Sunday Talks, Devin Nunes Discusses Big Picture of Durham Report with Maria Bartiromo

Posted originally on the CTH on May 21, 2023 | Sundance 

SIDE NOTE: The Durham Report is 306 pages with footnotes and citations, combined with a 48-page *classified appendix* that will be available to House and Senate intelligence committee representatives who would request review.   Keep in mind – unfortunately because the classified appendix is attached with the same rules and regulations as attached to the FISC silo, we should anticipate the classified appendix to be reviewed by those with an interest in keeping the information within it hidden from public review.  I will have more on my review of the report shortly.

“We note that the Classified Appendix contains some information that is derived from Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”) authorities. Accordingly, to the extent the Department determines that it is appropriate to share information contained in the Classified Appendix with congressional or other government entities outside of the Department, steps will need to be taken in accordance with that Act and any relevant Orders that have been issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.” {link}

Devin Nunes appears with Mari Bartiromo to discuss his perspective on the big picture issues within the Durham report. {Direct Rumble Link} – WATCH:

Durham Report reads like the tombstone of the U.S. justice system

Statement by Devin Nunes, July 2019

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