Sunday Talks, Byron Donalds -vs- Chuck Todd

Posted originally on the CTH on May 21, 2023 | Sundance 

Florida Congressional Representative Byron Donalds appears on Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press Sunday to debate the current debt ceiling negotiations and push back against the popular corporate media narrative.  Todd represents the unsufferable leftist side of the political theater, maintaining current political pretenses and acting as a guardian for the nonsense.

Todd’s talking points around the debt ceiling are weak and ridiculous.  Biden presents no budget, congress advances no budget, and the theater of pretending continues.  Donalds does a good job in general terms, but really the starting point to tear down the theatrics would be best if the first statement from a political voice would be to ask Todd why he is so dependent on the notes.  ‘Get rid of your notes Chuck, and let’s talk reality’, would be a better framing. Always put the engineers on defense.

When the conversation moves to DeSantis -vs- Trump [07:28], the part of the theater most comfortably advanced by the praetorian guards, Donalds puts the bigger picture of crisis and global security into context. WATCH:


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