Nomination – It Is Time for the Senate to Protect Its Interests

Posted originally on the CTH on May 21, 2023 | Sundance 

A report today in Politico states the next Senate Leader, the heir to the McConnell legacy, John Thune, will be endorsing South Carolina Tim Scott for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.  This approach makes sense, because the modern Senate is a rogue division within the modern branches of government.

The modern Senate has unique corrupt interests that are specific to the upper chamber, and those interests must be defended from any possibility of diminished influence.  The current U.S. senate does not consider themselves to be a co-equal branch, especially since they created the weaponized intelligence apparatus to give them greater power.

The Senate is where the DeceptiCons rule with targeted desire, influence and affluence.  They consider themselves more important than the government they are a part of.  Nothing was more detrimental to the principle of freedom than the 17th amendment.  The Senate rulers stroll the halls like Greek Gods filled with omnipotent power. They are vile parasites destroying our republican form of government… They are DeceptiCons.

WASHINGTON DC – Sen. John Thune, the Senate’s No. 2 Republican, is endorsing the presidential campaign of Sen. Tim Scott, according to a person familiar with his plans.

The South Dakota senator will appear at Scott’s presidential launch on Monday in South Carolina, the person said. Scott will announce his presidential run on Monday in North Charleston and has already launched an ad blitz.

In backing Scott, the Senate minority whip becomes the highest-ranking congressional Republican to back the South Carolina senator. And he joins his South Dakota colleague Sen. Mike Rounds in backing Scott, who is popular among Senate Republicans. Some members of House leadership have already indicated they support former President Donald Trump’s campaign.

But Thune is making good on his hopes of turning the GOP away from Trump and presenting a more forward-looking vision for the party. Thune recoiled from Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, famously declaring that his election challenge would go down on the Senate floor like a “shot dog.” That drew a political threat from Trump, but Thune easily won reelection last year.

Since then, Thune made clear he did not think Trump’s style was suitable for the party, and said in November that “it’s clear that running on relitigating the 2020 election is not a winning strategy.” He has also praised Scott’s strengths as a candidate, concluding last year that Scott has “obviously helped a lot of people around the country in the last year, raised a lot of money and built a lot of relationships that can be very useful if he does” run.

Scott could pick up more Senate endorsements in the coming days because of his throwback style of conservatism and optimistic rhetoric, particularly for Republicans looking for a non-Trump candidate to get behind. (read more)

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