President Donald Trump MAGA Rally, Washington Township, Michigan – 7:00pm ET Livestream

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Tonight, President Donald Trump heads to Washington township, Michigan, for a mid-term election rally at the Michigan Stars Sports Center.  The anticipated time of President Trump’s remarks is 7:00pm EDT.

President Trump is expected to rally support for Matthew DePerno Candidate for Attorney General, Kristina Karamo Candidate for Secretary of State, and other endorsed candidates.  Livestream Rumble Links below:

RSBN Livestream Link – Trump Campaign Livestream – Alternate Livestream Link





Returning to the Arena, Sarah Palin Announces She Is Running for Congress

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has announced she is returning to the arena and will run for Alaska’s at large congressional district.  Her Twitter announcement reads:

“Today I’m announcing my candidacy for the U.S. House seat representing Alaska. Public service is a calling, and I would be honored to represent the men and women of Alaska in Congress, just as Rep. Young did for 49 years.”  ~ Sarah Palin (LINK)

Visit Sarah For Alaska HERE

Sarah Palin enters a crowded field of nearly 40 candidates to fill the seat held by Don Young, who died last month.  Alaska’s special election’s primary is scheduled for June 11th. The top four candidates will advance to the general election on Aug. 16th.


Sarah Palin represents one the rare few candidates in modern political history that does not come from the system of multinational corporate control stables.  This is good news.  MAGA 2022 Alaska.

Many people inside the modern MAGA movement may not remember how effective Sarah Palin was in 2010, specifically in the primary races against establishment republican candidates.  It was also Sarah Palin who helped launch the successful political careers of Nikki Haley (SC), Rand Paul (KY), Marco Rubio (FL), Rick Perry (TX), and many more.

The republican party poured money into Texas to support GOPe Kay Bailey Hutchinson against Rick Perry.  Sarah Palin stepped into Texas and singlehandedly turned that race by strongly supporting Rick Perry against the GOPe machine.

Unfortunately, many of the politicians who would not exist without Palin, later turned against her and the Tea Party in order to embrace the corporate donor class.  South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was/is the most famous turncoat.  Haley was about to lose in the Palmetto state contest until Palin arrived and took down the vicious media machine that was attacking.

It is good to see her back in the arena.

An endorsement by President Trump is a foregone conclusion.


Justice Clarence Thomas Hospitalized

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According to media reports tonight, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is in the hospital.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Justice Clarence Thomas has been hospitalized because of an infection, the Supreme Court said Sunday.

Thomas, 73, has been at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., since Friday after experiencing “flu-like symptoms,” the court said in a statement.

The court offered no explanation for why it waited two days to disclose that the justice was in the hospital. It also provided no additional details about the infection, but said Thomas is being treated with antibiotics and his symptoms are abating. He could be released in the next couple of days, the court said. (more)

Supreme Court Statement HERE

The Sunshine Protection Act

Armstrong Economics Blog/North America Re-Posted Mar 17, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The US Senate unanimously voted for the Sunshine Protection Act to maintain daylight saving time. Finally, lawmakers realize policies implemented decades ago are no longer serving us. The tradition of changing the clocks back and forth began in 1918 in a failed attempt to conserve energy by limiting daylight hours.

This is welcome news to everyone who had to wake up in the dark cold only to go home in the same conditions without ever seeing the sun. Perhaps this law should have been passed amid the pandemic when doctors urged people to maintain healthy, active lives and stressed the importance of vitamin D.

“One has to ask themselves after a while: Why do we keep doing it?” Senator Marco Rubio said, adding, “The majority of the American people’s preference is just to stop the back-and-forth changing.” It is refreshing to hear a person in a position of power finally questioning our antiquated laws that serve no one. If the bill finds its way to Biden’s desk, the new law will go into effect in November 2023. Let’s hope more antiquated laws arrive on the Senate floor.

Florida & DeSantis

Armstrong Economics Blog/Human Rights Re-Posted Jan 30, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

 I was invited to the Common Sense Society meeting in Palm Beach. There were quite a few of our clients there so it was no secret that I was in attendance. I was there to meet some key people who flew in as I did. I thought it was important to meet DeSantis eye to eye. My assessment was that I found him to be a genuine guy who actually knew the facts behind what he was saying without cue cards and teleprompters. That was also something I would look for when meeting politicians and heads of state. Could I actually have a conversation with them beyond the handshakes and smiles?

This is what I am talking about. Biden is the classic politician. They will say whatever to try to please with no genuine intention of doing anything. Here is Biden responding to Let’s Go Brandon saying “I agree” which many people have wondered if he is mentally in trouble. But most of the time they will simply say they agree and never bother to listen.

Remember back in 2016 when it came out that Hillary told the bankers not to worry that she bashes them in public, but she has a different position in private? That is what I mean. Politicians lie for they really do not know how to tell the truth. It is all about getting elected and they have their own hidden agenda.

I moved to Florida about 6 years ago. My lawyer told me that if I died in New Jersey, to tell my family to drag my body across the river before they told anyone. If I held a conference in Hong Kong, I had to pay New Jersey 10% for the privilege of being harassed with parking tickets in a private parking lot because they know you cannot take the day off to go fight an illegal ticket so you pay. Driving to work in New Jersey, they would set up roadblocks and it was papers, please. If you did have all your paperwork, get in that line for the ticket. Marlton New Jersey was acting unconstitutional but it would cost you millions to take it to the Supreme Court so again – you just pay.

The happiest day of my life was getting out of New Jersey and moving to Florida. The computer correctly forecast that Florida would be the best state and that was before DeSantis was elected.

This is the speech DeSantis delivered over the Weekend. His facts are correct. Florida has about 3 million more people than New York now and without income taxes, the state budget is under the $100 mark compared to New York which is at the $240 level. But, Florida has a $17 billion surplus. Our schools are rated #3 in the country and parents have a choice which forces schools to compete. Yet this battle to brainwash children with Critical Race Theory is highly dangerous and it is succeeding in dividing America. The very purpose of CIVILIZATION is that we all come together. When you begin dividing people and instilling hatred, then there is no longer any purpose to the civilization. My model has been warning that we will divide and that the United States will;l no longer exist as we know it. The left thinks they can seize control and subordinate everyone else to march to their demands. That is the recipe for civil war. If we all do not respect each other and live together in harmony, then there is no longer any purpose to the United States for it is a mockery of Equal Protection to subordinate one group for the benefit of another.

Speaking in my own self-interest, I hope DeSantis just stays here in Florida and rejects the call for him to run in 2024 for President. Washington is far too corrupt to accept reform magnanimously. Pelosi has turned away from retiring because Biden’s polls have collapsed and the Democrats have pleaded with her to stay with Schumer to provide the face to the Democrats in contrast to Biden.

Wealth and Wellness

Armstrong Economics Blog/Behavioral Economics Re-Posted Jan 24, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Previous studies have indicated that Americans’ quality of life plateaus at an annual salary of $75,000, but that myth has been dispelled. A research article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America entitled, “Experienced well-being rises with income, even above $75,000 per year” examines 1,725,994 experience-sampling reports from 33,391 employed US adults. The study believes prior reports failed to accurately measure “well-being” and the actual emotional implications of income.

Numerous reports begin by analyzing the Satisfaction With Life Scale developed in 1985:

  • In most ways my life is close to my ideal.
  • The conditions of my life are excellent.
  • I am satisfied with my life.
  • So far I have gotten the important things I want in life.
  • If I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing.

The noted study incorporated these questions as well as others such as, “To what extent do you feel in control of your current situation?” The test also asked participants for their input on optimism for the future. The study found that the well-being plateau of $75,000 was no longer accurate. “There was also no evidence of an income threshold at which experienced and evaluative well-being diverged, suggesting that higher incomes are associated with both feeling better day-to-day and being more satisfied with life overall,” the abstract stated. “This suggests that higher incomes may still have potential to improve people’s day-to-day well-being, rather than having already reached a plateau for many people in wealthy countries.”

With inflation running at a nearly 40-year high and the prices of the most basic necessities such as food and shelter at unsustainable levels, people seeing money as a safety net is understandable. Personal Capital’s 2022 Wealth & Wellness Index found that Americans need an income of $122,000 to feel “financially healthy.” Only 9% of Americans and 31% of households earn over six-figures, so this annual income is not feasible for the majority of the population. Only 67% of participants said they have enough money to pay bills in full and on time. Around 57% say they have some form of retirement savings could manage an unforeseen expense of $500 without worry, and that figure only rises to 63% when asked if they could afford a $100 unforeseen expense. Despite previous notions, there is in fact a correlation between wealth and wellness.

Inspiring Message from Suparna Dutta During Governor Glenn Youngkin Inauguration Ceremony

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In 1992, Suparna Dutta arrived in the US from India.

In 2020, Mrs. Dutta spoke to the Fairfax County VA school board. They ignored her.

In 2021, Suprana Dutta stood up, took a stand and worked to help Glenn Youngkin win the race for Virginia governor. Today, 2022, thirty years after arriving at the place of hope and opportunity for her family, she speaks at the inauguration of Governor Youngkin.

At the end of her inspiring *remarks Mrs. Dutta proclaims, “God bless the United States of America!


A New Year Awaits

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… “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

~ Robert Frost

2021 has again been a tumultuous year for most of us.  As the eve winds down, we are given to considering everything that has taken place.

Perhaps we have new challenges, perhaps our center is askew, perhaps our faith holds a new perspective, or perhaps our exhaustion weighs heavy as we rush turning to the next chapter…. hoping, praying for a better tomorrow.

It is easy to lose our sense of optimism.  Retaining a joyful perspective while everything around us seems mad isn’t easy.  However, if you accept that you can create something just a little bit better by making a choice, then you have accomplished a great deal.  Regardless of what tomorrow brings, we always have choices.  A new year’s perspective:

I have long felt that life is like a series of links in a chain. You might be driving down the road and you hear a song on the radio, or see a picture, and you feel a memory….

Something triggers within you that reminds of a different time and place than where you are right now.

You reflect.

The memories you consider remind you of a totally different time in your life.

Perhaps you lived in a different place.  Perhaps you were surrounded by different people. Perhaps a different job or completely different friends. You recognize those memories were constructed like frozen moments in time.  They became individual links in the chain in your life.

We never actually realize, in the immediate moment, when one link closes and another link begins. But when we look back, we can clearly see distinct points where things changed, the link closed, and a new link began.

You see, the links are only visible in reflection.

As we reflect, we find parts of the chain in our life where each link closes and connects with the other. A beginning, and an end. At the point where the links are joined, we carry parts of the previous link forward to the next.

For many people those connections are bonded by family, or very strong lifelong relationships. Connections which continue beyond our geographic moments, jobs or temporary acquaintances.

But for everyone, the primary bonding agent brought forward from one link to the next is us, our center, our values and core principles. Our beliefs.

The strength of the steel which comprises the links of our life is forged in the fire of adversity, weakness, challenge, pain, loss, and painful growth. The steel is then cooled with the tears of triumph, hurdles overcome and resolve.

The forging makes the steel stronger and able to withstand the pressures that accompany the additional length. Slowly the chain becomes wiser as it lengthens. Able to reach further, form more significant benefits and become more useful.

Hope replaces fear. Love replaces loneliness. Success replaces adversity. These are successful links began and finished while contributing to the whole.

At times we may manipulate the links with avoidance. We hide from -or choose to avoid- an issue in our effort to begin a new link before the old one was naturally, and spiritually, prepared to be closed.

Eventually, as life continues and the chain lengthens, the weak link can fracture, and we are forced to revisit/repair what we originally chose to avoid.

You see, in life we cannot control the universal laws that guide us. So, if we manipulate circumstances to avoid confronting our own weakness, we cannot fully strengthen our life of links. Eventually, the weakness of our past will impact our future.

So, what principles do we carry from link to link? What core values and beliefs stay with us throughout the journey of our lives? The answers to these questions are what makes us human spiritual beings.

We possess freewill able to make choices about what we do, and how we define our individual humanity; but can we then define ’right’ and ‘wrong’ according to our individual principles? Or are there principles that exceed our influence and definition?

Are there natural laws of right and wrong, good and bad, that cannot be subjected to the determination of man?

These are the bigger questions, perhaps the more important questions; and yet, perhaps the ones we reflect upon the least.

Consider the example of the ‘Law of the farm’ vs. the ‘Law of the School’. Natural principles vs. those made by man.

A student can skip class, take few notes, pay only half attention, then stay up all night cramming for a test and manage a decent grade. It depends on the student’s goal: grades or learning.

The student can choose to manipulate the education, by avoiding the learning and capturing the grade. This is possible in the ‘Law of the School’.

However, a farmer cannot take short cuts. A farmer cannot avoid tending to the soil, preparing the seed, fertilizing and nurturing the crop, and still gain the benefit of an abundant harvest.

The farmer must necessarily do all of the appropriate work in order to benefit from it. Such is the ‘Law of the Farm’, the natural law.

When one considers the weakness remaining within a poorly constructed and manipulated link, perhaps established by selfish choices and driven by avoidance and fear, one can be faithfully assured those who have dealt dishonestly with us will have to visit the issues of their association again.

Conversely, no amount of manipulation or avoidance on our own behalf is going to improve the frailty of any link without first resolving the lack of character which created the weakness.

So, we have choices in our lives. Decisions we each make regarding how we interact and participate in the lives and links of others, as well as how we choose to construct the links that comprise our own lives.

Do we base our sense of purpose around natural principles? Principles based on natural laws of right and wrong, good and bad, truth and lies.  Do we forge strong links by following our heart, our values?

If we can interact with others absent of a prideful self-driven agenda, or manipulative intent, we can then apply such principles and strength to our endeavors.

If we protect the integrity of the soil upon which we build the foundation of our lives, we can live without regret.

If we fertilize and cherish our crop, and the crop of our neighbor, with honesty and sincere appreciation for the souls we meet along our chosen path, we will live a life of abundance.

If we tend carefully to the consideration of everyone, yet holding true to our values and principles, we can strengthen ourselves amid the face of adversity and disenchantment.

If we do not hide from, nor ignore our individual and collective faults, we can build the chain of our life with strength, humility, and purpose.

I wish for each of you a long chain of bold, strong, beautiful links, polished with the reflective brilliance of Love, and the very happiest of blessings for a brand-New Year.

Abiding love to all.



…Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

Florida Accounted for One-Third of US Job Growth During Q3

Armstrong Economics Blog/North America Re-Posted Dec 16, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Florida is leading the nation in job growth due to eased tax laws and COVID restrictions. Florida alone added 579,000 jobs during 2021, representing a 5.8% uptick in new jobs. In contrast, the national average has been a muted 0.5%. As of October, Florida consistently attracted new labor in the private sector for 18 consecutive months. In Q3 alone, the Sunshine State accounted for over one-third of all new jobs created in the US.

Businesses and employees know that they will not be forced to close due to another lockdown. They won’t be forced to banish customers from entering their establishments. Workers will not have to act as security guards, enforcing face masks or vaccine passports. Protections have been put in place to protect workers from losing their jobs if they refuse the experimental vaccine. Additionally, Florida does not steal state income taxes from worker salaries, and property taxes are significantly lower than other states.

Governor Ron DeSantis has actively recruited fired police officers and underpaid truckers. He vowed to open various ports in the state to open around the clock to combat the supply chain crisis. DeSantis has set an example to other states on how to attract business and expand the workforce by choosing the state’s economy over the broader COVID agenda.

The $99 Billion US Pet Industry

Armstrong Economics Blog/North America Re-Posted Dec 5, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The pet industry is on the rise in the US, and consumer spending patterns show that pet owners are not reluctant to spend money on their companions. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), around 67% of US households have at least one pet, marking the highest level of pet ownership on record. As a result, the pet industry in America alone reached $99 billion in 2020, and analysts expect this figure to rise.

In fact, pets have become a staple in many American households to the point that one in ten pet owners are actually delaying having children to focus on their pets. Surprisingly, Zulily found that 42% of Millennials admitted that a key factor in becoming a homeowner was the desire to provide a larger space for their dog. Therefore, people are making major life decisions and purchases based on their animals’ needs. The APPA found that the average owner spends $1,380 annually per dog and $908 per cat. That amount could quickly spike if a pet falls ill or has special needs. Grooming, training, and boarding costs would also push this number higher for middle and upper-income owners.

Millennials are also driving sales for pet-related items, with 51% reportedly buying their pet a gift at least once per month. Again, online purchases are driving the trend, and experts expect a quarter of America’s pet supply purchases will be made online within the next two years.

A decade ago, Americans spent only $45.53 billion on pet supplies annually. That number has doubled and is on the rise. Consumers are willing to spend more money on their pets as they have advanced their status in American society from working domesticated animals to well-loved house pets.